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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from KuJoe in Crazy Dad Shit   
    So my dad is like 62 and I am 18 I will be leaving very soon but ever since I was a child no one has ever liked my father he is pretty messed up in the head as far as me and my sister know. He has made some bad decisions and always thinks he can take it out on me since I am a trouble child. I haven't done anything illegal and I have never done anything to danger anyone but yet somehow I am the bad guy all the time. Basically my grandmother set aside around 40,00$ (he seems to think it is only 25,00$). So this money was from my birth mother's life insurance money from when she died. I have never seen this money but according to three people who have seen this money and the main person who had the money in a n account for 18 years it should be 40,000$ but according to my dad and him alone it is 25,000$. So I don't think I will ever see this money but my dad will never give it to me even though I am the only one who knows how to handle money considering I am known for putting 700$ into the stock market and making 2600$ from carver banking. So I don't really know why I am putting this out there maybe jut to vent my anger but I would also like to hear what you guys think.
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from GeekJump in Girl, Moving x2, Break ups, Work   
    You are killing my insides right now man. Like no joke just hearing this makes laugh and cry at the same time.
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from vinyldash303 in What is your favorite store for computer parts?   
    What is your favorite website and/or place to get computer parts. I personally like Newegg because they do a great job with shipping. They also have a great setup for their wishlist. The website is well layed out unlike amazon. I'd like to hear your opinion on favorite websites.
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    Marcus Kemp reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in What is your favorite store for computer parts?   
    The trash bin. Lots of great usable parts there.
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from AWinchester in Build Review   
    well its not for me actually. I am giving it as a prize and this person has collaborated with me on what they want and this was pretty much it
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from sirbonneville in GPU keeps crashing   
    please do
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    Marcus Kemp reacted to zMeul in Pascal GPU alternative to GM206 will arrive this autumn - rumor   
    source: http://www.sweclockers.com/nyhet/21979-nvidia-geforce-gp106-pascal-till-hosten - swedish
    sources close to nVIdia claim that the GPU manufacturer will release a GM206 replacement later this autumn
    for those wondering, GM206 is the core of the GeForce GTX960 video card
    the new Pascal GP106 is reportedly only using 75W of power as video cards equipped with this Pascal GPU won't require additional PCIe power connectors
    comparatively, the reference GTX960 has a power requirement of 120W: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-960/specifications
    one implementation of the GP106 was pictured during GTC as part of the Drive PX 2
    image courtesy of VideoCardz: http://videocardz.com/58973/nvidia-pascal-gp106-gpu-pictured-up-close

    the estimated price for these GP106 powered video cards is 2500 SEK or ~275 Euros - a bit on the higher side when compared to the GTX960 prices
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from sirbonneville in GPU keeps crashing   
    stop overclocking problem solved
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from JorelCedrick in On a 500 Dollar budget.   
    I suggest going with an i7 920 ebay or the likes has it for around 90$ get a matching mobo 150-210 get an hd 6970 from newegg for 60 and the rest is fairly easy
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from Firearm2112 in How do I get much faster internet?   
    As the topic states. This is also not a joke my Ping to San Jose CA is 17 and my down speed is 16.48 mbps and up speed is 6.67 mbps. How do I get better upload speeds? I am not so worried about download speeds at the moment.
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from Prysin in What card should I get?   
    This is one of the cards I have used in the past and it buried my gtx 960 strix so if you can afford it you will be more than satisfied.
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    Marcus Kemp reacted to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in What card should I get?   
    Pretty sure the 200 series will support DX12 lol?
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    Marcus Kemp reacted to Popingheads in What card should I get?   
    Can you post a source for that, haven't heard anyone say such a thing before. Plus most of the 200 and 300 series is the same architecture with some of the 200 also series based off the 7000 series.
    But to anwser OP's question at the $250 price point you could find R9 290s even if you find a good sale plus some rebates maybe. Aside from that the R9 380 is also a very good deal (if you want something a little cheaper than the 290), they can be found around the same price of the 960 but performs better than it.
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    Marcus Kemp reacted to REX.exe in What card should I get?   
    Most games don't even support DX12? Calm down m8 the 200 series is currently the best for budget cards.
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    Marcus Kemp reacted to SuspiciousBadger in What card should I get?   
    DX12 won't be used for another year or 2.
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    Marcus Kemp reacted to SPG in What is the best CHEAP gaming gpu?   
    this 100% if you can scrap up a few more bucks it will be well worth your money to do so
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from Flurr in Wired gaming mouse for smooth gaming   
    you make a good point but I am not too picky when it comes to the scroll wheel, or food, or clothes, or brands, but either way you make a very valid point that people should start to take into consideration.
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from Kinty in New Case Help   
    well check out the phanteks enthoo pro.
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    Marcus Kemp got a reaction from don_svetlio in gtx 960 vs r9 270x   
    yeah gtx 960 will destroy the 270x unless it's the msi r9 270x hawk
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    Marcus Kemp reacted to Bengali in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Posts containing only a 'list of specs' without pics may be subject for removal.
    Core i7 920
    Gigabyte EX58-UD4p
    G.Skill 12GB DDR3
    Asus GTX 760
    Samsung 850 Pro 1TB
    Corsair TX850
    Thermaltake Ultra 120
    Coolermaster HAF 932
    Ikea Galant Desk
    I know I know, it's an ancient platform, but it's still going strong. As you can see, I did some minor upgrades, so it is still able to perform everything I need it to. I will probably upgrade this in 2017 when Skylake-E is out, along with GTX 1080Ti and Intel's Xpoint storage