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  1. agree I created a dns entry for my domain earlier today and google knew it within 5 min, but it took cloudflares dns about 3x longer before it worked.
  2. ... or instead script some stuff to run with cron
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/g67xtm/does_seagate_exos_x16_use_smr/fo7xzcj/
  4. Can you artificially increase queue depth on an SSD for more performance by creating more than one partition on it and raid zero them
  5. So I have to ask.. 


    Are you a b, p, or s chassis person?

    1. Den-Fi




      All answers can be found in the 'Chewniverse.

    2. SR20DETDOG


      Honestly, not sure what the b or p are? Originally I was into the 180sx, but prefer the 240z these days, although the price of a nice example now makes me want to cry.

    3. unijab


      B13/14 are Se-R

      P10/11 are G20/Primera


  6. Nothing will be as fast ram. But setting sync to always will bound all your writing to the performance of the ssd that you have. So unless you go crazy for your zil setup, most people won't like the perf they get.
  7. Correct Just have a reliable and fast SSD, in a mirror if you must.
  8. you can change the sync tunable and enable it to write to a SSD based ZIL
  9. Why do you say that zfs doesn't support having a SSD as a cache?
  10. Assuming Linux hosts... If they can reliably change the server hostnames to match their rack location and u number.. you could write a shell script to run from Cron , once an hour or sooner, that will change the IP address when it sees the hostname change.
  11. Actually I like the take apart a 1U server PSU and water cool it idea... It might delay the project but would be really baller.
  12. Build one of them in a 1U ff and post the results, I think you'll run several issues that you haven't considered