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  1. Sadly not all software is licensed, hence why you can sell console games, and why people get all butt hurt when you tell them they cant resell software they paid for.
  2. Well it does reflect on Intel because they make the CPU and the Chipset, and generally design a reference design for mobos
  3. What's that you say? Boycott Asetek? Sounds Good!
  4. Where the QWERASDF are my $200 2560x1440 22-27in monitors!?
  5. I wonder what Intel's reason for this is. Are they actually worried about the quality of the boards of is this some kind of business marketing bullcrap?
  6. They're back!? YEAY! :D
  7. I dont see why not with more stuff going on the CPU...
  8. I've heard about this case repeatedly in the past. I'm pretty sure in most of them Germany was the opposing side of the case. Software should be licensed on a per user basis. NOT RESEALABLE! End of Story.
  9. Forget their "Minimum" spec. This should be the real "Minimum" spec: Processor: Dual core CPU Memory: 4 GB Hard Drive: 20 GB free space Video Card: DirectX 11 compatible with 1024 MB RAM (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon 6950) or better If you dont have at least 4GB or system RAM and a GTX 560 then you should not be trying to play BF4. Suck it up and Upgrade. Ypu can spend $500+ on a new console but you cant spend $150 on a 650 Ti Boost!?
  10. I don't see how this is the iPad's fault. Kids who don't communicate vocally will have these problems iPad or Not. Sounds more like the article should be saying parenting is getting worse.
  11. Im still using a Microsoft WMO since I cant find a higher dpi mouse I like. Im tempted to get the Mamba but EVERY Razer product anyone I know has owned has crapped out on them a little over a year.
  12. IMO Blues are nicer to type Browns are quieter and the less tactile feel is nicer for WASD-ing in games. (Similar to why people like MX Reds the most for WASD gaming) Ergo Clears are better "quiet" tactile switches IMO.
  13. Is it worth replacing a Shine 2 with? No. Is it worth it if you dont have a Shine? YES!
  14. Raw performance: 560 SLI Worried about VRAM: 660
  15. Good Luck Finding a Ducky Shine 2 They seem to be OOS at MechanicalKeyboards.com Will have to wait for the Shine 3 most likely. Looks like this is a very basic MX Blue keyboard. But for $45 Why not? Comes down to how much you are willing to pay for the LEDs I'd get any board other than blue (Already have one)
  16. the refurb 300R looks like a good deal
  17. I think skydrive is awesome. Definitely my favorite Cloud storage and file syncing solution.
  18. The whole 700 series is kinda over priced IMO Doesnt help that they messed it up from the start labeling the GK104 as the 680
  19. Pretty sure the Asus Keyboard is a remake of the Max Keyboard Nighthawk X9 which is a remake of the QPAD MK80
  20. No, I'm saying we need systems like steam where publishers and developers can adjust the prices over time to allow people who don't think a game is worth its launch price to pay a price they think is reasonable later on. And the money still goes back to the publishers and developers.
  21. I upgraded from my old wolfdale because there is about a doubling of performance.
  22. All I know is I don't want to have to deal with configuring application priorities.
  23. I plan on keeping my 2500k setup until DDR4 and SATA Express