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  1. https://www.pcworld.com/article/2835564/networking/when-your-ethernet-wont-connect.html Try this if you have not
  2. it would work due to it being a direct connection to the internet source. Have you tried any different port from the router? Perhaps you might even have driver issues
  3. does your PC try to connect whatsoever? as in does it know it is plugged in and just says "no connection"
  4. I have had a Razer BlackShark Headset, Mamba Tournament Edition (wired), Razer Mamba Wireless and a Deathadder. The only problems I have had is just the sensor on the Wireless Mamba, build quality is great, mouse feels great and they have lasted me 3 years already. I would also recommend Steelseries for mice as well. For my keyboards, I went from a Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB.... it was my favorite keyboard but it was bulky and then I switched over to a Corsair K70 RGB and then a MK2. I do prefer Corsair for Keyboards over Razer due to the switches and not a plasticky feel for the price.
  5. I 2nd that, perfectly comfy if you have a huge head. Only downside is no Bass.. other than that, perfect for gaming.
  6. Have you fully set up your router so that other devices connect?
  7. Driving 2hours to get a 500$ price markdown?? To each their own
  8. My sister got this laptop, I7 Edition at Costco for 700. She's been loving the x360
  9. The 6p also got really hot without a xase, I have decided to just get the s8+
  10. I carry 2 chargers, a wall charger and portable, I am always set so I didn't mind it much
  11. Sometimes, if lucky I am able to boot into my OS, it works but throwing a lot of work at the phone seems to crash it
  12. I honestly love my 6p, it was built for me and it still goes strong!!!!!! Just wish it did not have to die like this
  13. Am I the only person that actually loved the phone? I preordered it already because my 1year old mint condition 6p got the bootloop of death... This phone looks great, especially since it provides the full Google experience and I love it!
  14. Phone lasts me a good 5 hours still. I also carry around a battery pack. But that's almost every phone now a days
  15. I've had a glass screen protector and Case on my phone since day one. My phone is in mint condition. It's better to be safe than sorry
  16. C'mon man, no one is gonna actually do that to their phone. My phone has still perfectly retained it's shape. It's still in mint condition. I think the build quality is great
  17. Proud owner of a Nexus 6p. switched to Galaxy S7 but went back. The 6p feels more premium to me.
  18. Still do not get why people get offended over this. I am a Hispanic and simply do not get offended. People make big deals over everything and should not be offended. SMH
  19. I wouldn't go with zenfone anymore since I had the ZF@ and never got android 6.0 and the support is basically dead for the phone, the look is beautiful of the ZF3 doe
  20. Hey any of you guys going to the Day N Night Festival on the 13th and 14th? This weekend boutta be lit in Southern California! It's a hip hop and rap concert!
  21. I had the ze551ml with 4gb of Ram, never got marshmallow. Snapchat would be laggy and all. After a while it just felt slow. I mean I feel like there wasn't much support for it this year. Zenfone 3? wait a while and see reviews on how it performs. Or get a nexus or another device
  22. Basically. Nailed it on that sir
  23. I am constantly on Snapchat or Instagram, trying to capture the best photos I can. I purchased the Nexus 6p and it's on the way