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  1. I found a deal on some hardware and am curious on if my current waterblock for my lga 1155 cpu would work for a LGA 2066 cpu? I see that most blocks look to be compatible, just not sure of the actual mounting hardware. Cheers.
  2. Based off of the instructions yes the ports are configured correctly. I've emailed EK and I am just waiting in a response now.
  3. I just contacted asus and they want me to replace the stock cooler and test it.
  4. After starting it up it is still sitting around 40 degrees WHILE IDLE. Nothing in my loop component wise has changed. The only things that changed are the gpu, tubing and fluid. And if anyone is thinking isles just your loop it isn't. Because my CPU that is at 4.5ghz and 1.225 volts sits at 30 degrees. So I'm thinking it might just be a bad chip. How well does Asus handle these issues? Thanks guys.
  5. Alright I just took the card out and took it apart, it looked like I had enough thermal paste, but one spot in the middle had less than the surrounding parts. So I really applied and I'm currently leak testing my pc right now.
  6. Just to add this is only happenin to my gpu, my cup has yet to get about 45 while under load for an hour.
  7. I recently bought a gtx 1080 strix waterblock, and after draining and placing it in my loop the temps have been super high. By high I mean 35c idle and up to 90c while load before it throttles down. I followed the instructions, I've had watercooled cards before and they never get above 50c (I have a 240mm and a 360mm radiators). The only thing that has made any sense to me on why this could be happening is if I put too much thermal paste on, or there is a massive airbubble in the block. I never fully tested the card, all I did was made sure it put out a signal, which it did. So has anyone ever
  8. Take it from me, I have two 680's their good and all but for the price a newer and better single card is way better. Hence why I just bought a 1080 (overkill I know but hey why not?)
  9. Hello, I plan on purchasing a waterblock for my gtx 1080 Strix from performance-pcs, while in checkout i noticed a buy with amazon button, and I was curious on if I would get free 2day shipping since I have prime. If anyone knows that would be great! Also is there really a point to gpu backplates other than aesthetics? Thanks guy!
  10. Currently I have an i7 3770k @ 4.5ghz, 16Gb of ram at 1866mhz (plan on going to microcenter and if they have another kit I might go to 32GB) would this bottleneck a single GTX 1080? If not what about two? At first I don't plan on buying two 1080's but it might happen eventually) I plan on triple 1080p gaming. From what I've heard the 1080 is bottlenecked by older i5's and some i7's (at stock speeds). Thanks guys, if you need anymore info don't hesitate to ask.
  11. Currently I have 16GB of ram at 1866, an i7 3770k at 4.5ghz, 2 ssd's (one boot one for games) 1200w psu l.
  12. Currently I have two GTX 680's in my pc (2GB each) and I was debating on upgrading. Currently I play on 3 1080p monitors, and in certain games 2GB of VRAM just isn't cutting it hence why I want to upgrade. But I'm not sure on which card I should go with, get a 1080 now, or wait however long for the TI version. So based on the previous generations, how long do you think it would take for the TI version to drop? Also if the 1080 is better at this point which card is better? Thanks M8's.
  13. This projector looks awesome, especially for the size. It's amazing the size that is capable at such a small distance, truly outstanding projector. Good job LG!
  14. But with that wouldn't it mainly be used in surround gaming? What I plan on doing is have the swift/predator as my main gaming monitor then the others for other applications, so in what way would that benefit me?
  15. Sorry I meant to say a single rog swift or predator. Also what would the benefit of a single 1080 over two 980ti's be in terms of a multiple monitor setup?
  16. I know that if I want it to be cheaper and or around the same price the cards will need to be used. I also know that it will not be as effective as a single card. What I am wondering is if my cpu would bottleneck the cards. Also I plan to have a 4 monitor setup with either a rog swift or acer predator.
  17. So I have an i7 3770k that is currently overclocked to 4.4GHz, would I be able to run two 980ti's in SLI without being bottlenecked? I'm curious because as we all know the 980ti's are coming down in price quite a lot due to the announcement of the 1080. Thanks guys!