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  1. Contact Corsair Support and ask for a hard firmware reset. If that doesn't work try asking for an RMA. Sometimes they will let you RMA it even if your a little out.
  2. You should be able to tilt it down and slip it off. You might need to use a tad bit of force.
  3. The Lighting Node Pro should work with all of their SP and HD LED fans.
  4. The old K70, the new K70, or the K70 RGB? If its the old K70 non rgb i wouldn't get it refurbished. Their known for being prone to LED failures and you have a much shorter warranty with a refurbished board.
  5. I've had one for 2 weeks now and to be honest the led strip in the back isn't as bright as one might expect. And you can always turn it off lol. And as for the grey keycaps, the scroll wheel is gray too lol. Guessing they were trying to match the gunmetal version more then the black one.
  6. Right so everyone that buys this keyboard is settling... Have you considered some people just like the keyboard... No of course not you're just spewing shit to spew shit..
  7. -Makes master key- -looses master key- -cries- Welcome to backdoors 2017! How may we leak your shit?
  8. i know lol. Its butter smooth now. the wheel and the rolling.
  9. Well... That's not a fair... The K95 Platinum has hardware playback and a USB pass through. This not only means a more efficient LED controller, but another chip to run the hardware playback.
  10. Its smoother. The texture isn't as pronounced and it has more resistance but it feels a lot smoother. It give you more control but the volume doesn't jump up and down that quickly.
  11. Careful its a MSI Seahawk so included in the brick might be another brick attached by wires.
  12. If AMD's top of the line GPU beats my 1070 im going to throw a brick at someone. And by brick I mean my 1070 brick.
  13. Eh, you have 3 profiles with 6 G-Keys, all you need to do is find 4 keys you don't want to use and rebind them. Im sure you can dig up more then 4 useless keys on a full length keyboard. It's not too bad if you set it to white and leave it.