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    GTX 590
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    Thermale take Level 10
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    Corsair HX1050
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    Code Keyboard MX Greens
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    Corsair M95
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    Xonar Essence STX 2 with DT990 premium
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    Win 8.1

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  1. Listen to @Andrew Storlie and @HydraGaming above for the clean install suggestion.
  2. Could be the O rings, Are they still there / damaged ?
  3. Same, Looks great! Use AMD gpu's and you could potentially turn it into a BBQ
  4. 4k Monitors with 144Hz G/Free Sync and VR getting much more cheaper
  5. More rad space? more rads in general? Though the setup is fine, upto you.
  6. There would be some sort of support, like NVIDIA forums or an email or something. I did go to the retailer, told me to go to Samsung.. Asked several others in the UK here as well, told me basically the same thing, whether the sales reps answering got it wrong, i'm not sure, but the technical support rep of the place I brought it from told me to go to Samsung. Even though, there are some smidgen of acknowledgement of existence but with this...completely denied it. http://www.ebuyer.com/709794-intel-750-series-1-2tb-hhhl-nvme-pcie-3-0-oem-ssd-ssdpedmw012t4r5 that's an OEM version, y
  7. You do understand what I was trying to say right? Now we can actually get support since its a non-OEM part, and an official retail thing, unlike those currently in existence.
  8. Wow, my bad did not know about the license restrictions.
  9. Yeah because if history is anything to go by, they clearly have halos around their heads when it comes to proprietary cables....
  10. No.. It works the same. Unless OEM in this scenario means the thing that came with prebuilt computer such as a laptop or pc? Not something like this: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/microsoft-windows-81-64bit-dvd-english-international-oem Which you can use the key on anything you want.
  11. Maybe try taking off the air cooler and putting new thermal pads/ TIM on the core? Maybe try and get a third party cooler/waterblock But I would recommend RMA as its not functioning as advertised.
  12. Downclock, and if still problems RMA.