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  1. I have been looking into getting a server for a while, I have dabbled with a second windows 10 machine, running a Plex server, along with a few other things like teamviewer and a few hard drives. However recently I bought myself a used Cisco C210 M2, just to experiment with, and I fear I jumped into the deep end way sooner than I was comfortable with. It may just be a hardware issue, but it is most likely a stupidity issue on my part (on top of this, the server was listed as tested, from a reputable IT company). The server seems to not boot up into any installation medi
  2. Unfortunately the fans are the size of the case and I couldn't fit anything bigger into it. And the front of the case is full of drives. Ideally I would also want the sever to sit ontop of a wardrobe being relatively quiet, so mods may not nessasarily work. What I think I'm going to do is put some resistors inline with the fans, and maybe see about replacing fans when I have more knowledge of servers and intelligent redundant systems. Especially since this server has two power supplies
  3. What does not work? More fans stacked does mean more static pressure, not doubled, but increased, even if it is only slightly. In turn increasing airflow, if there are obstructions in the way, yes not by much, but still a small amount
  4. They are about 3x less airflow. But also they are thinner, so I could stack them up for more static pressure
  5. I recently bought a server (Cisco UCS C210 M2 Server) to mess around with, something used and cheap to get a grasp for servers and what I can start doing with them. I got it super cheap and the parts sold individually would makeup for the overall cost. It has been great so far, however the fans (Delta GFB0812DHU 8-Wire Fan) are extremely loud for my room and I want to replace them with quieter fans. Before I get told off, I know the sever has been configured to have a certain airflow with a certain fan for everything to be optimal, and replacing fans could kill it. So o
  6. I am looking to make a comapct folding system with a few GPUs in, but budget is limited. I have found a "1050ti" on eBay (in the UK) for £43 new, when they usually sell for £100 used. I am wondering if fake GPUs still work with FAH, and if they'd give similar points, which I doubt
  7. I did try to run a 970 from the 600w PSU with lots of cable adaptors, but the wires going to the PSU got too hot to be safe. There is a 6 pin 12v connector going straight to the PSU and a few peripheral connections, however not enough to run a 6+8 pin card. I am looking into upgrading the power supply at some point, but I do want to squeeze some more life out of it. The PSU can put out 12v 26A, 5V 36A and 3.3V 30A So a slightly older spec with less wattage in the 12v rail. I could use a separate PSU Scrapyard wars style, for the GPU though.
  8. Anything under three digits really, the cheaper the better
  9. I am currently in accommodation where my power bill is free, so I am not too concerned about the efficiency of cards, but the price of initial purchase and the power it delivers. I have a machine with a 600w PSU, and a 6 pin 12v rail What cards are out there which are relatively cheap (used on eBay) but get enough points on FAH to be worth it? I do have space for 3 cards too, but limited by power supply issues Any help with this would be greatly appreciated
  10. I am not looking at putting serious data on this, I want to get my head around the software and understand it. If the hard drives break then I couldn't care less. I would prefer to RAID two almost dead drives with useless data on, with little knowledge of the system than two expensive drives, without knowing what I am doing I know that to have a solid backup system I will need to spend money on dedicated good hardware, this is just something I can do to gain experience
  11. I want to make a windows based server, for plex media and a NAS style storage system for family photos. I take apart old, free, computers from my dads work, and a few other places, the computers I get are usually old workstation style computers. I recycle the broken hardware, sell the components I don't need and keep the highest end stuff I get. I have a machine with: AMD Athlon X2 260 Nvidia GT 240 4GB RAM Storage: Samsung 850 pro 128gb ssd WD Blue 3tb WD Blue 1tb 2x Seagate Barracuda laptop 1tb (Basically brand new)
  12. I take apart old computers which are listed as broken on eBay to try and salvage some components and put together a working machine (actual dead hardware goes to recycling) So I have a load of different hard drives, with different speeds/makes/capacities and I was wondering if there is any form of NAS software which will just take all of these drives and shove them together as a larger volume. I know that speeds and latencies will be terrible, but I just want to squeeze some life out of older hard drives and have some sort of external storage system to mess around with.
  13. I thought it would be something along these lines. So you are saying that adding another GPU to this setup (if it works at all) would make no difference in game at all
  14. I am asking this out of pure curiosity as a proof of concept so to speak (but also would be willing to try it) I have a mini ITX board, which only has one PCIe slot for one GPU, however the board has two m.2 slots, one of which is being used for an SSD and one which is free. I am aware of adaptors which take an m.2 connection and convert it to a PCIe connection. However I am curious what would happen if you were to run two identical GPUs in SLI/crossfire. One GPU running from the m.2 slot and the other from the regular PCIe. Would this improve in game perfor
  15. Yeah, that's what I think I will do. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a smaller cable that doesn't need three adaptors to make, as space is at a premium. Thanks a bunch for your help though!