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  1. Alright guys, I've hidden some off-topic posts. Yes, inevitably any tech forum will get trolls who'll pretend to have some technical issues while they are in fact suffering from mental issues (which are a bit harder to troubleshoot, and often can't be fixed), such is life. Sometimes they're stupid obvious enough to get banned quickly, sometimes they're a bit more subtle. Was this thread created for trolling? I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. But here's the thing: Nobody is obligated to try to help OP. Every single member on this forum can just move past th
  2. @gidonyouI'm currently playing around with OpenMediaVault, might be worth a look as well. Based on Debian, so the underlying basis is very solid. And yes, it is free, and should easily run on your hardware. RockStor is also on my list of things to try though, so don't let me stop you from that.
  3. While I must say the trackpad on my MBP is very nice, I actually find it to be too large. I keep accidentally activating it with my palms when I type (yes, I have fiddled with all kinds of palm detection settings, and I've had it happen both in Linux and OSX, it just seems that I hold my hands in a way the designers did not intend when they made that machine).
  4. Are you looking to measure the network share speed (by which I mean actually reading and writing from/to the share) or the connection? For simple network connection test I usually use iperf, has been quite handy for my needs. For the sequential share read/write speed, I usually just run a dd command between the two machines. Aside from that, I haven't really done any super-1337-guru-master-haxx0r synthetic benchmarks on my setups to be honest. Curious to see what others do for theirs though.
  5. You mean something like this? ra64 ├── ra32 │ ├── ra16 │ │ ├── ra8 │ │ │ ├── 4 GB drive │ │ │ └── 4 GB drive │ │ └── 8 GB drive │ └── 16 GB drive └── 32 GB drive I have done something similar with ZFS and ZVOLs. Performance wasn't that great, I reckon due to overhead. Haven't tried it with mdadm or Btrfs though. If you really want to know for sure, I recommend to try it out and report back with results. I've hidden your second topic btw., no need to multi-post.
  6. Aha, I see. I'm afraid I can't help you with that one, never used that before. If you paste the error output, somebody else might be able to help out though.
  7. Uhm, why are you trying to compile it with gcc? Are you trying to embed a shell script inside a C program? The script I gave above can just be executed with bash (or most other shells, probably), no need to compile it. If you store the text from the script inside a file called "bwscript.sh", then you can do this: chmod +x bwscript.sh ./bwscript.sh Unless you're trying to do something else which I'm missing, then feel free to elaborate.
  8. I got a 1920x1200 display on a laptop in 2004 or 2005. Then 1080p came along and screwed everything up. And 4K, while offering some beautiful images, is also 16:9, sadly. I have been looking at getting new monitors for my desktop, but I don't think a bunch of 1:1 displays would be within my budget for the time being (EIZO 1:1 is the only 1:1 display I could get around here, and it's 1K per piece for the 8bit one). On a laptop I'm not sure I'd want 1:1, I think it'd be a bit of an awkward form factor (assuming you build the laptop around the display's
  9. Yeah, I was very surprised indeed. I should probably point out that I was looking at business-grade laptops, because from a build-quality POV, that's what I'd consider the MBP to be comparable to. I've had some bad experience with consumer-grade laptops, so these days, if in any way possible, I will only buy business-grade machines. And these will be more expensive. One absolutely awesome thing about the Macbook Pro? 16:10 ASPECT RATIO DISPLAY, HELL YEAH!!! None of that 16:9 nonsense. Well, it will depend on what you want to program. DirectX develop
  10. I had a very curious experience when I went shopping for a new laptop last year actually. After filtering out products which didn't meet my requirements for one reason or another, Lenovo and Apple were left, and the Macbook Pro turned out to have better price/performance. As in: I spec'd out the Lenovo machines which were possible candidates similarly to the MBP, and they ended up being more expensive by a few hundred. Having said that, at least some Lenovo products seem to be significantly more expensive where I live than elsewhere for some reason. So I ended up with a 15"
  11. This seems to work for me: #!/usr/bin/env bash awk '{if(l1){ download=($2-l1)/1024 download_round=sprintf("%.2f kB/s", download) upload=($10-l2)/1024 upload_round=sprintf("%.2f kB/s", upload) print download_round, upload_round } else{l1=$2; l2=$10;}}' <(grep enp2s0 /proc/net/dev) <(sleep 1; grep enp2s0 /proc/net/dev) Your backslash for escaping the line break before the last line seems to have slipped onto the last line itself, in which case it will no longer escape the linebreak. But even fixing that, I could only get things to work if I had t
  12. Well then, now that you have an excuse to upgrade, I look forward to seeing your 100 drives, 600 TB machine, right?
  13. There's only one ranking, which goes by points. And on that, you're rank 40. The capacity and drive count are just for additional info, but the actual rankings go by points. That's why the table and the three ranking plots are all in the same order, they're all sorted by ranking points (which is the product of the capacity in terabytes and the natural logarithm of the number of storage drives). And my sympathies, that sucks. Did you lose anything critical?
  14. IPS doesn't really have a nice built-in way to transfer thread ownership, but maybe I can find a workaround. I'd need to have the OK from Luclocke though (assuming it can actually be done).
  15. No worries, I'm in no rush. As for the second thing: It would require some hackery in the database, probably not that great of an idea to mess with that.
  16. Credit goes to mortis, I tried to find it, but failed (he knows the database better than I do, I was looking in the wrong spot ). So: Fred needs to make a thread in the test forum, I'll then post the dump from the DB into that thread and we can work on fixing it up again. Once it's done, the content can be moved into the post in this thread, and you should have the post right on the first page of this thread again.
  17. He asked nicely, and it seemed to be a pretty big post. Or curiosity just got the better of us. And because the post wasn't properly parsed for the new forum, it might require some manual interference on our part to make it work again, I don't really want to work on this somewhere in the depths of a 3,600-page-long thread.
  18. @MyInnerFred We've found your post (well, @colonel_mortis did :D). Looks like it got broken and dropped by the upgrader. Since it never got properly parsed for the new forum, it might require some editing and fixing though. If you want to, make a thread in the test subforum and I can post it there, then you can see how it works/if it works, play around with trying to fix it. test forum can be found here btw.: https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/90-test-posts
  19. Thanks! Now I just need to refactor the horrifying mess that is the ranking script. I was a bit lazy and just wanted to get it done, didn't pay much attention to good coding practices, plus I'm not very experienced in Python. But yes, the topic of huge HDDs starting to mess up the rankings had been raised a few times, so we thought it was time to take that into account and mitigate that issue. At first I just took the product of drive count and total capacity, but the results of that were a bit extreme, hence why I switched to u
  20. New forum, new storage rankings: 




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      Yup, there are few things which are as scarily adept at sucking your bank account dry as storage builds. :D

      Except ex-spouses, probably.

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      LOL I dont have to worry about a wife taking my money. I don't have one!

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      From what I can tell, wives aren't that dangerous, it's when you perform the upgrade from spouse to ex that things break. Seems to introduce some malware into your finances or something like that.

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  21. Alright, we have a new stats script for IPS4, with new plots and a new ranking table! Also, added a new rule: A system must now have both more than 10 TB of storage and more than 5 storage drives (due to 8 TB and 10 TB drives now being a thing). So some systems which were previously ranked have now been dropped to the noteworthy list. We now also have some more fancy plots for various things. See here: If you can add some pics, I can your macbook USB creation to the noteworthy list, sinc
  22. I can't say I know any 5-8 bay prebuilt units which fit your criteria to be honest. WD, Seagate and Netgear all make 4-bay units, maybe you can check out those (I'm not really familiar with their lineups). But I think if you're going for 5-8 bay prebuilts, you'll be spending quite a bit of money, as those units aren't usually intended for the lower market segment.
  23. You mean you can't click it and view the other topic? I don't think it's supposed to expand the post in this thread, as far as I know.