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  1. This looks really cool, so I'm going to enter, because free stuff
  2. So I'm looking at this really great priced i7: http://www.frys.com/product/7680377?site=sa:adpages%20page:P45_TUE%20date:111114 In the product description, it says it supports 1333 and 1600 memory. Does that matter, or can I still get 1866 or higher?
  3. The monitors are 1080p, and I'll only be gaming on one at a time, while the others are for desktop use. Thanks for all the responses. Sorry I wasn't able to clarify your questions about the displays earlier, I posted this and then left it to come back to later
  4. Are the spec requirements for ACU as high as it says on Steam?
  5. On another note, I'm not planning on running 4K, but I am planning on running multiple 27" displays (2-3)
  6. Right now you can get a 970 video card for around $350, and a 760 for around $180. So should I get the 970, or two 760s in SLI?
  7. In my opinion, the 980 is not worth the extra $200. Unless you're playing a super demanding game, the difference between the 970 and 980 is negligible. Depending on the Hz of the monitor you are using, the difference probably won't be perceivable anyway.
  8. Building my first rig, would really like to win some stuff for it. Favorite item: 1150 Case Why: Looks pretty great with lots of hard drive bays
  9. Did they announce who Wan the graphics cards?
  10. Been planning a rig with a 970 card for a little while, hoping to get that expense off my back. Also very amazing card for how power efficient it is.