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  1. If you're not doing any overclocking it should be fine using one 4 pin, but you should get in the habit of putting everything together properly, haha. Anyway if PSU spins hopefully that means it's working, if you had a multimeter you could test if further. If it's still not posting as of today, try stripping back to just a CPU, MOBO and one stick of ram. See if you can get a post. (Assuming you inbuilt graphics)
  2. So your PSU still runs when you switch it on? Fans/Hard Drives spin?
  3. THE VOLTAGE SWITCH ON THE PSU IS NOT FOR TROUBLESHOOTING! DO NOT CHANGE IT FROM YOUR COUNTRIES VOLTAGE SPEC! Anyway, it sounds like a motherboard or PSU problem, you could have destroyed some of your components when you fucked with the PSU hard to tell. I'm assuming you don't have any parts to switch out with?
  4. If it's a forced shutdown then yes, there is something wrong with your PC. Does it happen after leaving your PC on after long periods of time? Have you found a pattern?
  5. Yeah, I'd definitely agree with Wizardy the combination of Tails and Tor Browser is definitely the safest way to browse the deep web. https://tails.boum.org/ Edit: If you want to be super safe unplug all hard drives that are used for your PC (your windows drives) and write the Tails OS to a disk that can't be re-written.
  6. Sorry I'm out of the loop, was this a recent thing?
  7. Banned for not explaining your accusation enough
  8. Banned for making me feel like I now have to edit my avatar - thanks though!
  9. Banned for giving me a good idea - I should probably do that
  10. Banned for not explaining to me how to do so
  11. Banned for making me feel bad
  12. Banned for having more posts than me
  13. Banned for banning someone twice Edit: Spelling
  14. Banned for assuming he had a vote
  15. Banned for correcting Commonwealth English to American English