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  1. They're doing it to maximize their profits. The highest tier is going to have the highest profit margins so they want to release that first so people who originally would have purchased a mid-tier CPU but don't want to wait will buy a high-tier. Then they release the mid-tier to catch some low-tier purchasers. And then the low-tier.
  2. It's a shame they're not mentioning any of the cheaper cpus. I have my eye on that 200-250 range...there was a 6 core that looked really interesting to me.
  3. Those wizards putting hexes on muggle devices again. Hopefully someone will send an owl to the misuse of muggle artifact office before anyone gets hurt. ...just got the Harry Potter books on audible...been listening to them at work.
  4. So basically both logan and wendell are inept at business. Neither bother to communicate and both suck with money.
  5. I dunno, I think you make my point for me. As someone else said, Google has a lot of miles on real roads, but they're done by people whose job is to do it. The only reason why Tesla has so many miles is because they pushed the tech live. Tesla just decided to make its thousands of drivers its guinea pigs test drivers. Sure, it's collecting a lot of data, but it's doing it while risking the people in the car, and those around the people in the car. I think Musk is just so driven to get his vision done as fast as possible that he's cutting corners and if anyone dies because of it, the end justif
  6. Here's a basic summary taken from various parts of wikipedia: It's basically a death sentence that nobody understands.
  7. Literally everyone who has Alzheimers dies from Alzheimers...unless they die from something else first. Your body shuts down, loss of memory is just the start.
  8. I think they just added the feature too soon. Look at google. They've been doing this far longer and they're still not ready to release it. It's just a bit irresponsible...like a microwave manufacturer creating a new feature that sometimes ends in explosions and death if you actually use it the way its intended but thinks it can just slap a warning sign on it that says "use at your own risk" to make it better. You're better off not using it but if the company says "oh yeah, it's completely safe, we just put the label on there to make sure you're paying attention anyway" you're going to use it.
  9. The suit was originally filed shortly after Oculus was purchased by Facebook more than two years ago. I remember because I thought, "Facebook must not have known about this." It wasn't on his personal time, it was work John Carmack did for a Zenimax VR project, Carmack even admits that the VR work he did for Zenimax is owned by Zenimax but none of the work he did for Zenimax was used for the Rift. I get the impression that Zenimax is telling the truth, Carmack stole everything claimed, but he used it to guide employees instead of using the work itself...kind of like sketch artis
  10. Well, to be honest I don't care enough to go through that sort of trouble. All I'll say more is it depends on the contracts they all signed to go into business with each other. And also, it really just sounds like nobody knows what's going on and are just blaming Logan because they like wendell more. I mean, that's somewhat valid, everyone does that, but keep in mind that just because you like somebody and dislike somebody else doesn't mean that the person you like is telling the truth and the person you dislike is lying.
  11. That's not what determines who owns a company.
  12. Who else owns it? Because if he is actually embezzling then they have every right to sue the crap out of him and take him for everything.
  13. I doubt he's embezzling. Likely the business is his and he's just spending as little as possible and pocketing the rest, that's not embezzling, that's just what the owner of a business gets to do. Embezzling would be if you didn't own the business and you're taking money that doesn't belong to you.
  14. Well, that's why I asked, there's no way for me to know if they've kept their promise.
  15. So...did they make promises they aren't keeping or something? Because I still don't get it.