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  1. The headphones are plastic but have a metal band that run through the head band, partly for rigidity, partly to carry the signal to the other cup.
  2. How would you tell if something is ungrounded? The third prong on a plug is a ground so I would assume both monitors are. How can you rule out which part it is, and once found out how can you fix it?
  3. The case is the NZXT S340, it's only a couple years old. Same thing with the PSU only a couple years old. And as far as I know yes? Not sure when you mean by earthed. It's plugged into a surge protector which is plugged into the wall. I would assume it's grounded.
  4. Good people of the LTT forums. Have an unusual situation that I hope you might help me with. I've had a rig for some time now that just recently started acting strange. It boots fine and runs fine but every now and then when I touch my keyboard or pick up my headphones or touch my mouse or headphone wire, my computer will randomly instantly power off and then back on and boot into windows. There's no warning message when it comes back up at the post screen or within windows. And it happens instantaneously. The other strange part is that it seems to happen more when I walk away for
  5. I have fixed the problem by upgrading components in my computer, I am now using an MSI Z97 mobo and an intel i5 4590 processor. Everything works fine now.
  6. I uninstalled the APU display drivers when I installed my HD 7790, I will give it a shot though and check to see if they are enabled. Will update my post later tonight.
  7. So, I'm just wondering is there any particular reason my GTX-970 will cause my computer not to boot? It's a Zotac GTX-970 card and works fine in my brothers computer but not mine. The computer will not pass the post screen, when powered on it beeps 4 times then goes to a black screen and will sit there until powered off. Could it be an issue with my psu not being able to supply sufficient power to my system? I have a 550W power supply with 28A on the +12v1 and 20A on the +12v2. There is 15A on the +5v and 24A on the +3.3v. Previously I had a AMD Radeon HD 7790 Dual X-OC oveclocked to 1200mhz w
  8. Hmmmm, this is a tough choice between which is my favorite. I would have to pick the Kuhler 1250 because my case is cooled solely by fans and it gets pretty hot when gaming (around 100+F) and usually stays pretty warm (around 80F - 90F) when idle after I finish. Getting some liquid cooling would be nice because it would be one less thing contributing to the heat inside the case.