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    Intel i7 6700k
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    DDR4 16GB
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    GTX 970
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    Fractal Design R5
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    Corsair HX750i

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  1. So you can game less than that okay? I think it is possible there are monitors.
  2. Hello everyone, My friend is looking to build a new pc. He wants the budget to be $2300 INCLUDING peripherals. And he wants to game on it. Thanks, chicagobears185
  3. Hey everyone, My friend is looking to build the best possible machine he can for gaming for 1000 dollars. He wants to run games at max settings at 1080p. Can you guys help me out selecting a build for him? Thanks, chicagobears185
  4. Hey guys, My friend wants to build a PC and he wants his build to be around 1000 dollars, 1100 max. He wants to play most AAA games at max settings at or above 60 fps. Please help thanks!
  5. Hey people, I was in the middle of playing Battlefield 1 multiplayer then my computer suddenly froze. I then turned off my computer. When I turn it on and log in, it crashes with the clock watchdog timeout error. What is wrong? Please tell me. Thank, chicagobears185 Notes: I have overclocked my i7 6700k to 4.6 ghz about a year ago, did a stress test for 24 hours and it was fine. I have played GTA V with the overclock just fine.