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  1. I think as far as the Mass Consumer Market is concerned its all about Tablets, Laptop and Ultrabooks. Desktops will (and have pretty much already) become a thing only used by professionals and gamers.
  2. Finally some competition for the CM 212!
  3. There's already a thread for this. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/24147-computex-2013-silverstone-reveal-psu-with-software-monitoring-capability-and-external-thunderbolt-graphic-solution/?hl=silverstone
  4. In my experience you can do anything you want to a computer and windows should still work on it. EXCEPT! Replacing the motherboard! So replacing your CPU with his on the same motherboard should be fine.
  5. Local multiplayer/Split screen would definitely help the PC regain popularity compared to consoles. But unfortunately, Instead of continuing to try to push the PC as a media center and gaming platform, Microsoft is trying to push the Xbox as such. Sigh...
  6. I was just thinking the same thing. Dont consoles play most games at 720p if I recall? nd a few at 1080p with lower Graphics settings?
  7. Interesting thought! I didnt think about that, but youre right! More and more games on console are dropping local 4 player and many are even dropping local 2 player! Another good point I didnt think of. Split screen where really youre just using 2 displays! Honestly I dont think It should be that hard. Pretty sure there are at least a few PC games that already let you plug 4 xbox controllers into your PC and have one map to each player. But I could be wrong as I cant think of any off the top of my head.
  8. It would be nice to be able to always afford the newest i5-xxxxK and Z series Motherboard 16GB DDR4 (I think this should last me a good while) SLI GTX Titan (or more practially SLI 770) 512GB SSD SATA Express (Faster than SATA 3 :D) 2560x1440 24" Primary monitor for gaming (Although I'm starting to doubt ill ever see a desktop monitor at 2560x1440 smaller than 27") keep my 2 1080p as secondary monitors for general desktop usage Enough Money to afford a full custom loop. I would say a 4k monitor but then I wouldnt be able to give a GPU model. I would just have to say something that can
  9. I love windows 7 and 8 but In general I break it down to, If you want to get a touchscreen monitor, get windows 8. If you dont want to use a touchscreen monitor, get windows 7. I think touchscreens are a great idea for smartphones and tablets (obviously) and they work pretty well in laptops. But It will be interesting to see what argument they will make for it being user friendly in a desktop situation. I sit fairly close to my desktop monitor so I think I could see using a touchscreen monitor (although there arent any affordable ~22" 1080p monitors still) But I know thats not the case for ev
  10. Now now, Just because we're smarter doesnt mean we need to go and be elitist jerks and make fun of them. :P But yes, Ideally he should know more about the products he's working with.
  11. Whenever I talk to anyone about PCs and Consoles the one topic I find PCs lack in aside from there not being many PC vendors who sell well priced gaming PCs is: Consoles can do split screen. Personally I hate split screen because of the awkward resolution ratios you end up with and by the time you have 4 player split screen sure you have a normal W:H ratio but now its just too small. But I can see why It's a good selling point. The awkward split isnt too big a deal for casual play such as casual games, co-op, and "friendly" multiplayer. Do you think it would be good for the PC gaming industr
  12. huh? I'm talking about a case with 5 slots so you can have a mATX with a space between SLI'd cards as opposed to what they have now which is SLI capable with the two cards stacked and taking up 4 slots of the case.
  13. You guys know the Alumin cased Shine III is likely to cost like $240+ right? Looks like a nice keyboard but I'm not seeing too much reason to replace my Shine II Although the 60 key Ducky looks nice. I've been considering getting one as a backup/secondary/LAN keyboard (Which is funny because I already use a TKL)
  14. I think you can mostly only find that in Europe. I love it when I go to Europe. But its very hard to find in US.
  15. I can get why Asus didnt want to make the gene a 5 slot SLI. Not enough matx cases with 5 slots.
  16. Ah. Well I tried xD. Blizzard is just too awesome I guess.
  17. They already made halo 2 pc and it wasnt the greatest port especially because vista was for the most part crap
  18. 1. Arms spread less apart is more comfortable. 2. Takes up less space on a table. (Better for Lan parties) 3. Rarely use them. 4. Yes "cheaper" due to not having as many switches
  19. Yeay! Sounds cool Slick!
  20. Yup. At least they did an ok job with it. If theyre going to make a game to milk the franchise I just hope they at least do as good a job.