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  1. thanks for reply. he says he bought this from dubai along with razer blade laptop, it seems legit and i think i'm going to buy this as it is within my budget and he have a shop near my resident, i will personally buy this from him in a day or two.
  2. someone in my country's online market is selling this slightly used razer basilisk v1 in very decent price but I don't know if it's real or fake. can anybody guess from the images if it's real or fake? thanks 3.webp 2.webp 1.webp
  3. Any idea about these two: Amoi C10 RUIZU A50 which one is better in term of sound quality?
  4. I wish I could shell more $$$. I use my laptop to listen music and it has Realteck ALC3234, at least an Mp3 player with a similar sound quality would be enough.
  5. Thanks for replies. I'm from Pakistan and can only buy from Aliexpress, no other choice. I assume there will be a little bit better audio chip if player only support audio and yes I'd like a small screen. there're some brands like Ruizu, Benjie and mahdi with audio only but no idea how they sound like. if anybody have any of these and can provide some info.
  6. I might not get much or any response because I'm talking about a poor-man's stuff but anyway. I'm looking for an Mp3 Player for around $40, I searched on Aliexpress and there are 100s of them but most of them support video playback and it's really painful to find something on aliexpress. I'm looking for Audio only player with decent sound quality and it can work with KZ ZSX well. any help would be appreciated. thanks
  7. thanks for reply. yeah I checked Deathadder essential and it's cheaper quality than chinese Ajazz AJ390 and other similar chinese models. and microsoft pro intellimouse cost over $70 on aliexpress.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a new mouse for around $35, NOT FOR GAMING just to use with my laptop for browsing, photoshop, etc. and yeah cue club 2. I'm using G502 Proteus Spectrum for over 4 years and repair it 4-5 times (replace left switch, side backward switch, sensor & wheel from proteus core) and still both side buttons have double click issues. I also throw away these mice in the past, MX518, 2 G500s and G502 proteus core. I never used any other brand and I DO NOT want Logitech anymore, wanna try Steelseries or Razer or else. My budget is $35 and I will buy from Aliexpress.
  9. thank you metha for your help, the skates on G502 seems fine but I think I'll get .7mm, .8mm might be too thick. thanks again.
  10. Hi, can anyone please tell me what is the thickness of Logitech G502 skates/feet 'cuz I want to buy some for my mouse and there are few sizes available on aliexpress, like 0.6mm 0.7mm 0.75mm 0.8mm. few years ago i bought the skates for my logitech g500 mouse and they were very thin I had to use double skates. thanks
  11. Hi, sorry if my question is silly 'cuz I never owned any DAP.I'm thinking about buying Fiio M3K from Aliexpress and Black Friday is coming so I might get a good discount. I have a Dell Laptop with Realtek AL3234 and KZ ZS10 Pro and use MusicBee. The sound is nice but I wonder how much better Fiio M3K sound compare to Realtek. 90% of my music files are FLAC 16/44.1 some 24/96. My budget is $65 max and Fiio M3K have decent reviews.I'm not interested in external AMP/DAC 'cuz I already bought Sonata HD few months ago and sold it after couple of weeks. A little advice will be appreciated.Thank you
  12. I also turn off maxxaudio when i listen to music on musicbee and turn on when watch movies etc.
  13. thanks for replies. enjoyable means Maxxaudio don't have surround sound feature or other enhancement feature etc. maxxaudio is very basic. I use KZ ZSN Pro and KZ ZS10 Pro.
  14. Hi, I have a Dell laptop with Realtek AL3234 with MaxxAudio and the sound is not very enjoyable. Is there any free of paid software/application with surround sound and other enhancements to enjoy movies, music etc.? So far I only tried FXSound and it does not have many features and sound is OK. Thanks