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  1. @MoonSpot has a Drobo (or at least used to). See this post:
  2. I suppose that depends on how much technology you see in fonts and typography. It's a pretty complex subject actually. But I think in the context of our forum, Off-Topic is probably the better fit. Therefore, moved.
  3. Since this is now a status update, it looks like I can lock this thread then. Also, negative bonus points for thread title.
  4. Hard to say what's going to be actually useful for you here due to my lack of hands-on experience with FreeNAS, but have you had a look at this one? This is the official vid for 9.3 from the FreeNAS channel. But honestly, for Windows share troubleshooting, I'm really the wrong guy to talk to, I have done very little Windows-ing in the past few years.
  5. You could try to look for a used server on eBay, some of them can be had for pretty cheap. Downside is that they're usually loud, bulky, power-hungrier than current-gen parts and expensive to ship. But in the end, you get what you pay for, for the most part, so if you want to go low-cost, some sacrifices will need to be made.
  6. So, if the array isn't built yet, you're not so much asking if you can replace drives, but if you can build an array with mixed drives in the first place? While it's generally not recommended, you can do it, yes. If the drives have different RPMs, you might get a bit weird performance characteristics though, hard to say. As for desktop drives in RAID, well, you know that already, decision is yours of course. But yeah, you can mix drive types in ZFS pools and vdevs, I've done that as well.
  7. If you actually want to back up your 2 TB drive, you won't use RAID at all. RAID isn't for backing up, it's for increasing uptime (a drive fails, you can keep using your machine as if nothing had happened and replace the drive). If that is what you want, RAID1 (mirroring) is what you'll need to look at. If you want an actual backup however, get an external enclosure or a hotswap bay (or, if you haven't bought the second HDD yet, just get an external 2 TB drive), put the second 2 TB drive into that, and back up at reasonable intervals. Then disconnect the backup drive and ke
  8. A while back a review site measured them as 5.4k RPM: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article1285-page5.html Whether this is true for all Red drives is another question. Regardless of that though, as far as I know each drive runs at a constant RPM. Having a variable RPM would be power-hungry (accelerating and decelerating the platters) and annoying (they'd emit a tone which changes frequency instead of a constant one, which is far less easy for human hearing to blur into the background) I'd expect. I must admit I'm not a fan of the term "Intellipower" and
  9. Yeah... this isn't going anywhere we would like threads on these forums to go, sorry. Locked.
  10. To add to the above, if you want to get a bit of an impression of how the various NAS operating systems look and all that, Youtube is your friend: For other NAS operating systems I've only found rather old videos. But you get the idea.
  11. Well, fundamentally, building a NAS isn't much different from building a regular computer. It's less a question of "What do you need?", more a question of "How much money are you willing to spend on feature <x>?" You don't need RAID (hardware or software), you don't need ECC RAM, you don't need to have a strong CPU, you don't need to have lots of RAM, you don't need to have an additional backup on another machine or an external drive etc. (although I'd say not having a backup is a horrible idea, at least of your important data ). BUT: Each of thos
  12. @MrUnknownEMC Not sure about the FTP, I don't really know FreeNAS that well since I run ZFS on Linux, sorry.
  13. Wohoo, my guide made it into a video, I'm going to be famous and rich!


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      lol, congratz on the mention. Pretty cool.


      I have printed out and framed the moment

      my username appeared in the ultimate 

      distributed computing build log :P 

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  14. @MrUnknownEMC What you can do after creation: Add more drives to a mirror, remove drives from a mirror, add more vdevs to a pool. What you cannot do after creation: Add more drives to a RAIDZ{1,2,3} vdev, remove drives from a RAIDZ vdev, remove a vdev from a pool So, if you create a mirror now (which is what I'd recommend with two drives), you could add more drives to that mirror (which won't give you any extra space, but more protection, but personally I don't think it makes that much sense for a home server/N
  15. @biotoxin Good to know, thanks for the info!
  16. @AwesomeUsername Please note that the title of this thread was not in conformance with our Community Standards with regards to flaming and trolling, which is why I've changed it. Furthermore, the opening post does not meet the requirements of our posting guidelines, which is why this thread has been locked. If you wish to have it re-opened, please send me a PM with the revised version and I'll have a look at it.
  17. Alright, two things: Luke happened to be around and saw the answer I gave you guys in the CS thread, okay'd it. So that should be alright. Also clarified the CS a bit on this matter. @Typho They are now called Community Standards and can be found here:
  18. That is my current interpretation of the CS, and I'll enact it that way until I'm told that I was wrong.
  19. Problem is, at some point the benefits of the new forum will outweigh its downsides compared to the old forum. We waited quite a long time to upgrade, but we can't just keep postponing forever until the IPS devs have fixed everything we'd like them to fix. Then we'd probably never upgrade at all. We actually also looked at getting a better editor than the stock one and hacking that into IPS4, but it turned out to not really be feasible. I do miss BBCode, most definitely. But apparently it's "old, and horrible, and terrible, and archaic, and blablablabla" (or so mortis and I were told
  20. Ah yes, life... she can be a bit spontaneous and uncooperative with plans on occasion, have made experiences with that too.
  21. Not according to the IPB devs! Their tirades against BBCode were actually quite funny. :D Honestly though, I don't so much need or want BBCode, I would just like more fine-grained control over my posts than a rich text editor usually offers (plus, I prefer never having to use my mouse, so I'd rather type out [url=something]linky[/url] on my keyboard than move my hand to the mouse and then click stuff, although at least for some things there are keyboard shortcuts). But it could also be something other than BBCode, like a Markdown-style kinda thing or even something else.
  22. I used BBCode for pretty much everything to be honest, and do rather miss it. But ah well, such is life. I suppose I'll get used to the new editor.
  23. You're not the only one. mortis and I made ourselves quite unpopular with the developers on their forum when we protested the removal of BBCode. They did not react too kindly to our feedback, to say the least :D. But everything gets converted to HTML5 with the new forum software, so as the colonel said, hacking BBCode back into it so that it would actually work properly would be a monumental task.
  24. They're coming back, but it's still a work in progress.