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  1. Alright, @Ithanul, you're it! There are no special powers with your badge except bragging rights. Have fun!
  2. As far as I know, 'tis just the way the forum is built. C'est la vie. But thanks for the offer anyway!
  3. If you have been folding under the LTT team number, of course it's possible! Doesn't really matter how active you are on the forum. Just post a link to your stats page. Thanks!
  4. Stuff should be updated now. Been moving apartments in the past two weeks and had to wait for Internet! The Horror! I'll happily relinquish the BOINC leader position (can't comment on F@H), there's another thread for that after all, but the badge assigning unfortunately has to be done be an account with moderator privileges. But yes, while I do still regularly pop in here (mostly for behind-the-scenes stuff and things like this), I'm not around enough for now that it makes much sense for me to be BOINC team leader. But I think there might have been a miscommunication --
  5. Since the primary two mods responsible for badge assignment duties (Whiskers and myself) haven't been around much in recent months, we've had a bit of a chat behind the scenes and thought we'd try something new. Instead of you having to try to figure out which mod to write a PM to in order to get your badges, we're gonna try to collect all requests in a single thread and then whichever mod sees it first can assign the badges. DON'T FORGET TO GIVE YOUR FOLDING ID AND/OR ACCOUNT ON BOINCSTATS SO THAT WE CAN VERIFY YOUR STATS! F@H Badge Thresholds In order
  6. Yeah I think he's had the same problem as me -- meatspace getting in the way. I can do the badges too; both of yours should now be upgraded.
  7. Apologies for the delay -- I was away on meatspace business in recent months. Like the idea, added the pictures. Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Hello folks! So, as many will undoubtedly have noticed, I haven't been super active on the forums in recent times (sorry about that -- extremely busy in meatspace life with job and such stuff). Even more terribly, I have not actually been generating BOINC credits (that one has more to do with my current living situation which doesn't allow for 24/7 number crunching). I know, I know, an egregious blunder on my part. So one of our members contacted us and asked if maybe we would want to choose a new BOINC team leader who's actually, you know, active. Th
  9. The dude seems like he has some serious anger issues.
  10. I see, thanks for that link. I think the trouble with meritocracy here is what people understand it to mean, and how much importance they place on it. Most people I have talked with about the topic have focused very heavily on technical skills, neglecting or even entirely omitting social skills. That's also why I have been somewhat conditioned to it being a red flag for me, and I'll usually try to steer clear of environments which are obsessed with it. If somebody defines merit so narrowly, and then places it above anything and all else, I'm going to have to disagree with that. As
  11. I haven't followed her closely enough to be familiar with her views and actions in detail, so I don't know what she personally advocates for. But I couldn't actually find anything like this in the actual new CoC itself. Am I reading the right document? https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/?id=8a104f8b5867c682d994ffa7a74093c54469c11f I've read that document multiple times now, and honestly, I don't think it's very spectacular, or anything worth getting upset about. Unless I'm reading the wrong thing. IDK. As for your actua
  12. Feels great, to be honest. I even get paid decent money for it. More seriously though: My point is less that merit in and of itself is useless, but that most of the time when people go on about "meritocracy", they focus almost exclusively on the technological side of things, when in practice, whether or not you hold merit to a specific project is determined by many more factors. As said: An engineer with crappy people skills, no matter how brilliant on a technological level, would not fare well in the environment in which I work. They would be useless; i.e. without merit.
  13. As a side note on meritocracy: It sounds great on paper, but I've found it to be a rather useless concept in practice. Primarily because what "merit" is exactly in any given context is not as straightforward to determine a lot of the time and open to interpretation and ambiguity (at least in my experience). Example: I work in a relatively small team of engineers at my company, but we're involved in some EU and German research projects where you work with lots of people from other companies and universities. Beyond a certain baseline of technical competency and a will to work hard d
  14. Just a general heads-up: I was abroad doing a crapload of overtime during spring, which meant basically no private live in the past few months. The good news is that I get to take lots of time off during the second half of the year, so I was planning to get around to this in the coming weeks. Nice to discover somebody has decided to help out! Many thanks to @timdine (and, uhm, apologies for the messy code ).
  15. Oh lala, people. We already have GPU and CPU wars, let's not add this one to the list, shall we? I've done some slight cleanup in the thread. Nothing personal, please keep it friendly. Thanks.
  16. That does sound pretty freaking funky. I must admit I can't really help much with Windows -- I'm a Linux guy, mostly. It does seem a bit weird that these issues started right when the electrician did his thing, but it could always be coincidence, of course (or just something really weird).
  17. While we realize that this is to many people one of the great existential questions of life, given that we have had many, many, many flamewars due to it, I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread before things get out of hand (again). Thanks for understanding.
  18. If you're still having issues, I would indeed suspect that something is physically broken. Reflashing with the same version sounds like the right idea, though you could always try another version just to see what happens. I would try to make sure that it really is the card and not the drives or anything else in the PC before you go and buy a new one, but I realize that if you don't have another machine available to test things, this will be rather difficult.
  19. Power losses are tricky beasts. Usually nothing terrible happens, but it could be that some piece of hardware actually got damaged. Reflashing doesn't sound like the stupidest idea though; could be that something in the card's bios or firmware got corrupted but the hardware itself is fine. I'd also try to make sure that the HDDs themselves are still okay (I would presume that they are, but one never knows). And maybe try out some other storage device on the LSI card; something which hasn't had contact with it yet. If you do, make sure (if you can) that you've tested the HDDs first
  20. Ah yes, that bitter cost of sweet, sweet redundancy. Been there, I empathize. I'll update the rankings as soon as I've worked out the kinks in the script.
  21. Terribly sorry, but I've been a bit out of the loop and haven't had time to keep up with hardware, so any answer I'd give you here would be mostly guesswork.
  22. I see you've uploaded them to LTT now. I'd actually forgotten that you could do that (just goes to show how long I've been absent ). Yeah, Caselabs almost certainly have something which can accommodate 26 drives. Ain't going to be cheap though. You could also look for something with lots of 5.25" bays, and then fill those with hotswap cages. Given that some of your drives are 2.5", something like the Xigmatek Elysium could accomodate your HDD combo: - one 8 × 2.5" -> 2 × 5.25" bay adapter - one 4 × 2.5" -> 1 × 5.25" bay adapter - three 5 ×
  23. How many do you have at the moment? *whispers* Also, the images in your post are broken...
  24. If the files are mostly large, the difference in speed should not be too high, so it probably does not matter too much here. As an aside though: For many small files, this can make a significant difference. Copying carries more overhead, since the copy routine has to open a filehandle for each source file, a filehandle for its target, send the contents from the source to the target, and then close both filehandles again (and maybe do some other magic too, like checking for file path uniqueness on the target side, depending on what you're using to copy them). The smaller the files b