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    RazerZ reacted to Jacona in The Audio Board's Recommended Gear   
    Apparently Innerfedility started measuring headphone amplifier, sweet.
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    RazerZ reacted to valdyrgramr in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    I'm not.  I watched like 1 ep.  I'm waiting for it to finish.
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    RazerZ reacted to ThatOneRussian in YouTube Red After One Month - It's not that bad   
    Why is 6 Tips to look better naked recommended to you?
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    RazerZ reacted to werto165 in Best or most Powerful music you ever heard in a game   
    Best music from a game I've played recently is probably undertale or ori and the blind forest. 

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    RazerZ reacted to GamerDude in Show off your latest purchase!   
    For once, a non-audio related purchase, supporting OPM in my little way. Vol 2 has been sold out, so I've asked the shop to call me when new stock of Vol comes. Love the webcomic, manga and anime series!

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    RazerZ reacted to Crowes in Heaven Society - Week 67 (Welcome to the N.H.K.)   
    I finished Gargantia and moved on to this last night. Bloody hell, that first episode. I thought i was going to go mental at that rate. When Misaki came in, though, that helped me decide to continue. If it was just full of random conspiracy ramblings and talking appliances it probably would have gone dropped.
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    RazerZ reacted to nicklmg in Tech Gifts for Non-techies Giveaway!   
    So, this year, we decided to put together a fun little giveaway for all of the techies in our audience... the chance to give mom, or grandma, or WHOEVER in your life that isn't a techie a tech-focused gift for the holiday!

    The rules are simple:
    - Comment below telling us what gift (value of US$300 or less before tax and shipping on Amazon) you would want to give to your non-techie counterpart and link to that gift on Amazon
    - In your comment, tell us WHO you have chosen to potentially receive that gift (mom, grandma, neighbor, etc.)
    - Also tell us WHY you're getting it for them (eg. a new smartphone because grandpa still has a flip phone)
    Make sure your gift is US$300 or less on Amazon.com. If a selected winner has linked to an item with a value greater than US$300 they will be re-drawn!
    Winners will have 24 hours to respond here on the forum. If we do not receive a response in 24 hours, we will not hesitate to re-draw.
    The three (3) winners will be selected on December 14. Once winners have been selected, they will be contacted by me here on the forum, and will provide the full shipping info for the recipient of their gift. Once we receive that information, we will order the winner's selected gift from the recipient's local Amazon and schedule for delivery by December 25.

    There are no age or geographical restrictions to enter this giveaway.

    Good luck to all, and happy holidays!
    EDIT: Winners have been selected!

    @VictorC777 who selected a Canary All-In-One Home Security Device for their Mother
    @Kibelok who selected a Ninja Ultima or the Instant Pot for their mom
    And @KirbyTech who selected a point and shoot camera for their dad

    Thanks again for entering, and happy holidays to everyone here
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    RazerZ reacted to SSL in Best Surround Sound gaming headset (with mic) for under $30 dollars?   
    No, you don't.
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    RazerZ reacted to helping in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    How dare you bash it by implying it's not AOTS
    it has loli, vampires, PowerPoints (probably), and fan service (I assume?). It's the recipe for success. It's the no-bake cookie that tastes amazing and everyone loves it. You should feel privileged to let the salmonella bless your body.
    that can't be anything less than 8/10
    I rate your rating 6/10
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    RazerZ reacted to Nacho Marco Segui in You won't believe what came with my power supply that I ordered from Newegg...   
    The bar at least wont explode
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    RazerZ reacted to BoredErica in This Is What Happened To LTT   
    I don't enjoy random sex jokes most of the time. I'm looking weekly shows that are on time without technical difficulties and discuss details about some subjects in-depth.
    LTT is just... not that. At all.
    For example: That Ek all in one review was basically reading off of a spec sheet. The temperature chart was totally useless. The overclocking guides are too surface-level. There's a lot of nuance that's there which don't get covered. I don't really care about good lighting or spectacularly framed shots. I want to leave being as educated as if I read forum posts and in-depth guides. (It's not like Tek Syndicate is any better, for example. So I'm not saying LTT is the bottom of the barrel or something.)
    I know this isn't the direction Linus said he was going for anyways. He wants a technology channel, more general, more fun. Not what I'm looking for. His humor seems to attract fans that well... you know. Are younger and less mature than some other places. Which is fine, people of all types need their own place to hang out. Not usually for me though.
    Ads don't really bother me. I think to say that advertising doesn't influence opinions (as Jayz adamantly stated) is stupid. You give lollipops to doctors as a pharmacy giant pitching a drug, higher chance it'll get chosen. A lot of time and money and mental effort gets saved when a company gets you some product to review. Hardware reviewers rely on them. But what other way is there to do it? Hardware is expensive. That's just the Youtube Hardware game. Not Linus' fault, and I think he's trying to remain neutral. It's not the ads for me. I can sit through the ads. it's the core content. Linus' idea to pitch ads after the content in most videos is smart and considerate.
    I really don't care about Linus or Luke or whoever. I don't understand people who keep regurgitating Linus memes, but whatever.
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    RazerZ reacted to DigitalHermit in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    So I tried Shokugeki no Soma out of curiosity... I am hooked...
    It's a nice throwback to Yakitate Japan...
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    RazerZ got a reaction from babadoctor in I have 400 dollars... wat i buy   
    Why you should not buy an EVGA 400 / 430 / 500 / 600 / 500B / 600B
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    RazerZ reacted to SSL in The new best price to performace sweet spot Amp/DAC   
    At $350, it's hard to call this the best price to performance. The Schiit Uber stack is competitive at $300, the regular version even moreso at $200.
    Decent soundcards deal with this issue just fine.
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    RazerZ got a reaction from dave01978 in looking for 24" in 1080p need help deciding   
    Definitely go for a IPS monitor. Better color reproduction and viewing angles. Not sure how much you're getting the Dell for, but this new Acer monitor is only $135 (if in the US).
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    RazerZ reacted to CierroMierdo in Would this be a good audio solution for gaming?!   
    Surround sound on headphones is done entirely on software. If anything, its impossible to have a headphone that has 7.1 (any company who says they have 7.1 headphones are fooling you guys) since the drivers are placed on each ear.
    There's the A700X/900X which are the closed-back version.
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    RazerZ reacted to iShad in Would this be a good audio solution for gaming?!   
    Either save the $75 or spend the same amount more on the headphones, the amp is not as necessary as you'd think. For gaming, I'd grab something like ad700x/900x and see how it performs with the onboard sound then worry about amping later.
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    RazerZ reacted to ALwin in Post Custom Desktop   
    One of the photos I use as a wallpaper, taken by a friend who passed away earlier this year.  This was one of his last dives before his fatal accident.  I'm the diver shining the bright torch towards the front.

    And yes, we were diving under a frozen body of water.

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    RazerZ reacted to TheProfosist in Show off your latest purchase!   
    You like softer lead? I prefer harder. He Hard is as soft as ill go. Preferably ill use 2H. You use 0.7mm too? Are you the type to like bold pens?
    Also 4B is simple to get go over to JetPens. I recommend the Ain STEIN line.
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    RazerZ reacted to Charger in Heaven Society - Week 64 (Shiki)   
    Worst halloween week ever its not even in the same month.
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    RazerZ reacted to SSL in Can you adapt a USB Mic to XLR?   
    Yay, M50x. The "nemesis"
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    RazerZ reacted to JuztBe in Animes to watch?   
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Maybe one of the best from this category. I really don't like mechas, but this one is great. God damn it, character development for main character is awesome.
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    RazerZ got a reaction from Byte11 in Comfortable Headphones   
    The 770 PRO is $125 after rebate on adorama
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    RazerZ reacted to SSL in what amp should i get?   
    First, lets talk about some important things to work out first.
    What is your budget. Why do you want (or think you need) an amp. What headphone(s) will you be driving from the amp. Do you have (or want) a DAC. What other features might you want (pre-outs, etc).   Oh Deer. If he just wants to get one to be getting one, there isn't much point in asking for recommendations. He can just get what looks pretty or reviews well on head-fi at that point.