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  1. Are you actually having issues connecting, or do you just not like the IP address? Because 10.<stuff> isn't inherently wrong for a private network. There are three address spaces set aside on the IPv4 space for private usage: -, - and - The most commonly used one for small home networks is the 192 range (because it's the smallest one and you don't usually need more addresses), but the other two can be used just as well. Seems your router is, which would fit with your machine's IP address and the one
  2. 1) This is not a place to promote Youtube Channels. 2) We've had this kind of thread before. A lot of 'em. Locked.
  3. Hehe, that was my thinking too, thanks! Yeah, SR-2 is really hard to find these days, I've been trying to get one for ages (for a reasonable price). I am very happy with how the black paint turned out, definitely a much better fit than the weird salmon red color it was before.
  4. Alrighty people, cleaned out the thread, let's try again. Keep in mind, there is no obligation for anyone to answer any topic. Ignoring threads is indeed a possibility. In fact, it's what we recommend if a thread doesn't cater to your personal preferences. Anyway, be nice. Thanks.
  5. Guys, when a member who's new around here asks a question, I think it's proper form to stay at least somewhat on topic. Cleaned out thread.
  6. The Build Logs section has additional guidelines from the Community Standards that members must follow when posting. These guidelines are subject to change without notice. General: Sponsored build logs are allowed, with one banner for your sponsors per build log update. We reserve the right to remove sponsor banners if we deem their usage excessive. You are not allowed to link to their corporate or product sites. The primary goal of your build log is a written/photographic documentation of your build. If you want to include a video, please see the additional items below.
  7. I'd say "the one you can get running" I found a great tutorial for Arch for the Macbook Pro, and since I'd been using Arch for a few years anyway, I ended up going with that. But your mileage may vary.
  8. Not sure to be honest. I have experience with ZFS, but not with FreeNAS. I'd expect you'll need to export your pool, then do a fresh install, then re-import it. But maybe have a googly around to make sure that's right.
  9. Same thing happened to me about three and a half years ago. I didn't feel like forcing it, so I've just been doing other things which tickle my fancy (I think the last game I played was Mass Effect 3). It's not like gaming is the be-all-end-all thing to do in life, there are tons of other things you can do, we live in a world of countless possibilities. Plus, you can always come back to gaming once you start to feel that itch again. I haven't yet, but maybe one day. And if not, ah well, I'll just be doing other things.
  10. Indeed, FreeNAS is not the only thing out there. There are alternatives which are more frugal when it comes to hardware requirements/recommendations. As for ZFS's memory needs: Last I checked, FreeNAS recommended 8 GB of minimum RAM, regardless of how much storage you have. ZFS itself can run with less, I've fun it on 4 GB (Linux, not FreeNAS, though). But if other stuff starts using your RAM, performance can degrade almost to standstill (happened to me a few times). The "1 GB of RAM per 1 TB of storage" is no longer really true as best as I can tell, especially not for home setups. I have
  11. You'll probably get by with 128, but I went for 256 in my 15" MBP and am quite happy to have done so. Unless you have a strong reason to go for 128, I'd go with 256.
  12. @whud99 1) It was initially an enterprise drive: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4902/intel-ssd-710-200gb-review 2) It is old, as you can see from that review.
  13. Note: I've renamed the topic to better reflect the actual question. General "AMD vs. Intel" threads don't tend to go that well. Be nice to each other.
  14. I see you're up and running again. 19"... yeah, I'm in.
  15. Dammit, I really should be in bed. Last post for today. Funny thing is actually happening to me on that one: Some of my Reds are getting park counts in the hundreds of thousands as well for some reason, and I have absolutely not a clue as to why. Others are fine. And they even run the same firmware version. But not that much I can do about it I suppose. And the extremely weird thing? My Greens are only at about 1,000 and about 2,000 park operations (while having about 20% of the power-on hours of the youngest WD Red which is suffering from the head parking issue). Unless you've disable
  16. The reliability is one thing (I'm not really sure how much better the Reds are than regular drives in that area to be honest). The more important thing (IMHO, at least) is TLER. Long story short: Desktop drive firmware is programmed in such a fashion that it can cause a RAID controller to think a drive is broken, and the controller can drop it from the array even though it is perfectly fine. If this happens to lots of your drive at once, that might nuke your entire pool. Now, I'm honestly not 100% sure how ZFS handles this, but I do know of at least one person who's had this issue with softw
  17. I'm just going to leave this quote from our brand-spanking-new Community Standards here: Please folks, go easy on each other. Thanks.
  18. Hey, who do you think you are, starting 2CPU builds without notifying me?! Jesus, people, everyone should know by now I have a fetish for these things! Maybe I should post a forum announcement about it. Anyway, please continue.
  19. I'll take some of that. Speaking from my own experience: I needed to replace two drives in one of my pools last summer, and used that opportunity to re-arrange my pool layout. So I moved everything I could off to some spare drives I had laying around. But it wasn't enough, so I ended up deleting a bunch of my media files. It was a nice opportunity to clean house a bit. I did make a list of things to re-download once I was able though. But that might not be suitable for everyone.
  20. Aha, so you're going to just run 3 4 TB drives as JBODs? Yes, in that case a scrub wouldn't do you that much good. It would detect corruption if something had gone wrong if you still have checksumming enabled, but it wouldn't be able to fix anything unless you had copies>1, in which case you'd also lose storage space and would again be back where you started on that front. But that corruption, if/when it occurs, would also be detected during regular reading, since ZFS always checksums each block as it reads it (and tries to fix it if it detects corruption, which it of course couldn't do in
  21. Oh, you're planning on running it all striped or as standalone drives, no RAIDZ<n> or mirrors?
  22. Quick question: I have googled around for various combinations of "ZFS", "FreeNAS", "Power loss", "Power outage" etc. and can't find much on this, but I'd be curious if you have any links with more info? What makes this sounds a bit weird is that a scrub is mostly read operations as far as I'm aware. Unless there is actually corruption detected, there doesn't really seem to be any reason to write to the pool, so I'm not sure how that would corrupt things unless you have a power outage right the moment when the pool is having corrected data written to it. But as said, can't really find much inf
  23. Hm, curious. Don't think I've had that one before. It doesn't seem to be faulty login credentials, because when I try that, I get a different error ('Login failed'). Not sure on this one, sorry.