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  1. Where is the power button on the ML08??? :huh: I see it in the corner on the RVZ02 but nothing on the ML08 :blink: EDIT: Nvm, found it, http://www.silverstonetek.com/downloads/Manual/case/Multi-ML08-Manual.pdf it's under the sliding Front IO cover, sneaky bastards.
  2. I didnt get the notification email for this stream either, and I just checked, still have notifications turned on.
  3. Congrats on 1M! I'll should try to be more active on the forums like I used to be on other forums when I was younger!
  4. weird to think pins x9-x16 are causing the card to not display any video out. Im not going to do this, but I wonder if covering pins x9-x16 with electrical tape and plugging the card into the top PCIe slot would make it work. I dont think I can RMA a 7 year old nvidia branded 8600 gts
  5. So a system I built for a friend a while back isnt displaying video out on the 8600GTS I transplanted from their old system. HOWEVER, when I move the graphics card to the other PCIex16 slot (electrically x8 I believe) on the motherboard it works. WHAT MORE! When I put a different graphics card into the top PCIe slot it works fine. Anyone know whats going on? UPDATE: Just put the video card in a different computer and it's the same story, doesnt work in the top PCIe slot but it works in the lower one. Dying but not dead card?
  6. Should make a poll: Shield Tablet + Controller vs Shield Handheld
  7. http://www.totalxbox.com/78048/halo-the-master-chief-collection-pc-port-isnt-impossible/ I think this would be a great way for Microsoft to gain market share of PC gamers, and especially retain the ones who like me have switched from xbox to PC.
  8. Cool Ideas, but how is there any profit in either of these? As it is I barely see how the tech videos are profitable.
  9. I dont see how remote desktop relates to fetching a file from a computer on an external network.
  10. Again, I use it when I'm mostly using the touch screen on my ultrabook, when I'm using my wireless mouse I go back to using chrome like on my desktop.
  11. Looks like its working now! Thanks! I wonder how many people who posted in here have actually tried IE11, specifically on a touchscreen. Chrome doesn't have forward back page swiping or pinch zoom. It has pinch zoom on the touchpad but not on the touchscreen. My main complaints with IE are things that most people probably wouldn't even notice, user interface efficiency things.
  12. Ive started using IE on my ultrabook due to Chrome not being as touch friendly, and i noticed the quote button doesnt work.
  13. sigh needmorewood... Anyway, I hope Ducky makes an RGB Mech board!
  14. Maybe I should have put this in the news section...
  15. I just got a new ultrabook with 8.1 and I noticed you cant fetch files from computers running 8.1! Did some searching and found this AMA http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1jcypj/i_am_omar_shahine_and_mona_akmal_with_the/cbdg4gv I really hope they bring "Fetch" back to 8.1
  16. What's low quality about it? I managed to wear much of the paint off the WASD keys on my X6 after a few years of use, and me honestly not taking care of it very well (not washing my hands when oily). I try to take much better care of my current keyboard. So maybe the paint isnt great, but I dont see what else there is to complain about
  17. What's wrong with MS' keyboards? I've used both the X4 and X6 and aside from being non mechanical theyre just as good as any other membrane keyboard. The X6 even has macros and an auto run key!
  18. If you actually need it for some ridiculous reason maybe paint the faceplate black?
  19. Is it possible to see subscribed threads instead of getting notifications for each new post?
  20. My Asus Eee PC Netbook. But that's because I dont see a reason to spend much on a laptop because EVERY laptop anyone I know has owned has crapped out within 2 years. And it just so happens, that after 2 years now, my Eee PC Netbook that I have been taking extremely good care of is also crapping out on me now. Aside from that I guess my desktop speakers arent anything special. Not complete crap, but nothing great. And while I may want a new mouse with slightly higher DPI, I still love my WMO.