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  1. How are your PSU cables the perfect length? it doesnt look like youve shortened them.
  2. I wish I could SLI but every time I consider it I end up telling myself single GPU is better (not all games scale well with SLI) and that the only time I would ever SLI is if I was getting 2 top end cards like dual 680s
  3. your pics seem to be upside down
  4. I have a 360 but I never use it because i find it to be a less enjoyable experience. I LOVE Halo but I probably wont buy the new xbox, especially at $500, just to play the next one.
  5. This should be interesting.
  6. Half life, Portal, a Battlefield game more like Bad Company 2 and less like well, what it is now. Age of Empires 2 (them to make the multiplayer of the HD remake less laggy)
  7. I have a 560 Ti and a 460 (very similar to a 560) in another computer and they run at 1080p just fine on high/highest on all but some of the newest most intensive games. I would recommend an SSD before looking into a GPU upgrade. (I just got myself one and its make general usage feel so smooth and quick) Although I would like to note that if your main interest is game performance then go ahead and pick up a 670 rather than an SSD
  8. Is it just me or are lots of the image links broken?
  9. Although Red LEDs in black cases seem to have become much more common since 2011 when i built this computer. xD I'd been to a few LAN parties in 2011 and most people I saw were using Antec 900s with the stock blue LEDs. *Shrug Yes, I realize how hipster that sounds...
  10. Very Nice Computer! I'm a little jealous of your deal 570s xD Is the 1.2GB really giving you any problems @1080p? I mean I've had a FEW with my 560Ti, but I've heard 1.2 works fine for 1080p. (not that it matters as my next upgrade will probably be something with 2GB.) Also I see you have a Sidewinder x6 keyboard! I used to use one of those but the black paint on the WASD keys got really worn out, and a little on a few other keys. Will be updating my build thread (tomorrow I guess) with what keyboard I'm using now.
  11. It's not water cooled, but as much as I'd like to do it, and think it would be cool, I cant get past the thought of spending so much on unneeded cooling. Although I would like to get the proper tools and materials to sleeve PSU cables. Also I'm thinking of LED strips to help light up the interior. I'll probably have them on a on/off switch, but I dont know if I should go with White or Red LEDs.
  12. Hey there everyone! Finally got around to making an account on here and figured I'd put a few pictures of my desktop up. Unfortunately these pictures are a little old for a number of reasons. My computer needs to be cleaned, It's not that bad but still dustier than I would like especially for photos. Also, I don't have a great camera, and I'm not any good at photography. Regardless, here are some of the pictures I have taken. CPU: Intel 2500k @ 5GHz MoBo: Asus ROG Maximus IV Gene-Z RAM: 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz GPU: EVGA 560 TI DS PSU: Corsair