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  • Birthday Sep 09, 1996

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    georgia us
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    I like hardware mostly, i just got into building and tinkering.
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    leaving the us airforce soon.


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    i5 7500
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    r9 290
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    samsung 950 m.2
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    Acer H226HQLbid
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    coolermaster quickfire
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    logitech g502
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    schiit stack
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  1. After i installed my 5700xt 2 weeks ago I've had very weird issues where when I put it to sleep and wake it up I get a blue screen saying internal power error, as well ill have my screen suddenly go black and no sound coming out like it went to sleep but I have to restart in order to get any response, along with a issue where the whole screen will start artifacting and i need to restart. Is my gpu broken and I just need to get a new one or is it something I can fix.
  2. I should be able to get 60 on high so I'll probably wait then. Thanks for the help
  3. Im getting the monitor before the gpu and I'm kinda excited to see how my old card holds up on that monitor in today's titles. But it looks like I'm going to get that one.
  4. I don't want to be a fan boy but I like the idea of a all amd pc (ryzen 5 2600), can the 5700xt do the 3440x1440 at good fps. I don't mind just 60 but I would like it over that so it doesn't go below.
  5. I have a sapphire r9 290, runs good and does what I need to now. But I want to get a 34" ultrawide and I don't know if it will be able to push that. Plus the heat output is super high. What should I be looking for that isn't a side grade but a definite upgrade.
  6. I love audio gear, so when i see a new video of some on the channel I get exited. Especially becasue I know Linus likes good high end audio stuff. This looks like cheap crap with all the actual negative points removed from the ad. If you are going to make a video please at least do something with it other than a rope and pony show for something we can tell you do not care about.
  7. I want to get my first camera, I like the form factor of the a6000 and the upgrade ability with new lenses. But I don't know the camera world and I want to know if there is something better for the price. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1261344-REG/sony_ilce6000y_b_alpha_a6000_mirrorless_digital.html
  8. so i just buy it and download the iso or what. I have to be honest the windows instal part had me worried. Ive never built a system just done insane amounts of research into pc parts to find exactly what i want.
  9. well one gpu thats not a insane power monster
  10. ah ya, I figured i wouldn't need anything like that in a case that only takes one gpu
  11. thanks, Im new to this so im not 100% on the differences between stuff like that.
  12. i forgot to add this part, I plan on adding a i5 later down the line when i have the money (probably next year when im out of this dorm) then turning this even later into a htpc with the i3 and some other mobo. Im going to overclock the i5 when I move it into my serious gaming rig. My real question is can this cpu can run games at 1080p 60fps very high or will i have to upgrade to the i5 in order to get that performance out of my gpu. ( and i love this mobo but the h veriant is 113 while this one is only 129)