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    Junior Member
  • Birthday Jul 20, 1985

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    Sweden, Lidköping
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    My dogs & family and all sorts of technology.
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    Hard working 'installation electrician' paired with a rottie & shitsu and wife...
  • Occupation
    Installation electrician


  • CPU
    i7 4790K @ 4.5GHz 1.15 volt
  • Motherboard
    Asrock z97e-itx/ac
  • RAM
    Kingston Fury 16GB @ 1866MHz
  • GPU
    GTX 670 2GB
  • Case
    Bitfenix Prodigy
  • Storage
    3xKingston ssdNOW 300 300ishGB
  • PSU
    OCZ ZT 750W won it so why not
  • Display(s)
    BenQ gl2750, it works =D
  • Cooling
    beQuiet! ShadowROCK II
  • Keyboard
    Rapoo KX nordic editon
  • Mouse
    Rapoo 7800P
  • Sound
    cheap 2.1 setup
  • Operating System
    rocking win 10

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  1. Cool project, a tight fit there and a fun read. Looking good!
  2. Setup sounds good but think we needz some pics of it to! =) and I do share this weird thing that makes me sick at fps games no matter what pc I'm using haha.
  3. Yeah this is a good looking moddee build, I keep thinking of the Silverstone ft02 and that case was an awsome case =) keep up the god work!
  4. As alot above have said, just plain pron this is! Looks awsome and now we just need some more pictures haha =)
  5. So yeah.... *drools a bit on the keyboard* this paint job is outstanding and I think it's one of the better looking "car themed" builds out there. And much love to the Gentle Typhoons, have 6 of the ap-15 version =D they just rule the static P world haha.
  6. Sweet introduction to the project. And looks like its going to be a interesting build to follow!
  7. Think it's gona be a nice build. And I think you should paint the gpu-shroud white cause then it will stand out much more then a black one =)
  8. Looks like this will be a nice small build when it's finished. And that Xigmatek Aquila is a really fun case to use (built two systems in it to friends) I think it's a breath of fresh air that you are not going with "a black & red themed build in a fractal design something" Looking forward to more of your progress pics cause they do look the part.
  9. As usual a nice scratch build on the way. Love your "chopped prodigy hehe
  10. Awsome build log and the theme as well. Soo are you going to nickel plated the covers of the radiators as well?
  11. Looks good, really like the plastidiped pcb. And damn nice of you to be building a rig for a Bro in needz!
  12. Damn, this be an awsome build and custom case. Really enjoying the read and looking forward for more modz and builds from You! Keep them updates coming!
  13. Really love those plates with the cabling coming up through! Been thinking of doing this for years but haven't gotten the time for it or known where to start haha. Made a "rigged wire cabling harness" for a friend a couple of years ago that actually turned out nicely (was for a cars basic wiring going from 6V to all 12V all over without yanking the old harness out) same concept with the individual holes as a starting point!
  14. damn, looking god. As Batman is one of my two favorite "superheros" (the other one being deadpool) this build in red looks just awsome!