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    TheMuskr reacted to WoodenMarker in water less water cooling?   
    The point of the rad is to cool the (water, in this case air) to go back to the cpu. Fresh air would be cooler than recirculated air. 
    Again, the issue is that water is much better than air at transferring heat--it's the reason eggs are boiled in water instead of being put (shell and all) into an empty pot.
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    TheMuskr got a reaction from levsingh in CPU getting too hot   
    That isn't how pressure works.. Water is an incompressible. this means that if there is flow to the GPU then there has to be flow to the CPU. It's a closed system, mass in has to equal mass out. So the mass flow rate of water into the gpu block is the same as into the CPU block.
    Source: Mechanical Engineer
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    TheMuskr reacted to ManWithBeard1990 in My liquid is hotter than the CPU   
    Alright then, I'll revise my quote. Heat only flows from hot to cold on a macroscopic level without adding energy.
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    TheMuskr got a reaction from Ghost in has anyone ever tried a "refrigerated" pc?   
    With the computer constantly heating the inside of the refrigerator the fridge would have to run constantly most likely burning out the pumps pretty quick. generally a fridge runs once every while.
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    TheMuskr got a reaction from Redliquid in Why isnt GPU Water cooling bigger on the market?   
    Because it is a very niche market. NZXT has a bracket that allows you to connect a cpu cooler to most cards but that's about it as far as noob friendly solutions.
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    TheMuskr got a reaction from B NEGATIVE in Tubing turning brown   
    The temp in your computer will never (shouldn't) get hot enough to discolor the tubing. If it does then you have much bigger problems to deal with
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    TheMuskr reacted to mgsstar in Giveaway!! Borderlands 2   
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    TheMuskr reacted to everything count to life in Best Radiator Fans   
    Gentle Typhoons for sure
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    TheMuskr got a reaction from KushKomputers in Monochrome (switch 810, watercooled, Gtx 780)   
    I completed this build quite a while ago so I do not have any progress shots, but recently upgraded to a GTX 780! 
    2500k Gigabye z77x-ud3 MSI GTX 780 ocz Fata1ity 750w.  
    xspc raystorm cpu block xspc D5 bay res EK titan vga block Alphacool ut60 420mm rad Masterkleer Tubing (1/2id 5/8od) Monsoon compression fittings   
    You can see the quick and dirty DIY basement made of lexan

    Hue on. This is a cold white looks odd in the photo

    With the side panel on

    Close up on the watercooling parts

    The 420 rad fits like a glove, although I did need to drill new mounting holes for the fans

    Shot before the card swap, shows what the front of the case looks like

    GTX 780 with Titan block installed

    Close up of the installed card

    Monster of a card!

    For Slick, CM rapid red switch. Custom old school WASD key caps

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    TheMuskr reacted to Akula in Screwing a radiator   
    Have a look at the fans listed within that test..
    You're digging your own grave continuing to praise Noctua as the bees kness.
    There are better & cheaper alternatives.
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    TheMuskr got a reaction from airdeano in Swiftech H220   
    Could you do it? yes. Should you? maybe not. with the high end components that you are planning I would just go full custom. the H220 will work but it will be no where near optimal. I was in the same situation as you a few moths ago and decided to go custom and could not be happier. 
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    TheMuskr reacted to everything count to life in Good Fans For Thick Rads.   
    Gentle Typoons are the best for rads they are wayyyy better then corsair fans.
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    TheMuskr got a reaction from ShearMe in Watercooler for my GPU   
    Many people use the Dwood bracket to connect a CLC to many GPU's. Read through this thread to get a better idea
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    TheMuskr got a reaction from Chakshu in Tips for a good black spray-paint job on the inside of my HAF 932   
    It is also good to warm up the spray can in a bowl of warm water to enable the paint to flow easier. This will give a better spray pattern and reduce big globs that come out of the spray nozzle.