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  1. There are thunderbolt solutions that let you put your monitor and USB devices at a distance.... Linus has videos about it.... Nice avatar
  2. If it was compared to epyc... They would have the same memory bandwidth, lower maximum ram capacity, and the same pcie lanes... That's why it's compared to tr4...
  3. I run my rust server on a Linux VM on a spare machine of mine... Never had that many players tho, my internet won't support that many
  4. Proxmox has a nice mail gateway system
  5. do you are if its a distributed system? like gluster?
  6. They are cheaper to manufacture .... And why should they lower the price for the consumers?
  7. Pretty sure the suggestion is virtual machines for the diff services that you plan to run... I don't believe multiple servers was being implied
  8. There are embedded eypc soc motherboards, just not as easy to find
  9. If the old setup supported 6ish editors without any issues why not just keep that limit in mind and add another nvme server dedicated to the next group of 6 editors, instead of upgrading the whole system trying to have a centralized server for 12ish editors?
  10. thanks for this... Ive been thinking about putting a 12 core into my x470x4u motherboard, but didnt know what cpu cooler to use with it.
  11. agree I created a dns entry for my domain earlier today and google knew it within 5 min, but it took cloudflares dns about 3x longer before it worked.