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  1. Well... Truth be told Im not a big fan of the bare aluminium inside, but somehow this still came out pretty nice with the fan mounted under the cpu heatsink. What i would change tho is to mount the PSU fan up for a much cleaner look, oh and that barcode stcker on your HDD gotta go. I would also to something about that power LED , some sort of shield to prevent the light leak? Great build Andre. Let us know how it performs now it is in the proper case.
  2. Looking forward to this. Have u considered this for grahics? http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=08G-P4-6278-KR
  3. Yup.Too much paste can make for higher temps for sure...and that will also explain high temps even on stock clock idle. As for my build Fractal Design has kindly offered to sponsor a windowed Define R5. Im hooking up an EVGA Z97 FTW motherboard that I was fortunate to win to an Intel 4790K, 16 gigs of Kingston HyperX Savage 2400Mhz CL10 ram, cooler alternatives as mentioned and Ill most likely invest in a GTX970 expecting prices to come even further down with the release of the Ti. For storage 256 gigs worth of Samsung 850 EVO is ready for the OS and a 4TB HGST UltraStar for mass storage y
  4. Looking at your min avg temps in particular it comes evident that the addition of the 92mm fan really works wonders. However previous temps with the single fan were suspiciuously high. Could there have been a seating/thermal problem initially? Im considering a topflow cpu cooler for my new Z97 build. Like the looks of the Cryorig coolers...only problem they are hard to come by in Norway, and the Customod coloured accent pieces yet not available for the C1. Might also go with the staple Noctua or maybe sort to one of the designs from BeQuiet.
  5. Its a really cool little box Andre Personally I would use the additional fan to gain more airflow to the board. How are temps on the baby 970 holding up?
  6. Even tho the R5 now has a bend on the motherboard backplate for easier cable managment...it still might fit some E-ATX boards. You just have to get the exact lenght/width dimensions from both Fractal and motherboard supplier before purchase. The E-ATX GI is 259mm wide, where as the ATX Gaming 5 is 244mm wide . Difference is 15 mm
  7. Nope... The cooler is 150mm x137mm x163mm so R4`s cpu-cooler height limitation of 170mm is well within limits :-) Corsair Vengeance Low Profile should have no issues under this heatsink. Here are some dimensions on the cooler..... now you need to compare those with measurements on dimms you are considering for your build. Hope this was of some help.
  8. Not exactly the R5 but ive used the R3 and the R4 since they were launched.... R5 comes with a GP14 in the front and one in the back. Straight out of the box it is set for a slight negative air pressure as the rear fan, vented backside and pcie-covers will admit more exhaust than the single 140 up front are able to deliver. Not really a big problem, but you may find that the case will "suck" unfiltered dusty air in through the rear if you dont ramp up the front fan way more than the rear. For optimal airflow, low noise and while keeping a sound positive air pressure I suggest adding another
  9. Yupp. People should learn to edit their quotes.... and maybe read what usage a system has before posting questions. (they might actually find answers already included in that information) Love the PDF idea alpenwasser. Could come in handy....for many reasons.
  10. Its safe to say Fractal`s Define series are the best "silent optimized" cases when it comes to cooling performance. All comparing tests done has the same conclusion. Im not sure on the actual dimensions of the new R5 side panel but as "MorningSouls" mentions it will need modifications due to the new "easy latch" system on the new side panel.However the R5 are available in windowed versions and you should atleast be able to order one from your local retailer. Fractal did release a windowed side panel for the R4 as optional buy..they might do so for the R5 as well. Hardware Canuck
  11. Im a sucker for the P280 and honestly I dont understand why it was not chosen for this particular "Silent Gaming" Giveaway? :huh: Still the 1100 seems like a nice enclosure, something to even let your mod-freak off on So my favourite part in this build would have to go to the Edge750. Oem`d by Seasonic, 80+Gold, fully modular and ready for next gen connections....whats not to like Best of luck guys
  12. Though its always good to have a little extra headroom, a solid 450w should do you just fine. Also be aware that BitFenix reccomends the PSUs max lenght @ 160mm. Aria has a good deal on this Corsair RM 450 right now. 80+Gold, Fully modular, dead silent up to 40% load...
  13. Congrats on that truly epic milestone. To the entire crew of Linus Media...To NCIX for allowing that little bird to spread his wings and soar. Good on you Linus.
  14. Mine is running 24/7 in the living room...would like to achieve a dead silent system. Presently my rig is probably more of a 3 due to too many fans and audiable HDDs. Although the case is one of the best silence optimized in the market it still has room for improvement. Cant wait to receive the R5.