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    Bhoriss reacted to GOTSpectrum for a blog entry, Award Ceremony   
    I believe it is important that during the times of outlining and appreciating the efforts of high rankings we reflect on why we are folding. We give thanks to those that made it possible and treasure each and every single person that pushed and folded against this invisible enemy.
    Coronavirus has claimed over 100,000 lives across the globe, infecting over two million people. This is why we fold, this is the reason we have been brought together. Only in times of such hardship do we see the best and worst of mankind. People from all walks of life doing what they can to help, volunteering, folding, shopping and delivering for their communities, singing, cheering to our key workers. This is the embodiment of humanity, this is how our generation should be remember during this crisis. We are strong, united, resolute. We will not let ourselves be overcome by fear for as long as we have each other. So, go fourth caring with respect, with patience, with tolerance, with kindness in your heart, because it is surely needed in today's world.
    Before we get into the rankings there are a few things I want to mention;
    1. Although I have been the fact of this event I want everyone to take a moment to give thanks to @Metallus97 for his amazing contribution with the FAQ, tech support and help with the datasheet, @j1philli who has been a tremendous help with validating entries on the sheet and finally @leadeater who wrote the script we used for ensuring smooth data collection. 
    2. I'd like everyone to head over and donate a few dollars to Jason at EOC, his servers must have taken a beating with all the traffic we have thrown at the guy over the last few weeks or so. You can either use this PayPal link or find the PayPal donation button on the EOC Website on the right. Don't forget to include a note so he knows it came from team LTT, mine said 'With love for LTT, thanks for everything you do.'
    3. I'd like to give a personal thanks to everyone who has been understanding of my own health during this event, it was hastily thrown together which lead to more issues than usually found!
    4. Finally I'd like to ask that you continue to fold, for the benefit of all of us, even if it is in a far more limited capacity moving forward. 
    It has been an exciting event, despite the darkness that looms over the world currently many of us, including myself have found a little lightness on the event thread, this doesn't have to end, we do have a Folding Community Board in which you can continue the conversation in all its glory! You can find that Here! 
    I want to give thanks to everyone who has been involved folding for TeamLTT over the last few weeks, no matter if you are folding only a few points a day or millions, no matter if you signed up to the event or not, your hard work and dedication is appreciated! Don't forget that if you talk about folding on twitter use the hastag #TeamLTT and I will be trying to keep an eye on it, so now, after you have read this post and feel the need to go troll PCMR a little, and lets be honest, after the pitiful attempt to challenge us, you will feel the need. We can all be a little more connected! 
    In first place, we have @Macaw2000 with an impressive 339,946,109 points warned with 5,613 Work units over the 14 days of the event. He utilised mercenaries well to make a final dash for the throne and now he sits comfortably, in the plush luxury smiling upon those that stand below him. 
    Second place we have the great oppressor, the disgraced king, @Den-Fi, who failed to take by his throne lost during the great crusades of Folding Month 2019. With 296,964,235 Points achieved with a surprising small 1,444 Work Units it has to be said that he certainly had one of the highest P/WU ratios in the event. 
    Third place we see is occupied by @walderston, who, given just a little more time could have snatched the silver spot from the fallen king. 237,268,117 Points taken with 1,261 Work Units is nothings to bite your thumb at for sure. But he will be left wondering if he can do better next event!
    Fourth place is taken by the veteran @miker07 who has once again proved his worth with 196,425,757 points taken through 2,203 Work units. Forth place is nothing to be ashamed with but it will be interesting to see if he expands his forces by the time folding month comes around. 
    Fifth place finds @ZombieStew content with his first showing in a LTT Folding event, 145,684,152 Points and 2,079 Work units. He will certainly be looking forward to future events!
    Sixth place we have another newcomer, @Unilevers, a fine showing that we hope to see again in the future. 
    Seventh place is @bafo_ah, another newbie shaking up the team with a good showing.
    Eighth place is @wi3si, it will be excited to see if they can muster any more force for the future.
    Ninth place can be claimed by @Ayren, who only folded for 13 days should be asking did that one day down cosy them too much?
    Tenth place is where we leave this today, @GalaxyNetworks is the proud holder of 10th, the gatekeeper, but will they be bettering themselves next time out.
    And here you can find the full set of data including the Prize allocations:- Full Folding Data and Ranks!
    If you don't see your name on the list above you either did not sign up for this event or you did not meet the minimum requirements. This event was not eligible for Folding Event Badges, PLEASE DO NOT message me or the team about event badges. For general folding badges use the thread Here!
    Now it is time for the prizes!
    I was planning to tag each winner but due to the number of prizes and limitation I have recently been made aware of the winning ranks will be listed here and the winners will be tagged in comments to this post. This will ensure all winners get a notification for the tag. 
    The winners will have 7 working days from the publication of this post to claim the prize, if the prize goes unclaimed it will be added to the community pool for use in future events. In order to claim the Prize you will need to PM me here on the forum, with the subject
    'Give me the key that I am owed!'
    Also please can you include your rank to make it quicker and easier for me to get it all sorted!
    Events that are coming up!
    Top Jank of The Event! 
    I really just want to thank you all again for taking part in the event, you guys have really made it special, every single one of you!
    with all that said it is finally time to wrap this one up, but please continue to fold and I am looking forward to seeing you guys take part in the BOINC Pentathlon, Summer folding sprint and most assuredly, Folding Month 2020! 
    This is Spectrum signing off,
    Happy Folding,