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    enRodjavel reacted to cypto in Corsair 350d modded for ATX/MATX   
    Hi guys, don't post much on the forums but constantly keep track with Linus and Slick on Youtube.
    Thought I would share a recent mod I've been working on for just over a week now as there are a lot of people that enjoy the 350d case. The project was to fit an ATX board into the 350d for a future build (once the rampage IV extreme black edition lands). Here are the results, enjoy.
    Any questions just ask, I'll see what I can do to answer them.
    CAD/Template files available on request also.
    Before the mod


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    enRodjavel got a reaction from neSSa in Master X5 (3rd place Case Mod WS 2016)   
    Yeah this is a good looking moddee build, I keep thinking of the Silverstone ft02 and that case was an awsome case =) keep up the god work!
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    enRodjavel reacted to koehler in NCASE M1 Build with Custom Side Panel Window | Painted GTX 980 Reference   
    UPDATE : Custom Water Cooling

    Routing of the Acrylic Tube was a bit challenging for such a small case... This is what I came up with... Cooling the CPU for now... Cheers!
    By the way, my first attempt doing custom water cooling...   

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    enRodjavel reacted to ZenModz in THE POWER CELL - ZenModz "COMPLETED"   
    Last update till completed.

    Thanks for stopping by.
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    enRodjavel reacted to ZenModz in THE POWER CELL - ZenModz "COMPLETED"   
    Hello again,

    Progress has been slow but I have fitted the rads a fans, GPU, Mobo, PSU, and are now there to stay. I have also added the same shapes to the inside of the pillars that can be seen on the outside but the ones on the inside will glow white when lit with black light. and the white of the pillars wont.
    Have to get more soft tube as well don't have enough to the bottom of the loop. Going to start the inside loop over the next week. And I'm still painting the case as I go.

    In this photo on the right you will see the clear cover that will be going over the 3x3 loops that will be running up and down the outside of the case. And the ASUS logo that has been sprayed on all 3 sides.

    Here is a front shot of the clear cover.

    Here you can see the tiles that will glow white under black light this is done on the inside of all 3 pillars and the bottom.

    GPU is now all done PCI-e extender or riser is now fitted as well.

    Here I have made a cover to hide the PCI-e extender.

    I run the HDMI and Display feed out the back of the case, And can still removed, but for now will be staying for testing later.

    Not a lot of work space here and the nest inside will need some work.

    SSD is now fitted as well.

    I will keep the updates coming as the painting starts to change the look. Most of the painting I have left will be done with the airbrush. and paintbrush.

    Once again that's all for now, Thanks again for stopping by.

    Cheers, Ken.
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    enRodjavel reacted to ZenModz in THE POWER CELL - ZenModz "COMPLETED"   
    Small update!

    Thanks for stopping by.
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    enRodjavel reacted to ZenModz in THE POWER CELL - ZenModz "COMPLETED"   
    Thanks gents,

    Hello again,

    Over the last day or so I have been putting the outside loop and blocks together,

    I glued then from the inside & out.
    And there are no leeks from any of the tubing, Happy days.

    Leek testing, and this one had one. I filled them all up with water. added a plug to one end, added some air pressure to the other end to make sure they will work.

    I modded the SSD as well I know its been done before but it still looks cool. and I have never tried it before so I just had to give it a go,

    The PCB had to be flipped over for the ram to be seen. and I put some 1mm clear behind the window.


    Thanks again for stopping by.
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    enRodjavel reacted to arnavvr in arnavvr's Daily Rig: Ode to 1366   
    Motherboard Installed. I am really not used to installing a system in a case...

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    enRodjavel got a reaction from stealth80 in Project Iced Blood - Mayhems/Primochill Sponsored. COMPLETE 15/02/16   
    Hehe build getting along nicely I still think those two roof mounted rad look sick! Really beast and awsome mods
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    enRodjavel reacted to HCP in D-WAVE X2 Quantum computer - scratch build   
    hehe yeah i read that too somewhere when doing research, but the D-Wave is recognized by it, so it was easier to put in the info than explaining why its not.
    And the G3258 cpu i´m using is a light year away from being close to running any Quantum algorithms.
    I´m happy its a kind of super computer, and a cool looking one
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    enRodjavel reacted to HCP in D-WAVE X2 Quantum computer - scratch build   
    You who seen me before know that i´m soft for supercomputers and have begun to do alot of scratchbuilds.
    When i saw a article about D-Wave X2 i fell in love, how cool is this.
    Instantly i started to gather information about the X2 and planning it out in Sketchup to get a grasp of what size is needed for my replica.

    To be aesthetically appealing, i have made some changes.
    - Racks in front of the chamber not in my replica
    - Rear panels are moved to the front side, where the racks were.
    Gigabyte GA-Z97N ITX motherboard
    Intel G3258 CPU
    2x4gb Corsair Vengeance memory
    Cooler Master 120V cooler
    Samsung 840 120GB EVO OS-drive
    3x4TB drives
    All panels cut, gluing them to a 2mm acrylic piece to make up the walls.
    Wanted to keep the glue from oozing out in the spacing between all small pieces, worked good. Looks awful - right now

    Side and front panel cut and glued

    See ya in the next update!
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    enRodjavel reacted to sinda in Project --Muscle-- (Worklog)   
    Yes,nickle plated
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    enRodjavel reacted to sinda in Project --Muscle-- (Worklog)   
    Finaly,nickel-plated tubes:





    Preparing radiators for some kind of moding...







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    enRodjavel reacted to sinda in Project --Muscle-- (Worklog)   
    Ready for some copper work?








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    enRodjavel reacted to sinda in Project --Muscle-- (Worklog)   
    Ready for some leather work?





    Leather will be used for the enterrior of the case....
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    enRodjavel reacted to sinda in Project --Muscle-- (Worklog)   
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    enRodjavel reacted to sinda in Project --Muscle-- (Worklog)   
    And finaly painjob is done!






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    enRodjavel reacted to sinda in Project --Muscle-- (Worklog)   
    Just a quick one with white stripes,before final paintjob

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    enRodjavel reacted to sinda in Project --Muscle-- (Worklog)   
    Aplaying base coat (body fill) before painting...




    ...and final color will be metalic blue,something like that:

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    enRodjavel reacted to cnapier39428 in my first experiment with painting pc parts for a build...and the build is for a friend... lol   
    thanks for the comments guys when i get the psu painted and everything put together fully ill take some good pics with my dslr for y'all
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    enRodjavel reacted to Snef in [Build Log] Snef "GO HABS GO!, charity build   
    GO HABS GO! Update:
    we gave the " GO Habs GO! " build to Alex last week end,
    he was one of the happiest children on earth when he saw the build
    believe me, worth any minutes or second of work,
    video really soon.......but I made a mistake, no sound, I disabled the mic on camera and forgot to enable it

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    enRodjavel reacted to ZenModz in THE POWER CELL - ZenModz "COMPLETED"   
    Thank you enRodjavel, I'm glad your liking the build process, I would love to add more step by step pics and give more info but time has it's limits for me at the moment, And I'm not able to work on it full time. But I am looking at build custom PC cases full time later on.   
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    enRodjavel reacted to ZenModz in " Fallout 4 " ZenModz   
    Thanks you. 
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    enRodjavel reacted to p0Pe in HEX GEAR R40 Engineering station - Final pics on page 5   
    Thanks man! I used it for my ROG mod, and it works quite well.
    Thanks man! Glad you like it.
    Update!   Finally done with this thing! Got the last o-ring home today, along with some industrial grade screws.   Nice to finally be able to mount this one. Next up is to see if it leaks or nor (of course it does not)     Center piece that will connect the GPU´s and CPU.     And a closeup of the o-ring inside. There should be enough screws to safely hold the 6 mm acrylic "top" in place. In this picture you can also see how the 6 mm plate is made to lay "flush" with the main block, so that when viewed from the side you will not see several plates bolted together.       More shots of the block.     The 3 plates that will go on the back.     First the metal plate with the PCI bracket is mounted on top of the distributing plate. The hardline fittings fits exactly trough 8 holes in this, and the acrylic plate behind it. The thought is that all components inside the case are routed to these fittings, and then the plate itself transfers the fluid around to the next component.     Mounted! Stiill waiting on other bolts though!     Also got the graphic cards blocked up, and ready to be mounted so that I can get started on the hard tube setup.       Really love the look of an terminal block connecting cards like this.     Last shot of the rear side. Not that the GPU´s has been mounted:D
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    enRodjavel reacted to p0Pe in HEX GEAR R40 Engineering station - Final pics on page 5   
    Could you please edit your post, so that you do not quote all of the pictures as well?
    And yeah, I really like the concept of putting the wires trough a plate like this. I actually started doing just this in 2009 with my PC-Beto mod.

    Bolts are a placeholder for sure! I got some red ones incoming to match the theme, but they where delayd, and will not be here before tuesday I will keep the I/O of the graphic cards in the silver color as I like the contrast, and it transfers really well with the raw aluminium profiles vs the black case. (Also, they will be upgraded in the near future)