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  1. Whichever one you're able to find without being robbed blind by scalpers on e-bay Welcome back to pc building...interesting times you came back to though....
  2. I hope this is helpful.
  3. I don't remember what the software was called, but I do remember when I had AMD that their own software does the same thing where you can optimize your overclocks per game. My mistake, you mean the game settings themselves. I don't recall if the software did that, sorry.
  4. CM HAF 932 Advanced. Had that thing forever. Love it.
  5. you should be able to get into BIOS before windows would even come up for you to change boot priority there. most likely spam the DEL key or the F2 key as your computer is starting up. What is the make and model of the laptop, and i can find out which key for you to spam to get into BIOS
  6. Do you have a usb stick that's at least 8gb? you can go to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 to download a bootable windows installer and you can do a repair with that.
  7. product page for what you're looking to buy. Help yourself.
  8. I'm just making a wild guess here, but if the connector was installed the wrong way around the mouse wouldn't have been able to have it's lights go on. That being said, you're correct. Maybe at the factory they had the +5 and ground in right, but the data + and - backwards. Don't mind me, I've been up too long lol
  9. When I did a google search of the product name in the picture "ASUS p6x58d premium" and clicked on the link that brought me to the asus page for said product, I proceeded to download the user manual and read it. It reads as follows: "non-ecc ram"...
  10. Did you try using the old wire again to troubleshoot if it's the new wire or the mouse itself, or did you already toss the old one?
  11. Do you mean you bought a new cable off of ali express and soldered it onto your mouse? Check to make sure you didn't solder wires onto the wrong spots by accident. Also make sure your solder joints look fine. If you have a multimeter (if you have a soldering iron, I assume you also have a multimeter) check that there's continuity between the ends you soldered onto the mouse and at the USB connector to make sure there's not a break somewhere in the wire.
  12. $65 for a 1080ti? 99.9999998% chance it's a scam. Always read the description carefully on ebay items, lots of times they like to say "picture only" which means you pay for them to send you a picture of the graphics card, not the graphics card itself. Also check their feedback rating.