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    unijab got a reaction from Tristerin in Making my 1980's Garage Door Smart!   
    I have a feeling that soon after a home project this this.. the old garage door openers will fail and then he'll have to install that/those subscription based openers anyway
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    unijab reacted to Hellimod in The MOST AVERAGE Gaming PC   
    This review pisses me off, you guys need to be bared from doing reviews of hardware that no one can get a hold of. Crypto has made it impossible to even buy a 1060. Stop wasting our time with useless reviews. USE YOUR INFLUENCE and fix this god damned industry. Cards are not released unless they are available pure and simple, i am bringing back an old word. Vapourware, your reviewing vapourware it is a FRAUD!
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    unijab reacted to my name is guru iam tech in Ineed help to make server   
    iam windows guy i like windows
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    unijab reacted to NelizMastr in Searching for AMD and Intel NAS barebones   
    A NAS is "Network attached Storage". An appliance built primarily for storage. What you're looking for is a server, not just a storage box
    Also, it's best practice to split up tasks on a machine by means of virtualization and not run everything on the same operating environment at the same time.
    If you're attached to Windows, I suppose Hyper-V will do. It has support for Windows and Linux, so that should be good enough.
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    unijab reacted to VintageGamer in Searching for AMD and Intel NAS barebones   
    Radium_Angel, quit trolling this thread. A NAS commonly can run additional servers and services, such as media servers or game servers and even NAS manufacturers advertise this feature. If you do not have anything constructive to post then don't post.
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    unijab reacted to Caroline in We Got 100 Gigabit Networking!... HOLY $H!T   
    me with 30 kb/s download speed:

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    unijab got a reaction from Eschew in [Build Log] Dr. Matisse - AM4 16 Core Hypervisor   
    thanks for this...
    Ive been thinking about putting a 12 core into my x470x4u motherboard, but didnt know what cpu cooler to use with it.
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    unijab got a reaction from Den-Fi in [Build Log] Dr. Matisse - AM4 16 Core Hypervisor   
    thanks for this...
    Ive been thinking about putting a 12 core into my x470x4u motherboard, but didnt know what cpu cooler to use with it.
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    unijab reacted to asquirrel in Dell SCAMMED Me - $1500 PC Secret Shopper 2 Part 4   
    @LinusTech Thank you for ripping Dell a new asshole. I used to work there (former EMC employee) and it was miserable under Dell. They tried to rehire me after they realized who they had laid off to resume my work that nobody else could figure out (despite guides, with pictures, and hand-hold instructions) by offering me a $40,000 pay CUT (IE: less money) than I was making at my current job. It was cathartic to hear you rip them a new asshole. Fuck Dell. Seriously. It's a miserable place to work, run by miserable people. Like Intel, the problem is management, not the rank-and-file (apart from said rank-and-file not having the spines to say 'no, fuck YOU' to their dumb management).
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    unijab reacted to BobVonBob in Is 10 Gbps Worth It?   
    If you need 10 Gbps, you won't need to ask whether it's worth it.
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    unijab reacted to fpo in Android Studio Tutorials   
    Need good tutorials for Java Android Studio programming.

    My college professor is not teaching how to use this software yet has assigned work to use it.
    I tried watching YouTube guides but they're so terrible... I can't find any good YouTube Android Studio channels nor any quality documentation for beginners in Android Studio.

    My school is providing a digital version of an android textbook. It's quite poorly written. If no one has anything good, I'll see if I can make this work, but I'd like some recommendations of better resources.
    I also tried reading this documentation & sifted through several sections, but no real "This is how you make an app" going on.
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    unijab reacted to AnonymousGuy in Next Gen ULTIMATE Desk PC Design   
    Y'all are amateurs for not knowing about multiport radiators that would have let you run a normal radiator in that space.   http://www.xs-pc.com/radiators-ex-series/ex240-multiport-radiator
    And use some quick disconnects so you can fill it up, detach, then reattach to the actual loop.  Wasting effort designing a reservoir to solve what is nonissue if you know what you're doing.  (and lets be honest anything Alex designs/builds is probably going to leak anyways)
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    unijab reacted to Eigenvektor in Android emulator for Linux?   
    The one that comes with Android Studio?
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    unijab reacted to WereCatf in 8TB drive,only available 7.2TB   
    I know what kilo means, but the context matters as well: in computing, kilobytes, megabytes etc. have always been multiples of 1024 already way before Windows ever existed. You going off the rails and blaming Bill for it is just ignorant and you're also ignoring the context. All modern OSes use multiples of 1024, most hardware-manufacturers use the same, but it's HDD-/SSD-manufacturers that like to go against the grain and use multiples of 1000 -- they are the ones deviating from established standards.
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    unijab reacted to Trinopoty in Oxygen Not Included: The CO2 problem   
    I made a sealed room with carbon skimmers to get rid of the CO2.
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    unijab reacted to Sauron in Concurrently run every line in a bash script   
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    unijab reacted to SupaKomputa in 48TB NAS Help!   
    Prebuild nas is easier to manage, but for cost savings, upgradability and performance a pc server is probably better.
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    unijab got a reaction from Dutch_Master in SSD Caching   
    If you are using Linux and lvm, lvmcache is built in.
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    unijab reacted to berberries in We bought a $20 SSD…   
    you will be pleasantly surprised.
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    unijab reacted to WereCatf in We bought a $20 SSD…   
    Without seeing the video yet, Imma assume it's got no cache, it's 120GB or so capacity-wise and achieves something around 200MB/s speeds. Should be perfectly fine for plenty of things, like e.g. for running Pfsense off of.
  22. Funny
    unijab reacted to Video Beagle in Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage!!   
    Hey @LinusTech  .. inspired by you, I am setting up my own storage NAS, so if you want to get rid of 4 of those lowest tier drives (of 5 so I have a replacement), I'd be happy to take them off your hand  It'd be a jump of 12tb to 48tb, but I'm willing to do that to help you out!
    My Youtube channel hit 1000 subs right about when you hit 10mil, so it's like destiny!
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    unijab reacted to Jarsky in How to create my own cloud gaming server for free without server host providers?   
    Build a machine that you want, and then you can use Parsec for streaming the games. You would need the app though, you cant 'cloud game' without a proper client of some kind that works with a 3D accelerated remote session. 
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    unijab reacted to SupaKomputa in Apple should have gone AMD   
    Xeon W is for workstation and should be compared with threadripper.
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    unijab got a reaction from GDRRiley in It's hard to watch, but I can't look away - Threadripper 3990X   
    no optane memory was just a marketing stunt intel pulled for launch. (imo b/c the drives were so small (16GB or 32GB) that you couldnt install a windows OS on it directly)
    They are just small SSDs
    I know many people that use them for freenas or vmware boot drives.