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  1. http://www.ttesports.com/Keyboard/122/POSEIDON_Illuminated/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr Poseidon with Cherry MX-Blue. 80€ in Germany - there should be some with QWERTY. I have the one with Khails as only this kb is putting the shiftchars on top of the caps - so all chars are lit. The Poseidon with Cherries is putting the shiftchars at the bottom - not lit. But yes, Cherrys are a bit more quality, Khails can indeed have an inconsistent feel - but from my experience this is not a big deal when typing - only when doing accurate comparison - what is not a real-use scenario.. As the kb
  2. Still no reply from Logitech, not in the forum nor on the Supportticket. I think it`s safe to say there is no Logitechsupport at all - their forum is just a playground for customers, not to get support from Logitech. The same for their supportsystem - opening tickets is a waste of time. This is how Logitech honours their customers.
  3. You mean calling them gives a higher priority? - Why? They would note my issue and then it goes the same way than opening a ticket in their supportsystem. I am not simply asking a HowTO - I am pointing Logitech to a lack of function they should feel akward for. Besides - no, I won`t call to the U.S. from Germany and there is no other number to call. Support-ticket 3 days ago. Forum - 6 days ago - posting always good visible at the top. I think lack of a basic and essential feature like this - really embarassing for Logitech - and the G910 being their top-keyboard might deserve hi
  4. Logitech is not responding at all - not in their forum nor to my support-ticket. What a louzy "support"
  5. Romer mainly because of the LED sitting in the middle of the switch --> all caps lighted evenly. All other switches cannot provide this and suffer from unevenly lit caps. Logitech used their brain here when designing those switches. Feeling when typing - like MX-Browns with less tactile feedback but slightly stronger but earlier actuation - earlier is what Logitech means with faster. Will it make a difference when gaming? - Surely not. They feel comfortable to me. My favourite would be something like MX-Blue - I am using MX-Blue at work and I like them a lot.
  6. I do not think it looks like a toy on my desk. (attachement) Besides, it is a gaming keyboard, looking "toyish" (?) would be a compliment? I prefer it over the G710, had one for 3 days, sent it back because of bad lightning of the caps, shift-chars not lit at all. Without this foul would not have sent back - overall I liked the G710 too. The switches on the G910 feel different, earlier trigger with slightly more force needed. Tactile feedback is less than MX-Brown. Coming from Reds most probably you won`t get lucky. Volumewheel on the G910 is better in me eyes, more easy whe
  7. The Freezone-schema is saved automatically, but no option to export/import such a schema - so you can have only one. I too think this can be done very easily and it is as you said - rushed out product with SW not finished yet. However, as this feature is what this kb is all about this lack of feature makes me wonder. Still waiting for answer from Logitech Reps - in case they come up with some weird argumentation why this is not on the SW and why it will not find its way I too will return mine. Let`s wait and see.
  8. Logitech Germany was sending out preorders before official release - so in Germany several already have the G910 on their desk.
  9. Really like the G910 in front of me. One point however is really odd - hope Logitech will fix this. When choosing a gameprofile all active keys are the same color and you cannot assign different colors to active keys. Of yourse you can create a schema on your own, all keys in any color you like, but this you cannot link to a profile. So this very essential feature is not to achieve with the LG-SW - most probably this will be possible only with the SDK. (not released yet) But how many of us are willing or able to fiddle around with the SDK? Already asked at Logitechforum, but still