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  1. True, realistically the problem is used games in general. If I buy bioshock infinite for $60 then my friend buys it form me for $50 then that's $50 the publisher and developer don't get. And instead I get to play the game for $10. Then if my friend sells it to a friend for $50 or even $40 same thing happens. Which is great if you're cheap. But it's very bad for the publisher and in turn the developer. Ownership is important, but so is not ripping of the industry.
  2. Personally I think what Microsoft is Doing with drm is great. I don't think the used game market is goo dot the industry. But to top it all off Microsoft is only giving publisher the option of supporting used game sales or not. Not making any actual straight up restrictions. People need to stop being cheap and giving used game retailer all the profit.
  3. I really don't think there anything wrong with this. The consoles likely aren't finished yet. Both the One and the PS4 are using pc hardware and the dev kits if I recall are pcs that run some kind of vm, emulator, whatnot.
  4. I have Sony MDR-v600s and you really just can't wear over ear headphones while laying on your side without doing so awkwardly. I just use in ears in bed. Not as good sound quality, but whatever.
  5. Ohh! I remember this video! In my experience some, but not all, antistatic bags are conductive on the outside (I've tested it with a multimeter) Personally I had a bigger problem with their thermal paste application as I prefer letting pressure spread it. Also the fan on power supplies intakes air. In the video they said it exhausts. Did anyone else notice they installed the heat sink with the enermax logo on the top upside down?
  6. Drinking alcohol doesnt have enough alcohol in it to compare it to Isopropyl. Youd be better off comparing it to water speaking relatively
  7. You could use plain water to clean old thermal paste off a CPU if its all you have, although I would be sure to make sure its fully dried before applying new thermal paste. But ideally you should try to use Isopropyl alcohol as it will be "cleaner" and evaporate quicker.
  8. I used to run a Pentium 775. Was great for gaming. Although it was the Wolfdale Archetecture so in reality it was a cheap Core 2 Duo. Although compared to Modern Socket 1155 Pentiums its not that great.
  9. Probably Thai Iced Tea Maybe Bubble Tea. Although Bawls and NOS are good. And I totally don't have a secret liking for Voltage Mountain Dew....
  10. I really liked my Dad's Honda S2000 When I was younger and just threw my last name on the end because I didnt think of something else. Havent really thought of changing it since. xD
  11. I tired doing a costume that involved fabric and sewing once... I'm soo crappy at it...
  12. Yup. Although that was 3 years ago now. Wish I could afford to make a new suit. I learned alot from making this one. That and more free time...
  13. Here's a picture of me from The Seattle Times. http://seattletimes.com/html/businesstechnology/2012889581_brier14.html I'm the one in the Halo Armor. Oh wait. Hmm, Almost... Lets try that again... Much better! (Yes, I know it my Avatar xD I'm still thinking of what else to use for one)
  14. Am I the only one who thinks Slick does a really good job with the outros? like, subscribe, etc.
  15. Im not that paranoid. I cant believe some laptops even have a little sliding cover for the webcam... One of my friends keeps a piece of duct tape over his webcam...
  16. Anyone Tried https://www.soluto.com/home ?? according to Soluto my computer takes 1 minute. I'm going to restart it again and try counting.
  17. 60 with one finger. 100 with 2 fingers.
  18. Remember to check the Shipping of prebuilt systems! When my roommate was looking at getting a new PC our options were either build it ourselves or maybe get the ibuypower revolt. I configured one and the price for the same specs and building a similar PC ourselves was about the same until the HUGE shipping price of a revolt. He decided to just buy the parts and have me put it together for him. And that's buying from a builder like ibuypower who uses mostly the same parts we would use to build our own custom systems. When you buy from an OEM like Dell or HP they tend to use much lower quali
  19. #1 Problem. Fans wearing out... -.- I dont care how high quality you say your fans are, I always see fans lose RPM, the rotors wobble, or they straight out die. Aside from that, I'm really into aesthetics and I keep wanting new cases because I like how they look or think they're well designed. But that's a personal problem! xD And I guess I wish remote desktop-ing from external networks (or even local networks -.-) worked better (smoother & faster) Oh! and file sync-ing. Microsoft Skydrive has impressed me so far but it still doesnt do everything I wish It did.
  20. If you are sure you will be doing serious photoshop and video editing work then as the other have said the 4770k will be a good investment towards saving you time. Otherwise the 4670k should perform just as well in everything else such as gaming and general computer usage. If you are interested in overclocking then you might want to look into picking up a sandy bridge 2500k or 2600k as there have been a number of people saying Ivy bridge and Haswell havent been overclocking as well. Ive used motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, and Msi and have enjoyed the experience with all of them so n
  21. Yeah, I agree, they do enough already. We dont need to follow them around 24/7.
  22. The MX2 looks very clean and elegant but I'm not sure I like the "foot" or the interior layout.