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  • CPU
    AMD FX-8350
  • Motherboard
    ASUS M5A97 Pro
  • RAM
    Mixed, 8GB
  • GPU
    ASUS GeForce GTX 970 Strix
  • Case
    CM Storm Trooper
  • Storage
    250GB Samsung 840, 1TB Western Digital Blue
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    Seasonic M12 / 850W
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    Acer S240HL
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    Thermalright Silver Arrow Extreme
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    MS Sidewinder X4
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    Ubuntu 14.10 / Windows Technical Preview
  1. So it's time for an upgrade. I was looking at 1TB SSHDs the other day and they're ~£10 more expensive than your typical WD Blue 1TB drive. Is it worth paying the extra tenner for an SSHD? I'm not expecting the difference between HDDs and SSDs in loading times, but is the difference at least noticeable? I don't mind the wait in games I don't frequently play, but what about the games I do frequently play (Skyrim, Borderlands etc.)? This is if they work the way I remember.
  2. Ok, well, thanks guys for your help. You may have just saved someone's life, haha!
  3. Well, if it's a really bad idea then I won't do it. Man, this sucks. I was going for a quiet build and I was almost done, hoping for a quieter PSU and that would've been it. This thing's stupidly loud.
  4. Well obviously I'd disconnect the power before doing anything, I'm not stupid. Is simply replacing the fan that big of a deal?
  5. So I just bought the Seasonic M12 850W which does what it says on the tin, no complaints about power. However, the fan is loud as hell, even under a light/moderate load. I thought about replacing the fan with an NF-F12 just to keep it cool and quiet - do you guys reckon this is a good idea? I'm not worried about voiding my warranty.
  6. Woo! I'd use the CPU for gaming mostly, but it'd also come in handy for my music production!
  7. Speaking of 7970's, I did think about getting a 70 since you can CF 70s and 50s, but I wondered if there'd be any point in spending the extra money since your clock speed is only as high as your lowest clock (as I understand it), and for some reason my 7950 REALLY doesn't like being overclocked. It'll run fine in benchmarks like Furmark, Valley and whatever - but as soon as I run a game it just 'Nope's and freezes.
  8. I've been looking into some kind of upgrade recently, and the idea of simply getting another 7950 sounds quite appealing at the moment. They're going dirt-cheap in some places, and I've read good reviews (old reviews, of course) about its performance in Crossfire. I thought I'd ask the community here (preferably Crossfire users) whether or not Crossfire is working for them. Do you still get stuttering, or is that resolved with more recent drivers? Do most/all of your games support it? If not, what games did you expect to support it, but didn't? Also, is there a general Crossfire tweak proc
  9. As the title suggests, ITT: The most expensive things you've ever misplaced, how you lost them, and if they were ever found. I was faffing about with old computer bits, shifting boxes here and there. I guess it wasn't in the box properly, but I temporarily lost an FX 4100 which isn't expensive now, but when I bought it, it cost ~£90. I found it at the bottom of my stairs, under one of my housemates' scarves. "Aww shizzingle, the pins are probably fudgled." I look at the pins, they're abso fine. I pop it into my PC, works perfectly fine. Phew!
  10. BoggyB

    Impulse Buying

    You needn't have a lot of money to impulse buy! It could be the day after pay-day, you've got some spare cash and think "Yeah I'm totally gonna buy that Bluetooth fridge."
  11. I've just bought an 8350 (like, 5 minutes ago) literally 'just because'. I'm terrible for impulse buys; my chair, my phone, chocolate, my graphics card, chocolate, and chocolate. All of which I purchased because I thought: "Meh, I want it." How many of the LTT community are impulse buyers like me? What have you bought recently out of sudden inspiration to spend money?
  12. I think having a mixture of both will increase the amount of content available to record (for a single channel) since you guys are very occupied will tech videos already. As others have already pointed out, there's no end to the number of other video game reviewers, so whilst Slick's videos would be very well done - it'd probably be information we've already heard.
  13. I am going to ping sites, but I'd like to give a bit more substance to my findings. After all, when it comes to streaming services, ping doesn't really matter - I'd have to show that your download speed (and thus the quality of the video) has decreased (if that's the case).
  14. In short, one of my university modules requires me to create a hypothesis and test it, and the hypothesis I created was: VPN services offer privacy on the internet at the cost of network performance. I'll be testing latency in online games and the rate at which web pages are loaded and videos are streamed. Latency's easy, just check out my ping in-game. However, I'm unsure of how to measure how quickly web pages are being loaded, and at what bit-rate videos are being streamed. Is there a tool that will measure these two? Can the tool also measure how long it takes for websites to respo