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  1. 4k will not be allowed to be transcoded . Only 1080p files and below can be transcoded Number of users will begin to increase . Max 20 users
  2. power consumption is not an issue and the number of users that will be on it will max out the 10100 quickly . currently taking a look a refurbished HP Z workstations
  3. thank you for this info . i will do my proper homework once i start shopping around . just wanted to ask firs . thanks again
  4. hello all im helping a friend build a plex server and after researching it seems more cores are better when it comes to many users who are transcoding .GPUs are a no go since they have many limitations . after watching linus's last video where he was able to get a fast cpu for such a cheap price, he also added that you can even cheaper with two E5-2670 v2 CPU and a mobo which comes out under 200$ for the whole thing . so i have 2 questions 1. are there much better performance at a total cost of around 500$ 2 after using xeon based boards th
  5. since u changed ur profile pic i have no idea who u are but ur name rings a bell
  6. i used to be very active in 2015 but now im on and off
  7. its been a while since i came back here how are all of u guys doing
  8. because of drm i think ur limited to maybe 480p (its a linux issue) ? be sure first
  9. its sad how much people missunderstand what tor is and how it works FBI's FUD is working very well
  10. i do agree with the above might people are stubborn. Entertainment has taken a new form and effected our social structure, Instant gratification has ruined a generation
  11. i think its too soon for me in the lift time we might reach singularity before we find and inhabit a earth like planet
  12. i meant space isnt going anywhere. it will exist for a long time we might not thats why i said its a distraction (this need for discovery)
  13. yes. its a distraction. maybe in the far future its a good idea it isnt going anywhere.
  14. final cut pro doesnt have any kind of magic encoder there is something happening here
  15. if AMD coldnt fix the issue it sounds like a hard ware issue also at 96 boards there will be a X10 MTK for sale soon dual core A72
  16. this is fuckin stupid just get rid of all the ports - wireless charging and wireless data transfer
  17. its gonna be like micro sd all over again they will try to ignore it but then it will just come back
  18. i thought u said Lionel Richie .i was like lol what
  19. they should make high clocked 4 very large arm cores. around the 10+ watt area
  20. how about u guys first get hardware acceleration working first
  21. i knew things were changing at apple when they were talking about pokemon go sad times