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    ASUS P8Z68-V PRO
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance
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    XFX Double D R9 290
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    Corsair 650D
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    2x Samsung 840 256GB SSD in RAID0
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    OCZ ZX Series 850w
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    Dell U3011
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    Corsair K90
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  1. Hello, I am worried the jokes with Madison are too close to going wrong. This includes going on too long. I completely understand the joke and laughed at first but now I'm a little hesitant to laugh at the latest tweet even though its still just the same joke. Maybe it's just stirring up old memories for me now (and even now I'm talking like 30 years ago...), but I think it's better to publicly building people up? I feel really awkward writing this but I hope it read with an open mind. I just don't want other people to experience what I have experienced when
  2. Can the cord hangers be used on the underside of a desk or will that change in orientation cause them to pop open?
  3. Are there any good tutorials out there on how to set up and use a TS451 (or similar NAS). Mine simply sits on my desk and I'm sure I'm not getting the most out of it simply because I don't have a clue. Everything I've searched on thus far is either way off topic or not a similar enough model for me to gain anything out of it. Things I'd like to learn about: 1) Setting it up in RAID0, and then later RAID5 as I get HDD's 2) Making it available for use throughout my home (easiest way of accessing it via my media center, via my wife's laptop...etc) 3) A General tutorial
  4. I just had a realization the other day that I no longer used vendor drivers when I re-installed windows 10. Not 100% but the only drivers I had to install were Soundblasfer for my sound card, AmBx for my gaming lights, - and even Nvidias driver somehow was getting installed when I would re-install the OS. I even run a RAID0 for my boot drive and never had to install Intel IRST drivers at installation time. just curious if other people noticed the same?
  5. hopefully this helps - a sata power connector is the power cable that would go from your PSU to your HDD or SSD power port. See 9:49 for a quick shot as to what he's plugging in
  6. Which Noctua fans do you preferr?
  7. Straight up ease of use. Gaming == no care at all about losing data.
  8. As impulsive as I can be I've now come to find myself with 3 m.2 SSD's - one 960 EVO and two 850 EVO's (all 500GB). My board can only support 2 m.2 slots. I'd like to RAID0 the 850's (as it's just for gaming anyways). I'm having trouble searching for a good reliable add-in card for this. Any suggestions please?
  9. When you build a new system do you automatically buy aftermarket fans? What for? (case cooling or CPU cooling?) Which fans are your "go-to" ones and why?
  10. If you've ever wanted any kind of insight into what it means to have a mental disease then watch A Beautiful Mind. I'm going to spoil the ending here so watch and come back if you want...
  11. This is, in part, my question. If you take something like a 2600K which has a base of 3.8 and OC it to 4.5. I'm wondering how much of an improvement on load times would you see. Here we are talking about roughly a 20% improvement on clock speeds alone. So when we throw in 3930 , 4790 ...etc and the increases in instructions per clock they have I wonder the impact. I think LTT did a video a couple years ago that even RAMDisk had almost 0 impact as well on load times.
  12. Does anyone have any recent sources which would illustrate the impact of different SSDs vs the impact if different CPUs on game load times? I recently saw a video showing a 960pro (m.2) having almost no impact over a standard SATA6 SSD. Would love to see the impact of a few recent CPU's and maybe even OC'ed vs Stock speeds....
  13. Hello, Next year might be the school year where my child begins to come home by themselves. As such I'm beginning to look into electronic door locks and cameras. There doesn't seem to be much in the ways of reviews on the internet so I thought I would check here to see if anyone has first hand experience with these products. Any information to get me started would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. The speed difference between spinning rust and an SSD is well worth the small premium in price. Time is money and SSDs save so much time