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  1. Hi guys, thanks for the replies, I think I have found the issue, first of all I forgot to install washers on the thumbscrews, so I had always not tightened the thumbscrews down fully, just until I felt resistance. After washers and another turn and a half, my cpu idles at 55 and gets up to 85 under load, which I am satisfied with. I also ran the pump header cable directly to the motherboard instead of going through a pwm controller, and I think that helped a little as well. Thanks for the help!
  2. I'm currently running the following system, for around a year now. Phanteks Evolv Shift Ryzen 3700x Gigabyte Aorus X570 Radeon rx 5700x Kraken m22 Cooler My cpu is running pretty hot under load/idle, even after I undervolted and underclocked it, I know there are known issues with the evolv shift, but even taking off all the panels only lowers temps by around 1-2 degrees. I've tried reapplying thermal paste/re-setting the cooler once already, but I still get the same temps. I am running 3.3 GHz at 1.05 V, and I idle at around 60 degrees and get to 105
  3. Thanks I didn't know that, I'll probably get a strix then.
  4. Any estimate on when this case is going to be released/open to buy?
  5. So I've decided that I'm going to go with the node 202, and a gtx 970. Thanks guys! i7-4790k - $339 Noctua NH-L9i - $50 16gb kingston fury ram - $95 500gb 850 evo ssd - $180 Gigabyte z97 mobo - $105 Fractal Design Node 202 + Integra PSU - $139 gtx 970 - $300 which all comes out to about $1200 which is nice. Thanks again everybody!
  6. It is almost the size of the xbox one, just a little longer. Node 202: 377x82x330 (mm) Xbox one: 343x80x263 (mm) so the node is about 60 mm (2.4 in) longer than the xbox, and 30mm (1.2 in) wider (or taller depending on orientation) which comes out to 10.2 liters vs 7.2 liters.
  7. Wow that really is tempting, but I think the evolv is just a little bit too big for me.
  8. The node 202 hasn't released yet, its a slim case and i don't think it can fit a rad if you put a full size gpu in. I don't think linus reviewed it, but Hardware Cannucks has.
  9. Sorry I'm not such a big fan of the elite 130, I was either thinking of the hadron or a slim case
  10. I'm not going to be using this for too much, so I actually might drop the budget a bit and go with a 4690k. Also the budget for the case should be around $100 and for the gpu I want to spend either 400 for a 980 or 200 for a 780 and then buy whatever pascal card makes sense.
  11. Thanks for the advice, yeah I was going to sleeve the cables on the hadron, although it would be a pain since it isn't modular and is riveted to the case.
  12. Hi I want to start a new itx build for college, and have decided on a few parts already, although I'm still deciding on the case and GPU The components I will be getting are i7-4790k 16gb kingston fury ram 500gb 850 evo ssd gigabyte z97 motherboard What I'm trying to decide is whether to get the hadron air (dat window or to get a slim case such as the fractal design node 202 or Raven rvz02. Also, I want to know whether to get a reference 980 for $400 now or a 780 for $200 and then sell it for Pascal when it comes out. Also, should I do a red or green build? (if i get a reference
  13. Its ok, I'll probably just solder on a new jack, the hinge isn't that big of a deal
  14. Yeah I just opened it with a torx screwdriver, but it seems you can't open the 3.5 mm portion, the screws are there only so you can oil the hinge
  15. Hi thanks for the reply, this video is very helpful, but I wanted to know if there was a way of doing it without cutting off the momentum's special rotating/hinged jack