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Posts posted by thrasher_565

  1. 3 hours ago, Garak said:

    I figured people here might be a bit more knowledgeable than to recommend a 212, yes. I'm by no means an expert, but i've done a lot of research into the Rocket Lake cpus over the past week even though they're massively under reviewed especially in relation to cooling.


    It's not that I know best it's that people here have Ryzen glasses.

    there are alot of fan boys on here. i love my Noctua d15 but its big and wont fit in some case. there probably an cheaper cooler and profroams just as well. i no some aios for the pcie can do better thow

  2. the only reasons to have a bigger case is to install aios or rads. thow good air flow is really imported.


    having a small case and putting an atx mb in it might not have problems with air flow the closer the fan is to the pcb with in reason say an inch.


    how ever there are other problems like building in the lianli 011 the bottom fans would block the mb connectors on the bottom.

    now there is an 011 mini but i dont no how much smaller it is thow.


    the problem with block the mb connectors was fix with an bigger case the 011 xl.


    there are really good air flow itx case but they cost like $300+ but itx is expensive.


    case like the 1000d is nuts for air flow case. even thow it can have 2 pcs in it. its sapos to be an wc case.


    that being said the 011 is also an better wc case then air case. the lan cool 2 is better for air flow.


    i built in BIG cases so i no...still am building in a big case....





  3. 17 hours ago, OwenConcept said:

    News silent case MPS Quietude 100S, it compared to Fractal design R6.


    it can be noticed that the new case with MSI's new silent fan Silent gale p12, while under the same temp and almost the same fan noise, the fan with MSI only runs 45% , not only silent but there is also quite tolerate for adjustment in performance.





    as per the actual experience of assembling, just follow up further release.




    source from Wccf





    msi is shit.

  4. 9 hours ago, bamboozalicious said:

    Recently got lucky and hit the Shuffle for an EVGA 3080 Ti. This thing is great but runs super hot and GPU-Z shows regular thermal throttling. Case temps are fine so it's not an ambient thing. Room temps are kept in the low 70s or below. I'm 99% ready to buy the EVGA hybrid kit for the GPU thanks to some good reviews on it's performance (and the excuse to put a good thermal paste on) but I have a mounting concern.....


    Current config & constraints:

    - Case is Obsidian 500D RGB SE.

    - 3x 120mm ARGB fans on the front for intake

    - 1x 120mm ARGB fan on the back for exhaust

    - 2x 140mm ARGB fans on a top-mounted 280mm AIO rad in a push-exhaust configuration.

    - Really don't want to buy a new case as this one is less than a year old and not cheap. I'd rather buy a new CPU AIO to solve problems instead of a new case. Less work too.

    - Really don't want to lose the look of the front triple fans. I spent too damn much money and time to get all the ASUS/Corsair RGB to work flawlessly together.


    I'm confused on where I should put the GPU AIO radiator. Here are my thoughts:

    1. Ideally I'd put the CPU rad on the intake and the gpu rad on the top exhaust for best case heat regulation but the front only supports 2x 140mm fans so it would be 100% intake through the CPU rad. No truly "fresh" air. This option also destroys case aesthetics (which is something I'm looking to keep).

    2. I leave the CPU rad at the top in the exhaust and put the GPU rad behind the front fans. This would sandwich the GPU rad between the case intake fans and the included rad fans. This leaves one of the front 120mm for true "fresh" air, but is exhausting the hottest air from the GPU rad directly into the case. Keeps aesthetics but will surely increase overall case temps and pump hotter air through the CPU rad. Diagram: https://imgur.com/a/txmJevg

    Option 1 is unlikely for me but still on the table. Option 2 is more likely but I have heat concerns. Do we think that the 1x 120mm will be enough airflow to help mitigate (not entirely) the GPU radiator exhaust temps and their impact on the rest of the system?

    imo case that dont have bottom mount fans to get gpu air is importented. the front of the psu box is closed so the bottom front fan dose nothing at cooling the gpu. the middle front fan some might make it to the gpu and some sucked in to the cpu fan and the top manly for the cpu.


    so gpus intake from the bottom and out the sides. some air will get pushed at the mb, some at the side windows and some will make its way up well some will get pulled down back in to the gpu.


    you can try putting a fan on the pci slots.


    not only that the front is glass and not vary good for air flow and it probably has a dust filter making it worse.


    im guessing thats 70 degrees f so 21 degrees c witch is normal summer temp or winter time heat temp.


    oh looks like you have an aio for the cpu.


    if you put any rad on an intake in to the case temps will be worse but some times based on space that's all you can do. ideally if both cpu and cpu have an aio then the cpu is cooler then the gpu so that sould be the front and gpu at the top of this case. but that might no fit.

  5. 1 hour ago, Beat_my_Laptop said:

    I bought the system for it's Quadro p4000 & was intending to sell the rest of the system on ebay but I've been damn impressed with it's performance & with just how fast 8gb of ddr3 ECC can be. Makes me want to keep it as a home server or something (& put ecc in my Xeon laptop & prospective build).

    i found it fast too. i could daily drive it for everything and the games i play. but even if you dont play games. i think they come with the 800wat psu.

  6. mostly techno  like 600gbs of it.... like almost anything that sounds good. a lot of synth wave past few years.


    today listings to SHIKIMO


    also like rock as well like ossy acdc metelica


    i have a lot of chip tune because i use to listen to nectarine radio hated it as it use too cut out alot...but i herd this one song and i wanted it so...i downloaded all the music in the end i asked for the name and found it.


    found out that winamp can convert mp3 in to wave witch works with rpg maker 2000.


    i still use an mp3 player too


    some video game music as well like quake 2, killer instinct, red alert, dkc

  7. 2 hours ago, Chiyawa said:

    Well, what I can say is that if your case is positive pressure, it will be noisy, but thermal shouldn't suffer at all. In fact, it might even help your internal fans as they get more air to cool the components. I would advise not to go negative pressure, as this will causes the internal to have less air, and your internal components will have to fight for air to cool the component down. This is based on my experience, though, so it may or may not apply to your case.

    case has 2 120mm fans in the front and 2x 80mm fans out back thats it and like an inch gap between the fan and the heat sink were you can put a 80mm fan on it.

    there are also 2 different heat sinks one of them bad the other a tower cooler.


    the second cpu looks to have a blower fan that takes the heated air from the first cpu and "cools" the second cpu....

    the second cpu looks to have a blower fan for the ram and get it air from the fist cpu.

  8. 15 minutes ago, Beat_my_Laptop said:

    Yeah, like I said, I don't want to spend any money, I bought this workstation for the graphics card, I'm just fooling with it while I get the other parts for my build.


    I haven't tried overclocking (though I imagine my thermals would run away from me), do you have a program you'd recommend? I've only ever played with gpu overclocking using MSI afterburner & kombustor 



    well i think there only  2 programs that i no of.  the x5670 and x5680 are unlocked and only work with the programs to overclock it.  having an name brand mb you can oc the locked cpus like x5650 to 4.0 ish


    just depends on how cheap you get it.




    ya cheap mods is add fans, cut grills, cut holes to add more fans,


  9. 4 hours ago, SavageNeo said:

    you can try to add the fans, but i doupt that it will make any differnce in that shit case. even 30$ cases are much better now.

    thats an btx so still doable to mount in an different case it would be a pain, cost more then it probably worth, look janky.


    they do have 2x 120mm fans in front witch you could replace i guess, space to add a 80mm fan to the cpu heat sink, and an 80mm fan out back.

    mods you could improve the flow buy cutting grills out or fitting bigger fans in.


    as for the second cpu i dont no what space that has as its an add in card. still cost like $200 on ebay to buy.... i have a dell t5500 but no second cpu.


    i when to 3.8 on my x5670/x5680 with an oc program thread stop. no luck with 4.0 yet...


    i have seen people replace the cpu cooler but it can be hit an miss witch can mount to the stander back plate. removing the mb would be a job...

  10. 2 hours ago, vf1000ride said:

    The 9900K is a soldered IHS, when I first purchased it I had used my old standby tube of Arctic Silver 5 and was running out of thermal headroom to keep overclocking. So initially I had only used the liquid metal between the IHS and the CPU waterblock.  It helped by 2-3 degrees but not enough to get any extra performance out of things.  Then I went back to paste due to a bunch of water loop config changes I picked up the thermal grizzly Kryonaut and it worked basically as good as the liquid metal and I didn't have to fear about constantly shorting my system or having it drip and dissolve anything in my case.

    ok that make scene.

  11. 1 minute ago, toejamm said:

    So say I bought 4 more SP120 elite , to compliment the case ones , for a total of 7 SP fans. SO 7 Sp elite fans and 3 ml fans would mean that I can't fit the 7 fans on 1 commander core or 1 hub , correct? So then would I be better off getting 3 SP 120 elite fans for the side, and 1 ML for the exhaust? So that would be 4 ML on one hub , and 6 sp on the commander core. However, the ML fans on the aio are custom ones and the retail versions are different. would they work together on one hub?

    well we found out that different sp fans would not work on the same hub so im going to guess no. i dont think you can buy the aio fans speritly.

  12. 4 minutes ago, toejamm said:

    I have 3 ML fans with the h150i elite capellix . 3 sp fans from the case. And I will want 4 more fans, 3 for the side and 1 exhaust. AIO will be top mounted. So should I be getting  SP fans for the rest ? I will be using the Case pwm fan repeater, case lightning node core, and commander core that came with the aio.   It would be nice to have the option to use QL fans for the extra 4 but if that means getting an extra commander pro or something, I will stick to sp fans. 

    if you got 2 controllers then you can do 2 different fans but they cant be mixed on one controller or hub. so if you want a 3 fan you need another controller. each controller can do 6 fans. each hub and do 6 fans. the pro can do 12 fans with 2 hubs. the core cant hook the hub to it so max 6 fans.

  13. 4 minutes ago, toejamm said:

    But doesn't the lightning node core go directly to mobo and the core goes to mobo as well? 

    core? the lnc connects to the mb by usb. the fans lightning connects to the lnc


    the lighting node pro and commander pro have a hub that connects to the node or commander pro and the fans connect to the hub.

  14. 3 hours ago, Oshino Shinobu said:

    Anti-freeze/automotive coolant is worse than water from a cooling standpoint anyway, so even if you can, there's no point. Automotive coolant has additives to prevent it from corroding when there are different metals in a loop (for example, some will use an iron block and aluminium head) as well as to prevent it from freezing and expanding, which can cause cracking to engine components. This is at the cost of cooling performance. A lot of race/track cars will use distilled water as it works better as a coolant and as it will be changed either multiple times during a track session or at least at the end of the day, corrosion and freezing aren't really concerns. 

    what about mix metal loop? and lots more rads...

  15. 1 hour ago, RTX 3090 said:

    for me it does in the UK, maybe it is a new feature ? Everything is integrated using their paklink system

    you still need to pay at the post office for a tracking number and that cost $20 can for the cheapest smallest package.  bigger will cost even more. i might get my money back for the item but i wont get the shipping back. some times the item is cheaper then the $20 shipping...

  16. 8 hours ago, vf1000ride said:

    I would say to try the NHD15 first on it's own with the stock paste, see if the cooler design itself is enough to brings your temps down before going to exotic interface materials.  Not much to lose with the pre-applied/supplied paste and as others have said it's safer for your system if you can get acceptable results. 


    I had used liquid metal between the IHS and my custom water cooled loop with my I9-9900K and only saw about a 2 degree difference in cpu temps over a conventional high end paste.  I stopped using it and went back to a regular paste.

    between the cpu block and ihs? or between the diy and ihs ? between the diy and ihs is the right way to do it the other way will get good temps but over like 6 moths will decrees and pit the copper plate.

  17. 6 hours ago, Forleb said:

    In the overview on this listing for the case, it says that the included fans are a 3-pin case edition. Every other SK fan I've looked through so far is PWM, so is this some kind of typo, or is the 3-pin variant heavily restricted to the point of not being sold entirely? I was planning on using this and sticking 4 more SK140s in there to match, but it would be very awkward if 2/6 fans weren't PWM...

    the fans the come with the case are 3pin


    most cases do this to cut cost.

  18. 8 hours ago, NonanonymousCarl said:

    Yeah exhaust is a must but 8+ 3.5 inch drive bays sitting as a buffer between the front fans and the components needing the fresh air seems a waste. I am currently doing top exhaust but still it is a lot of air space for the fresh air to just swirl in on the front side or is my thinking incorrect? I could be off here. I just figured the more pipelined the space the better the heat exchange?


    each time the air bends it losses performance. only time you want it to bend in on a fin.

  19. 1 hour ago, RTX 3090 said:

    not in the UK, ebay is around 20-40% cheaper on most chinese products and much better for second hand too


    They used to be a lot easier than ebay, however over the years ebay has drastically improved. Just make sure the seller has accepted and you're all set. 


    ebay provides the exact postage label needed for free so you don't have to bother trying to figure out what features the postage service should have

    no it dose not...