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  1. What should I do if I notice my name is gone from all the googlesheets result pages and it was there before.... has someone stolen my event's ID? When I checked my position days 1-2-3-4-5-6 I was there. I checked it maybe day 7, i'm unsure. Today when I got to check, my name is not there anymore... I go back in the blogs to check the days when I saw my name and it's gone.... Any help is appreciated
  2. I hope yours holds as well! My dead psu is a Corsair Hx1050w. Out of all my PSU in my 15 years of computer building to die. I hope they honor it too
  3. The 6 years old PSU on my 2nd folding machine died 3 hours ago.... Looks like i'll be giving you guys a little bit of a head start in this event, but rest assured, Corsair MIGHT respect their 7 years warranty and ..... I'll be back!
  4. I came back to folding at home a couple of weeks ago with a new PC i built. I was amazed at the difference in performance since I did it 6 years ago. While I was folding with my new PC, I did not manage to sell any used components of my old pc, so I started reading a little bit more about folding and other things. I live in Canada, so it's quite cold, and I read in many places that the actual watt consumption of a computer is the output of heat. I said to myself... meh, why not use those watts on components I can't sell instead of my wall heater? So I setup my old compute
  5. Canadians are quite proud they are having it in good old Canada. Who knows, maybe it will up the CAD roupie value a bit!
  6. I want it because it's small but powerfull, the very reason size doesn't matter :unsure: Also to use it as a powerfull HTPC
  7. Name: Bhoriss Favorite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/CxA-ZvSbz https://www.vessel.com/videos/JLpxC_Zl9
  8. My favorite item is the Kuhler 1250. It's design is very unique and I think it gives it a lot of charm.
  9. What I like the most about the 900 series is the fact that they chose to name them 900 instead of 800.