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    Spev got a reaction from thompson004 in PC Radiator, how does it work?   
    Yeah I was wondering this a while back too, the channels almost look too thin for water to pass through, it's pretty interesting.
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    Spev got a reaction from fringie in Powershell history   
    I'm not sure there's a setting to do this so that every PowerShell instance will drop the contents of its session history automatically...
    However, you can do this manually. Your PowerShell history is actually stored in a text file. You can find the location of your text file by entering this:
    You can simply use the Remove-Item cmdlet to delete the file. (Or just do it in the file explorer)
    Remove-Item (Get-PSReadlineOption).HistorySavePath  
    After entering this command, the history file is delete, and the next command entered in PowerShell will be saved to that file (If you deleted it with that command then a new file is created). This is just an ordinary text file with each line being a PowerShell command entered. You can go through and pick and choose and delete certain commands and then save the file (I guess if you wanted to be malicious and hide that you ran some command, but still have the rest of the history show up). You can even just go ahead and enter a new line of random text and save the file. In your next PowerShell instance you can Up Arrow and it will display the text you entered in the text file even if it was never entered in PowerShell, since all it does is parse through the lines of that file.
    Anyways, maybe some of this info was helpful to you, but I could not find anyway (like a setting) to drop all history changes upon exiting PowerShell automatically. However, if you just want to delete some, or all, of your history, it can be done as shown.
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    Spev reacted to vorticalbox in New programmer, language question   
    the last stable release of visual basic was 21 years ago, I highly recommend not going down that route.
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    Spev got a reaction from NotKalo in Windows Server 2012 R2 / MDT / Networking issue   
    So it turns out this was a DHCP issue as predicted by noticing APIPA address. For some reason even though my DHCP server was setup correctly the server had not yet been "authorized" in active directory so couldn't assign IPs....
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    Spev reacted to r2724r16 in FreeSync monitor with NVIDIA card, 75hz?   
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    Spev got a reaction from Coaxialgamer in Best GPU Recommendations?   
    To be honest the 1070 is like $300 LESS than the 1080...and the 1080 doesn't seem like it's all that much better...the 1070 can be had for $400...is a little more performance worth a 75% price addition? The 1070 looking nice. 
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    Spev got a reaction from Coaxialgamer in Best GPU Recommendations?   
    Fair enough. The 1070 seems like a pretty good upgrade from the 980. 1080 seems like a bad deal & I really don't care about the slight extra performance for $300 dollars. I will keep a lookout for a good 1070 deal this black friday.
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    Spev reacted to Savir in Best site to learn C?   
    Code academy or thenewboston on Youtube have been saving my life. On code academy you can work at your own pace, and Bucky(the host) on thenewboston is pretty funny and entertaining.
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    Spev reacted to h3Xx in Help with some basic coding   
    if you want to be 100% correct it's better to use do..while to always enter first loop and avoid an uninitialized variable.
    do{ cout << "Please give your favorite number under 20:" << endl; cin >> FavNumber;} while (FavNumber < 0 || FavNumber > 20);
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    Spev reacted to zlolslavez in Help with some basic coding   
    I have no idea how to code this in C++, but I know if you were to code in Java, I was taught that you would do this by looping until something like "numberUnder20 = True", then continuing, Idk if you can do that though.
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    Spev reacted to SOUTHwarrior in Cisco ACL question   
    Good luck. They definitely made it a bit more difficult with the new revamps. Working on my CCNP now, switch completed, Route and troubleshoot still left to take.
    You are right on that, My mistake. When I first got into cisco I was always told that was the case with standard ACL's, after that never bothered to mess with them besides redistributing static routes back into a dynamic protocol so never had the need to modify the sequence order, so I didnt bother with them ever again just went straight to extended and never looked back.
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    Spev reacted to Wombo in Cisco ACL question   
    Yes numbering does matter!.. somewhat.
    When creating an access list the prompts given to you and eventually how the device processes the list will vary depending on if the number is in the standard or extended range. Essentially the device infers the type of access list based on the number it is configured with (standard or extended), beyond that however there is no difference whatsoever.
    Here is just a quick run-down of the ranges, functions, and common placement of ACL's (for access control).
    Standard (Matches Layer 3 Only)         Extended (Matches Layer 3 and/or 4)
    Match Source IP only                              Match Source and Destination and/or specific protocol and port
    #1-99, 1300-1999                                     #100-199, 2000-2699
    Placed close to destination                    Placed close to source
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    Spev reacted to Wombo in Wireshark Help!   
    Ya that's the joy of switches. You only get the traffic that is addressed to you. This is one of the main reasons hubs went bye bye.
    A typical attack involving switched networks would be ARP spoofing (for man in the middle) where an attackers machine sends dhcp/bootp messages claiming that it is the default gateway for the network. This can be mitigated with some switch security features. Another common attack is to flood the switch with ARP messages until its CAM table overflows and it can no longer learn MAC addresses, this will cause the switch to function like a hub. This can also be mitigated through switch security features.
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    Spev reacted to DoubleTech in Logitech G710+ question   
    Yea, i wish this would work with my logitech G7120+ but i have not found anything so far. I will tell you if i do! would help a ton if it did work for youtube straight off the bat.
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    Spev reacted to theereal in Money Making Ideas   
    Go to Uganda and sign up as a child soldier.
    ...on second thought I dont think they will pay you...
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    Spev reacted to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in Feminists These Days...   
    I'd recommend you replace the CX series PSU, and that may solve your issues.
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    Spev reacted to Vozella in Feminists These Days...   
    What does this have to do with Feminism?
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    Spev reacted to DarkBlade2117 in Feminists These Days...   
    Incoming hate in
    3... 2.... 1....
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    Spev got a reaction from anthonyc813 in Dragon Quest on PC!   
    This dude just got roasted for the click bait *fire emoji*
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    Spev reacted to Textosterone in Dragon Quest on PC!   
    I came here to rant not to see some game i have never heard of
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    Spev reacted to Tmt97 in Dragon Quest on PC!   
    Your title is somewhat clickbaity...
    edit: and controversial
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    Spev reacted to ONOTech in [US-EVGA] EVGA 600W 80+ Bronze PSU $9.99 (USD)   
    I don't even need a PSU. I want to order one just cuz
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    Spev got a reaction from NubSmoo in Stupid things you've done because you like a specific game?   
    Uh, wasting so much damn time and money on games....smh......
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    Spev reacted to Sir_Seagle in Thermal paste   
    zconflicts friend
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    Spev reacted to German_John in Intel stock heatsink Amazon   
    Is this... trolling? 
    I mean... yeah, sure, if they're like two bucks you can consider buying one or two to have lying around for troubleshooting... but I'd expect most people here who care about that to have at least one stock heatsink and fan lying around anyway, unless they sell those for a hundred bucks on ebay.