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  1. real bibba hours who out here

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    2. MageTank


      First @done12many2shows up, now you. Did all the overclockers come out of hibernation or something? Also, that system description of yours is looking mighty weak. Quit that grocery store job and get back to buying hardware again so we can throw down.

    3. BoredErica


      Half awake, half here...

    4. Curufinwe_wins
  2. windows, it's simple and easy, I'm not concerned about redundancy either really.
  3. I think I already pay for it if I remember right.
  4. hit me with that corona virus

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    2. Lays
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    4. MageTank


      He is back... If only there was a return address to send him back to.

  5. Hi guys, I was hoping to get some help. I've been out of the PC game for years now, so I'm not entirely sure what to look for parts wise. ( This is my first post here in like 2 years, lol) So I already have HDD's, I just need a CPU/board/ram/psu/case. I've been using my current gaming system as a plex server for a while now, and I want to move all of it to a NAS and have my PC back for gaming and such. I was looking around and apparently I can use intel's quicksync to decode my plex videos, so I can get away with something like a current gen
  6. That's actually essentially what I did while I worked there. Not ten's of thousands, but definitely thousands. Reviewers aren't sent the best chips we have, those are usually reserved for OC events to break world records etc. Reviewers were receiving like B quality chips whilst A quality were saved in house.
  7. So people that run datacenters are running unvalidated non 24/7 ready hardware? I don't believe that in the slightest lol.
  8. No, I'm just not stupid enough to think when you take an extremely fast 18 core part and overclock it, that it shouldn't need some crazy hardware alongside it to keep up. These days it seems everyone wants 5ghz on a 212 evo with a 200 core CPU, that's just not how it works lol.
  9. I say good on them for making a product that actually requires going balls out to get top tier balls out performance. Overclocking has become far too spoon-fed lately.
  10. implying the few hundred mhz you get OC'ing ryzen chips matters at all lol
  11. Got rid of the video when I cleaned out my youtube channel the other day here tho, lel
  12. R1 with SC Project exhaust sounds better Here is what my zx6r sounds like http://puu.sh/xrzDz.mp4
  13. I have 250 down and when I use ctrl alt shift D in Edge it shows my network throughput to the netflix servers being like 180 down, so I don't think that's it. I'll try content I've already watched I suppose
  14. The Defenders, I did some googling and it seemed like it's 4k?
  15. So recently Nvidia released a driver update to enable 4k netflix on supported devices. I installed it and updated windows and it was working. (Verified it with ctrl alt shift D in EDGE) I didn't watch anything on netflix for like a month, and I went to watch some stuff the other day and now it's not giving me 4k anymore? I tried updating windows and my driver to a new version, but it's not working.
  16. Just washed, used some plastic polish, and then waxed my bike What do ya'll think?
  17. Pretty sure it was 7+1. I don't think it was motherboard manufacturers failing at math, I think it was them trying to cheap out on things and put RGB's everywhere. These companies have been making boards for YEARS now that didn't have issues, remember X58 with huge heatsinks, boatloads of VRM? They're perfectly capable of developing beastmode boards.
  18. I get what you mean tho, about the whole efficiency range etc.
  19. The heat will indeed be there, but that is not the point. The point is, larger dies offer a larger surface area for heat transfer. The current bottleneck of the 10C and below chips, are their inefficient heat transfers from the die to the IHS, so any amount of cooling overhead is wasted. By increasing the surface area to transfer the heat across the IHS, you are wasting less cooling potential in the process. While these CPU's are certainly going to create more heat, their larger dies are going to aid in transferring that heat more efficiently. If what PCworld is saying is true abo
  20. In case you guys didn't know already, it's public knowledge on HWBOT / Facebook that the new chips are different die's than the 6/8/10. The die is MUCH bigger on the bigger core count chips vs the 10 core, thus allowing much higher surface area to dissipate heat from. I doubt we'll see nearly the same thermals on the 18 that we saw on the 10.
  21. hole fucc, 



    1. Jumper118


      Dats pretty quick. Are these chips maxed at 1.5v? 

    2. Foxxer


      1.5 the dream

    3. DildorTheDecent


      Alas nobody would give a shit cos it's extreme xD