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  1. Well, most of the stuff I was going to mention has already been mentioned I see. As said, I use i3wm as my window manager, with very Vim-like keyboard shortcuts for great efficiency. Also highly recommendable is tmux, absolutely awesome if you do a lot of work on the command line (and if you have Arch, I don't see why you wouldn't ). Also configured very Vim- like. Oh, speaking of shells: ZSH is my preferred choice, along with a syntax-highlighting plugin (package: zsh-syntax-highlighting in the official repos). Screenshot of that, with a vertical tmux split: What I
  2. Yeah, it is rather neat as long as you don't need any expansion cards. I have seen people put a 360 into the front, but then I would have needed to work some serious magic with drive cage placement, so placing the radiator at the back worked out rather nicely in this instance. Sssshhhhhh...
  3. Long-term thinkign is always good. After all, I've been planning and working on my other project (HELIOS) for several years now, and am still not done.
  4. My personal philosphy is that backing up your data will be a compromise between what you can and are willing to afford and what it takes to get you to sleep without worrying about your data. The more important your data is, the more serious your backup plan tends to be for you to be able to sleep at night, i.e. the more money you'll usually be willing to invest. But, any backup plan, regardless of its sophistication, can be brought to its knees (although it is entirely possible to have backup plans for which the chances of that happening are astronomically low). So to me it's
  5. Will need to get back to this tomorrow, time is a bit short today. Huh, haven't come across that before, looks very intriguing I must say. Indeed. I've been using it for almost two years now, really have come to love it.
  6. Thanks, much appreciated! If you really wanted to, you could build something similar for quite acceptable costs these days. Use an AIO instead of a full loop, leave out the HDDs if you don't need or can't afford them, and the rest would be primarily a matter of patience to get done.
  7. Having been watercooling since 2001 and rather loving the hobby, I still feel inclined to agree, performance-wise it isn't really worth it in most circumstances. There is a noticeable advantage when it comes to performance/noise level, but looking at overclocks and such, the price/(performance gains) ratio of water cooling really isn't that great. Personally, I have a bit of a build quality fetish, anything which is really solid and well-made has my attention, and with all those solid milled blocks and stuff, water cooling is kind of perfect for me in that regard. As for mo
  8. Oh, the mysteries of the IT world! Sweet machine man, welcome to the list! Welp, and here I had just ordered 500 8 TB drives...
  9. Now that is a rather nice post I must say, very well suited for a newbie to the subject such as myself. Will keep this in my link collection, thanks!
  10. Edit the first post of your thread in advanced mode, you'll have the option to edit the thread title, thread tags and so on. Well, not everybody frequents the build log section, and of those I reckon even fewer actually vote. You can see it pretty well when a build gets featured on the show, it will often get a significant boost in traffic, which I take to mean that there's a lot of people watching the show who haven't visited the build before (yeah, I get that not everybody who watches the show is registered on the forum and vice versa, but just as a thought experiment
  11. +1 for this. Unless you have endless patience and very steady hands this really isn't something I'd recommend, and then I'd say it's only for the very adventurous. The risk for damage to the board is much higher when you desolder to paint than if you just paint it whithouth desoldering. Yup, seen this work a few times. I've done this, and it is a bit tricky, but if you use enough paint thinner and do several layers of paint instead of just trying to get it done in one go, the brush strokes can be avoided. But yeah, I've seen people get impatient and instead
  12. The LSI 9211-8i might also be worth a look, I have three of them and use them as passthrough adapters for running ZFS on top of them (you'll need to flash the IT firmware onto it for doing that, but it's not that difficult, there's a tutorial link in my sig in case you're interested). It has two SFF8087 ports (internal) and allows for up to 256 drives with expanders according to its spec sheet. http://www.lsi.com/products/host-bus-adapters/pages/lsi-sas-9211-8i.aspx#tab/tab2 Then there's the 9207-8i, which is similar I think, but is PCIe-3.0 (I haven't looked to closely at that
  13. Updated the list, thanks for the notification.
  14. Okidoki, to (help) keep this from causing more confusion, I'm consolidating these two posts and marking them as best answer for thread so that people can easily see. Thread will be left open though in case people want to discuss more.
  15. Yeah, the post got screwed up when editing, should be fixed now.
  16. John Oliver on native advertising: http://youtu.be/E_F5GxCwizc

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      Since when did John Oliver have his own late night show? I thought he was a chef.

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      Never mind, that was Jamie Oliver

    3. alpenwasser
  17. Keep in mind that most of the time the CPU will be in idle on a NAS, so those 130 W TDP are not really all that relevant in this scenario. Bit-tech has some numbers about total power draw (from the wall socket, not just the CPU) in their review: Total system power consumption: Idle: 117 W Load: 233 W (source) I'd estimate you'd be looking at similar numbers for your scenario. I'm not entirely sure how much power you can save in idle by disabling cores and hyperthreading, but you can always give it a shot, the CPU is certainly powerful enough to have enough horsepower
  18. OK, about the poll thing: I've added a dummy choice to each question, so if you want to vote, but only want to vote for someobdy in one of the sections, you can select the dummy choice in the other question.
  19. Ah, dammit IPB! I had forgotten about that restriction. Sec, let me see if I can find a fix. Sigh.
  20. OK, I've resized all images to a maximum width of 600 pixels, I think that should be enough to keep this usable while still showing enough to give people a good impression of what the build is about. My laptop is a pretty old and slow machine, and it works OK for me at this resolution (i.e. the PC doesn't start to stutter or similar).
  21. I appreciate the effort, but it'll stay as-is. I might be able to reduce the image sizes though, give me an hour or so. Yup, had some good entries.
    1. alpenwasser


      I'll see if I can copy the images onto my server and reduce them to a comfortable size, but spoilers are just too ugly. And if you want to vote, you'll need to look at the images anyway...

      Side note: Some people's formatting skills are rather bad, to be very generous. I cleaned up what I could, but might have overlooked some stuff. I'll have nightmares for days... :P

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      noooo new profile picture!

      you picked a hard month..

      natürlich trotzdem für apollo abgestimmt ;-)

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      Yup, new avatar. Hehehe. :D

      Haha, yeah, it wasn't really only one month, we had lots of submissions from earlier when we didn't have contests, so there will be more competitions than usual.

      Thanks for the support though ;)

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  22. Forum ID: Simenr2812 Build Title: Custom UV Prodigy Thread URL: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/132915-custom-uv-prodigy/#entry1768912 Description: My way of testing how clean you can make a prodigy only using some acrylic panels, uv light, cable sleeving, noctua nf-f12s and white paint you have laying around. And yes those are WHITE noctua nf-f12 fans in the top (just the sides are painted, but you get the point;) Picture URL: http://linustechtips.com/main/uploads/monthly_03_2014/post-5707-0-62263400-1396047206.jpg Forum ID: SageC Build Title: Project N64 PC: A Kaveri HT