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  1. Have been trying to fix a friends macbook with a keyboard issue, on start up the keyboard is non responsive and does not respond to start up commands. I temporarily fixed it by following a prompt "unable to enter password? Hold down power to reboot into recovery" and disabling file vault, which allowed me to use the keyboard and log in seemingly resolving the issue. The problem returned after a few restarts and now i am using a plug in wireless usb keyboard that is fully functioning and file vault is still disabled. I am at a loss of what to do, any advic
  2. Hello guys/gals, As I write to you guys from my laptop (my rig is acting up) This is my first post here in a while as this forum popped into my mind after i thought i had exhausted all options. So, my ISP is BT (I'm UK) and in my house we have a router (The BTHUB3) and Wifi extenders on the top floor of our three storey house. Over the past months i have been unable to connect to the main router on my main rig but can connect fine on my mobile and laptop... I have just been getting on with life by using the wifi extenders but now those are being extremely dodgy and
  3. Damn, didnt work with my combinations ill have to buy a new one then. Cheers for help.
  4. Title really, not much i can say about it Just annoyed i cant reverse left or right in rocket league and world of tanks. Keyboard is Sharkoon Skiller Pro What do?
  5. So there are two tower computers in my household. Mine and the "house one" (an older PC running a LGA 775 Pentium and windows 10) i decided to check the HDD using CrystalDisk after my sister pointed out some clicking noises from it the other day and un-surprisingly, the OEM Hitachi drive is failing. So a 1TB caviar Blue has been bought which i am going to chuck in my PC with the old one and transfer the files across. So my question is, will i have to reinstall windows onto the new HDD or should it literally be Copy files --> put new HDD in and ready to go.
  6. Honor 7? no idea of pricing but should be close. (UK price is about 229)
  7. Hallo all! Just thought of popping a in to ask the renowned mobile experts here on the forum a thing or two. 1. So my current phone (Galaxy S3 Mini) is vastly obsolete and slightly broken (yes i know its old but i dont pay for it so what can i say). Therefor the billpayer and i have been looking at the various options and i have been directed to the LG Leon, the Honor 7 (this was highly commended) and a new Motorola phone just released recently. This was for a 24 month contract so i would like to know which of those if faced with the option you would pref
  8. That is pretty poor tbh. Bear in mind that 1080p is pretty poor once you go past 27 inches and at that point 1440p in a good choice. Your system might handle medium settings at that res which is worth considering.
  9. I would say the 4460 is the better option, and you save money on ram too.
  10. The PSU that i used is very capable and manages to hold my overclocked system sufficiently. It is an EVGA 500W Bronze Non modular. Most cheap PSUs will supply power enough for basic uses but try and leave a more than healthy cushion between the amount the unit "supplies" and the amount your system draws.
  11. The 980 Ti will not be beaten by much in terms of power and will likely be a bit cheaper than the next high end card. And it will do the job at hand more than sufficiently so there for i would get a 980 Ti and call it a day.
  12. This has already been discussed on the WAN show. imo any company can talk the talk but can they walk the walk?
  13. The front or the top or the back it doesent really matter, What matters is if it is : Push or pull or Push/pull Intake/exhaust.
  14. It generally better to buy one better card than two lesser ones.
  15. ayyy doge Dont microsoft have an outlook program? It will probably take just as long as looking online, just save your password and keep the website bookmarked.
  16. I always found it to be very temperamental; sometimes working sometimes not. Was probably my fault then.. oh well.
  17. I doubt you will find anything for the S3 that stands out - that hasnt been discontinued. Just pop down to your local store that sells cases out look on amazon etc you should find one you like.
  18. Its somewhat useful for tagging people who have spaces in their name.
  19. First link is the various codenames for many resolutions. Second is the viewing distance versus screen distance for establishing if there is a noticeable visual difference in resolutions.