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  1. Got it BTW and IT'S AWESOME. Pixel density is great. It's really bright and I have it at a brightness of 35 and still kind of hurts my eyes. I had my old one at 100%. My only complaint that it's advertised as running at 160 hz, but if you go over 144 hz, you can't run it in 10-bit color. I'd rather run in 10-bit color than get 16 extra FPS that I can't really detect. Also, I need to weak the settings as it looks really red-biased.
  2. Ok, I have FINALLY found the solution. You obviously need a a good HDMI cable, which I have two now . You go to general settings, external device manager, click on Input Signal Plus, select the HDMI input you want, ensure it is on full dynamic range in Nvidia control panel, and enable HDR in Windows. These options are NOT SELECTED BY DEFAULT and its label is not self-explanatory.
  3. Ok, new cables arrived and no changes. I tried with my 4K monitor to enable HDR and it worked with the HDMI cables, but not for the TV. To show I’m not crazy (or maybe to confirm), here are the options in my tv’s menu under picture settings: picture mode picture size setting brightness contrast sharpness color tint apply picture settings (to all sources) picture clarity setting contrast enhancer film mode color tone white balance gamma bt.1886 shadow detail RGB only mode color space settings
  4. I currently have an LG Ultrawide, non HDR, 1080p, 144hz monitor. I sometimes feel the pixel density is a little bit to be desired and I would like HDR. Also, the pixel response times are kind of meh. I was looking at this monitor and I'm just wondering if the pixel density jump would be worth it. My current monitor is the same size, at 34 inches. I also work from home on the same monitor I game on, so I feel more justified spending a lot on a monitor. Please let me know of your experience if you can. Thanks!
  5. I swear that option is not there. The only thing I can think of is messing with the firmware or that it's the wire and Samsung's TVs are so advanced that HDR just happens automatically if you can enable it in OS with no need to flip through menus. The new cable comes Monday so I'll let you dudes know.
  6. I can’t find any options for HDR. I only see one setting called HGiG which apparently sets picture quality according to brightness of game content with HDR.
  7. I’ll buy the chord dilpickle told me to, because I need another HDMI cable regardless. Can never have too many of those.
  8. nope, no effect. And there are only two ports, unfortunately.
  9. I have UN43TU7000FXZA. I'm trying through NVidia control panel. I get the following options and can't change them in 4k. When I downscale the display to 1080p, I get these options I go into Window's HDR section and I get this, not matter what the options. Will that cable help?
  10. Hi guys, I bought a 4K HDR tv and I tried plugging it into my 1080 ti, however, I cannot enable HDR. I can however run it at 4K60fps, just not HDR. I don’t think it’s a driver or system issue as I can run HDR on lower resolutions. I have this cable btw. I know it can run 4k60fps HDR on DisplayPort, but my tv doesn’t have display port. Do I just need a display port to hdmi 2.1 adapter or am I missing something? If you know about one, please link it as it’s been difficult for me to find one. Thanks.
  11. Done. Forgot to do that. Ehh I'll try that as a last resort. As for the voltage, absolutely not, since 1.4v seems to be the agreed upon max for Coffee Lake CPUs. While not all 9600k's can reach 5 ghz, I thought a dud could at least reach 4.9 at 1.4.
  12. Hello, I have recently gotten back into the hobby of flight sims. That's fine and all, but they're taxing on your PC no matter what. Currently, I have a 9600k, paired with a z390 Gigabyte Aurorus Pro Wifi MoBo, 32 GB RAM, and a GTX 1080 ti. First world problem, I know, but I cannot get my 9600k past 4.7. No matter the voltage, all the way up to delivered 1.4v, it doesn't stay stable past 4.7. I've disabled multi core enhancement because I read that can sometimes cause issues. Temps are fine, below 65 even with 1.4v delivered. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. That would not work. It's an LG monitor with one of those stupid crescent stands. 27" and surprisingly heavy. I'm not sure about its center of gravity, but it would at best look hilariously stupid with its arms hanging off, at worst fall off. For reference, the stand's width is literally double that of the case and the length is about 8.5". Also, if I had a choice, I would rather a skinny and long case than a cube one, but thanks for the suggestion.
  14. I live in the United States and I want a mini-PC. I currently have a spare 4k monitor I want to use it with. I guess I don't really have a budget per se, but I would like to keep costs down. I also have a spare i5 8400, which makes getting an Intel NUC out of the question even though that would be the best option. The uses are for coding and general light use. My requirements are below: Fairly small, small as possible. MoBo compatible with 8400. MoBo has to have integrated Bluetooth and Wifi. Thunderbolt would be nice but not a requirement It would be very nice
  15. Can't. Every electronics place around where I live only has ultrawides that are 75 hz. But my gut tells me to get an IPS. Ok thanks.