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  1. My brother's gaming pc is still running my old AMD HD5450 and in dire need of an upgrade.. Gibe pls Linus
  2. I've been using a generic logitech keyboard for years now and I feel like i'm in desperate need of an upgrade. During a blackout, I had a lit candle on my desk and I accidentally knocked it over and spilled wax all over it and also note that the right arrow key's little plastic clip thingy broke so the only thing that's holding it in right now is some tape. I'd love to get a mech keyboard instead of this.
  3. I'd take a Kova for sure! My Razer Naga Hex's switches are starting to die on me..
  4. I love the autore keyboard cause of the use of cherry mx switches and also cause it feels so premium and looks flipping fantastic!