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    Darkr reacted to don_svetlio in Overclocking void   
    If you mod the BIOS, then double the voltage and burn out the power delivery - warranty is void

    If you stick to the settings available in MSI AfterBurner - you're safe.
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    Darkr reacted to Glenwing in DP vs MiniDP   
    No, it's just a different shape connector.
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    Darkr reacted to W-L in Modding FAQ - [New Layout]   
    Image Above Provided by: LittleCarrot

    Welcome to the Brand New Update for the Modding FAQ Post
    This has been quite the work giving the FAQ a new look from the old text based version and I hope everyone here enjoys it and find it useful. The old version however is not gone, for anyone who still wants to view it with the same up to date info I will leave a link to it HERE.
    This thread will go over some of the most common mods, contain information on sleeving, painting components, templates, modding, and more with detailed instructions for all the mods.

    If there is anything you want to see added, or contribute let me know by either posting below or messaging me I'm always open to new ideas.
    General Wiring

















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    Darkr reacted to iamdarkyoshi in [Vessel Spoilers] PSA on "Reflowing" Videocards   
    So in this video, Linus revived a 780Ti using an oven. While this technique DOES work, it is NOT a permanent repair. 
    I have discussed this topic on the EEVBlog Forums, and here are some quotes:
    The issue with home "reflows" is that there is no flux present, and any of us that have tried to solder without flux find ourselves pulling our hair out...
    I would ONLY use GPUs "fixed" with this method as spares at home in maybe a HTPC or something, NEVER on a rendering server or anything that NEEDS to be running reliably, and NEVER sell it! I have sold my 270x I "repaired" and I told the guy that if it fails within a year, I will either repair it or replace it at no cost.
    Needless to say, it died.
    So if you guys are going to attempt this, just be aware that it is a TEMPORARY repair. Keep in mind this is NOT the only issue GPUs can have. You could have a blown mosfet in the VRMs, corrupt BIOS, etc.
    Also, @LinusTech can I take a stab at repairing your SSD and the GPU from the WAN show PC?  
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    Darkr got a reaction from sushisharkjl in 390x vs Fury   
    In the end, I got the 390  
    the extra £50 isn't worth the 3-5 more fps for the 390x imo, and the 390 is cheap enough for me to afford  
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    Darkr got a reaction from Humbug in 390x vs Fury   
    In the end, I got the 390  
    the extra £50 isn't worth the 3-5 more fps for the 390x imo, and the 390 is cheap enough for me to afford  
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    Darkr got a reaction from Tedster in My 290x not pushing all the way?   
    If it's not compatible with D3D11, then what else can I use? I really don't think it supports mantle nor opengl.
    Either way, I'll see my cpu usage. All shall be revealed tomorrow.
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    Darkr got a reaction from mads775d in Something Random asf   
    Programming and Sofware Design thread subtext thing (010001100101010101001110) means FUN
    Just something random  :blink:
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    Darkr reacted to nicklmg in Shame on you Linus - The Vessel controversy?   
    OK... first off I'd like to apologize if you guys felt slighted by this. That was actually the opposite of our intention...

    Through the week the editor in charge of this project reconsidered a few of his choices and felt that the video was in fact better when cut a little shorter (and the team here agreed with him on that). We're constantly looking at ways to improve our content, including streamlining videos over 10 minutes since the VAST majority of our audience prefers videos that are shorter than that (I do understand that that isn't the case with many of you folks here on the forum).

    To my knowledge this is the first time a video on Vessel has been different in content from a video on YouTube, and it is definitely not going to become a regular occurrence. We simply thought that the video was significantly better in its new form, and wanted to share the best possible version of this piece of content with all of you.

    Frankly I think it's awesome that you guys care enough to even notice something like this - even it if did cause a bit of a negative response in some <3. Thank you for being such awesome supporters.

    FYI the Vessel version is now free for anyone (whether you have an account or not) to watch, so if you feel like you missed out by watching the slightly shorter YouTube version, you can definitely check it out on the Vessel channel - though, like I said, I think the YT version of this vid is better anyway.
    TL;DR our intent was not to slight anyone in the YouTube audience. We simply thought that the shorter version was the better version, so we released that one. We never plan to differentiate our content between platforms, and in the future we'll be much more careful about maintaining consistency across our platforms.
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    Darkr got a reaction from Comessy in Need a video card bad   
    Titan Z? Lol.
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    Darkr reacted to SkilledRebuilds in Should I sell my 290x and get a 980ti?   
    Why can't you...  the fix is known...
    Make a AMD CCC control panel profile for Witcher 3, set Tesselation to 8x or 16x, so it wont use the 64x that the game uses (for little to no visual benefit) Then go to the config file and set hairworksAA to 4x, instead of the default 8x.
    Hairworks is no longer a major isue for AMD cards with these things done. The FPS drop is way way way way way less than what it was..
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    Darkr reacted to Luke4efc in White line(s) with red, blue and green dots...   
    Unplug the connecter on the output of your existing GPU, and move it to the connector that's directly on the motherboard
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    Darkr reacted to Luke4efc in White line(s) with red, blue and green dots...   
    This is called banding. It could mean that your GPU is dead. Try using the onboard graphics. If the problem disappears it's time to buy a new Graphics Card
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    Darkr got a reaction from Vozella in R9 280x - Which brand would you buy?   
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    Darkr got a reaction from Tim Drake in R9 280x - Which brand would you buy?   
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    Darkr got a reaction from John9786 in R9 280x - Which brand would you buy?   
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    Darkr reacted to zappian in Moving to the PC Master Race (NEED PARTS)   
    get this for a gpu
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    Darkr got a reaction from CrazyCaluz in Moving to the PC Master Race (NEED PARTS)   
    4960k cpu
    280x or 290 makes me wet
    I'd get a hdd and a ssd
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    Darkr got a reaction from Lolzious in Look what I just got for myself :D   
    Lol I srsly hope you changed your mobo socket bru.
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    Darkr got a reaction from Johannes_Lazor in GPU clock speed in the CPU?   
    Nah its just the build in GPU. Nothing special, made for casual 720p-1080p internet browsing or entering the bios.
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    Darkr got a reaction from TheCanadianIdiot in Looking For People To Join A Minecraft Server :P   
    I'll have a look at it.
    What version of mc is it?
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    Darkr got a reaction from Griffscavern in Where can I save money to afford a gtx 980   
    Be careful though. 
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    Darkr got a reaction from kenny9170 in [PC Gaming] Suggest Headset/Headphone>?   
    I got the g4me zero closed headset from sennheiser and it is brilliant.
    Reccomended 9/10
    (9 because if doesnt fit my small head)
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    Darkr reacted to Totallycasual in Free Hero's of the Storm beta keys   
    Wow if someone did that i would be seriously disappointed  
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    Darkr reacted to theloveablemoose in So who actually won the massive giveaway?   
    Entry requirements just wont happen, the giveaways equal more users to the forum which in some way may give them extra income.