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  1. Been waiting for a case manufacturer to release a Mini ITX case like the RVZ01 for years! So far theyve only been available in Prebuilt systems... -.-
  2. This is the exact problem I'm having with Surround. It's great for gaming, but because it effectively virtualizes a single display it doesnt play well with desktop usage. And when you disable surround it doesnt revert to 3 independent displays. Instead it disables 2 of the displays and only re-enables the primary display. Meaning you have to go into the Nvidia control panel and re-enable the other 2 displays. To top it all off when you re-enable Surround, you have to reconfigure the surround settings.
  3. I think monitor manufacturers need to start making DVI only or DVI & HDMI monitors instead of VGA only or VGA & DVI. I think it's time VGA died off.
  5. SWEET! Got my Badge up it looks like! Also, I JUST noticed in one of the words listed at the begining of the LTT videos is "Cats"
  6. I think this could be cool! I hope Microsoft doesnt mess it up!
  7. Things I think would be cool. LinusTechTips Lanyard (YES) LinusTechTips Case Badge (would be cool I think) LinusTechTips Mousepad (maybe) LinusTechTips Mug (maybe) LinusTechTips sticker (one the size of a 5.25 bay cover could be cool) LinusTechTips T-Shit (T-Shirts are cool) *cough* not a Dr. Who Reference *cough* Speaking of which, LinusTechTips Bow Tie (Bow Ties ar- Kidding) Ooh! Should have cartoon Linus and Slick on the T-Shirt!
  8. I guess the Quadro/Tesla Drivers really do make all the difference. Still dont see what the point is of having a geforce card with all that double precision. Although the Blender results in that tomshardware article are confusing me.
  9. So then what is the point of a titan? 780 is about as good Single precision wise If the K4000 is better than the Titan at Professional work then what does it matter if the Titan has Double precision? I know the GK110 was designed to be more than just a Geforce Card (Tesla K20X/Quadro K6000), but It almost seems pointless for the Titan to exist. EDIT: The K4000 has the same Single precision as a 650 TI Boost and apparenltly doesnt even have double precision.
  10. My question is how does Titan compare to the $1k Quadro in things like CAD?
  11. I'm with Langdon, Get a nice mechanical keyboard! CM, Ducky, Corsair, or Filco Razer doesnt use nice keycaps. At least get new keycaps. Try to hunt down a set of Ducky Shine keycaps or maybe try the new translucent set MAXX Keyboards is selling
  12. Now I just need one of those Android Kit Kat bars
  13. They said it is coming at PAX. Along with the Nvidia SLI bridge. No idea when though.
  14. Seems like a solid build to me. I've used the sidewinder x4 and x6 and theyre ok keyboards but I would definitely recommend a mechanical keyboard. As long as it isnt a Razer.
  15. There are plenty of resellers on Amazon who dont seem to have a clue.
  16. Im still using a Microsoft Wheel mouse optical from when I played CS on much lower resolution screens. Having a hard time finding a slightly higher dpi replacement.
  17. EVGA, Youtube, LinusTechTips, and some others I cant recall at the moment. Pretty much I turn it off on any site I respect. Oh and Hulu, Because they make me... Although I dont mind their ads too much anyway. Mostly I just use it because some sites have overly aggressive in your face adds. like when I'm watching anime with my GF.
  18. I thought the coverage was great but having gone to PAX I will say that this year the only computer hardware manufacturers there were Kingston, Nvidia, and Intel. MSI and corsiar were there but they werent really showing off any hardware mostly just peripherals. List of people were were here in previous years but not this year: Razer. EVGA, Asus, Gigabyte, G.Skill, Newegg, Antec, NZXT, Zotac, etc. And I cant recall if thermaltake was there or not. Been going to PAX since 08 and It's always been kinda a mix of CES and E3 with places for people to do tabletop gaming. since then more and mor
  19. So, in other words, you cant, at least not legitly.
  20. CM Keyboards are great, but they aren't that much cheaper than Ducky... LED vs LED and NonLED vs NonLED
  21. How the heck do you buy a Preowned Licence? That doesnt make any sense.
  22. But the point is that if someone has a bad experience it HURTS Intel's reputation.