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    how am i supposed to know what i like
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  1. riferaft


    Every time you are in a car look at every workplace and ask your self do I want to work there. If yes then write it down and look it up later. There will suddenly be alot more places u might want to work at
  2. i also have 6600k and 16gbs of ram
  3. i have evga 1070 sc and 1440p 144hz monitor and csgo which is what i play most of the time runs smooth
  4. I hid my PC and monitors in the Attic while on vacation so ppl don't steel my shit
  5. Wow I hope u had a good vacation to make up for such a tragic accident my heart cries out for u best of luck with your system
  6. No point for usb gpu docks bc thunder bolt can already do that
  7. he just made his acc he has 1 post this one
  8. is it used? the previous person may have flashed a custom bois on the card.
  9. supply and demand, more people want an ultra wide there for retailers raise the price
  10. maybe try putting ur old Old Quadro FX 1800 back in to make sure u didn't break anything when installing your new card.
  11. ok thanks, looks like i won't be gaming for a few months
  12. THX for the price point for the 960 but ... so should i save more for a cheep 1070, do overclocking on the 1060,or get a not as cheep 1070?