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  1. Nobody is arguing whether or not the person is guilty. As previously admitted, I have no understanding of the context behind this situation. My point is that YouTube has the right to terminate a partnership for any reason they deem fit if they deem it no longer beneficial to them. The same can be said for you and I with our various relationships/partnerships. Unless the parties have clauses in writing that specify otherwise, they are free to terminate with or without reason. For this particular situation, it would appear that they are making a claim that the party with whom they ar
  2. Meanwhile, I can't even get DSL offered in my area, despite an Amazon warehouse being built across the cornfield. It really hurts going from gigabit speeds down to 10Mbps "fiber-fed wireless" with awful latency, lol.
  3. I don't know anything about Instagram, but does Twitter pay their users directly through a partner program of some kind? If not, I wouldn't consider your analogies to be an apples to apples comparison. When you accept payment in the form of a partnership, you are under certain obligations to abide by, much like an employee must abide by the terms set forth by their employer or risk termination. You are not wrong in terms of the precedence this sets, but it's important to factor in that YouTube has a bigger stake for their image in this than sites that simply provide a platform with
  4. So all those hackers in the movies mashing random keys weren't faking it after all... The more you know.
  5. I mean, depending on how much effort OP wants to invest, it can be done, but it's no easy task, lol. https://community.hwbot.org/topic/175489-asrock-z170-mocf-lives-on-coffee-lake-mods/ You'll need a silver pen (or a decent pencil with a graphite core if you are cheap and lazy like I am), some solder & wire if your board requires the post-bypass shenanigans, and a custom BIOS for the board you are trying to use. The last one might be the hardest to procure, so be very mindful of that. I'd say that the chipsets themselves were not a limiting factor in CFL
  6. Finally starting to understand memory overclocking on Ryzen:



    Might even have my incomplete memory OCing guide finished one of these days, lol. I can't remember the name of whomever recommended the B550 Unify series from MSI, but you do still have my thanks. I can't wait for the Unify X to launch here in the states as I can feel this board starting to hold me back a little, and I imagine that boards trace topology will better suite my dual rank DIMM's than what this quad-DIMM board currently can.


    Now that we've proven sub-50ns is possible on Ryzen platforms, we just need to baby it until we find stability. Right now, training is still very broken on this latest MSI BIOS and I have to manually train this to get it to boot, but I imagine this will get better as they improve the AGESA firmware.

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      Yeah if you ever finish your memory overclocking guide on ryzen plz do tell. I'm really looking forward to it as your guides go into more depth than most guides i've read.

  7. Had my hands on half a dozen board partner cards before the launch, ranging from the MLCC designs (both full and hybrid) to the "cheaper" SP-cap (originally incorrectly labeled as "POS caps") configurations. I can confirm that both designs had their fair share of crashing, however I originally attributed this to the fact that I couldn't get my hands on a signed driver to save my life despite our contacts swearing they were signed and ready for WHQL (plot twist, far from it, lol) Even now, I have an early revision MSI 3080 Gaming X Trio and current revision model with different cap
  8. So this is where all of my reference PCB 3080's went, lol. Had to buy a reference water block for my 2080 Ti and settle without HDMI 2.1 support to finish a build. Hopefully used 3080's will start popping up for a reasonable price when these people decide to upgrade.
  9. Very interesting, I did not know this. This means Rocket Lake is this generation's Broadwell, where we have two microarchitectures on a single socket/chipset. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but if that Wikipedia article is true, these would be the first consumer-grade, non-extreme edition CPU's with AVX-512 support, right? If it is based on Sunny Cove which is derived from Ice Lake, does this mean we get the more feature rich, full-er flavored AVX 512 that Ice Lake promised? Depending on how the AVX support shakes out, I may have picked a weird time to buy a 5950X,
  10. Had a good time tinkering with my personal 5950X over the weekend:



    Now I just need to get my hands on the elusive AGESA firmware for this board that only appears to be available in China. Apparently it helps stabilize FCLK beyond 1900mhz and should allow me to push a little harder with less voltage. Should also fix the latency desync issue at this clock speed too. That, and it allows access to the curve optimizer, which should be extra fun.

  11. Curious, are these two results produced by the same person? If so, it really begs the question why they would stick with the same GPU but not the same memory, unless they were using memory that simply wouldn't post on Ryzen. Still, using different memory speeds would also screw with an even comparison and would be a pretty weak testing methodology. If these are two different results from two different testers, I would say its impossible to compare the two. The fact that we only have a single score of the 5950X submitted on the Crazy_1080p preset for AotS using a 2080 Ti means we have extremely
  12. Alright, once again I have another weird request. Anyone know where to find these radiators for sale? 


    Coolgate HD Copper Plated 360 Radiator | martinsliquidlab.wordpress.com |  Page 2


    The official website brings me here: http://www.coolgate.net/radiators_360HD.htm with "copper plating optional", but no means of ordering it. No local sellers have it and I can't find any store online with this finish. This radiator fits the design aesthetic of an upcoming build I have planned, so I'd like to source it if at all possible.


    More of my component selection below.





    With some copper tubing and nickel/silver fittings, I am likely going to be satisfied with the end result. Any assistance I can get with locating these rads would be appreciated.

  13. No worries, I'll take part of that blame as I've been guilty of erecting these walls of text in this thread. Could be worse, we could send each other a scathing email and threaten to revoke each others posting privileges over our perceived disagreements, lol.
  14. You need not define the word, I am well aware of what the word means. Further defining it won't make your reasoning any less of a leap in this context. Also, you are wrong by implying that empathy requires agreeing with whomever you are empathetic towards. I can understand someone on a psychological/emotional level whilst still disagreeing with them. @Nex6's use of the word empathy was not wrong by any means nor was it inaccurate in the context of which he spoke. Your interpretation of it was a reach given the narrative you were trying to spin it towards, which is where I take issue.
  15. I am not certain how you made the jump that empathy leads to suppression of speech, I personally don't see that happening. The notion that a company needs to be empathetic towards a reviewer (or vice versa) is silly (I've mentioned this in my post) but I would not consider that concept harmful to freedom of speech. There is a difference between understanding and communicating ones feelings, and forcing one to act upon that understanding to your benefit. I don't disagree with the core of what you are trying to convey, but the manner in which you arrived here is problematic in the se