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  1. the turbo ratio group just won't let me hit ok so yeah and the tpl setting just don't do anything not taking screen shots because I am too lazy and don't want to download a program to do that.
  2. yeah so all of that is grayed out in throttlestop like I said earlier... also my mobo doesn't seem to have any power limit setting or at least none that I can seem to find.
  3. Alright so I have a 10850k, asrock z490m itx motherboard and 32gb of trident z 3600mhz ram. I am trying to overclock using the Bios but for some reason everything just ignores the overclcoks I used hw monitor in conjunction with aida 64 and kept seeing my clocks go from 5.2ghz quickly to 4.8ghz and then down to 4.3ghz when running it for 10 minutes temps were below 80c. I also tried using Intel XTU but no matter what I do it just says overclock is disabled for my system. I also tried using throttlestop because I used to use it solely for for undervolting my laptop cpu and I felt I understood
  4. no touch screen and I already tried the device manager stuff
  5. so I just got off deployment and I got my laptop then I plugged in my old ssd and I wasn't able to type on the keyboard so I got an external keyboard and logged in. I could still use the special keys on the laptop and change brightness I just couldn't type anything.
  6. I have enough money that as soon as I sell one of the 980 tis I can buy a 1080 and then sell the other later after doing a few benchamarks with an i3 to see if it bottlenecks
  7. well some people are still selling theirs for 480 and have already sold them, either way. I tried and I have never really done it before so I think I fucked up somewhere because when I ran firestrike it didn't do any performance boost at all
  8. I actually didn't I bought a Gigabyte Extreme gtx 980 ti for 380 so I have two 980 tis
  9. wow you are so serious i could even just give it to you through the phone. I could even text you the serial code so you can get the digital copy of the card and install it in your pc.
  10. I have a Gigabyte G1 Gaming Gtx 980 ti. I don't know what to do with it I don't have an extra build to put it in and I don't need it. How would I sell it or how would I just get rid of it?
  11. well in the beginning I did say pentium 4
  12. actually I needed to take a green clip and move back a black bracket to remove the aluminum block. btw the cpu says Intel '01 Pentium 4 2.8Ghz/512/533 SL6PF Costa Rica 3406A767
  13. guys shut up you all sound like horde of nerds and not the good kind just let me figure out more about his darn thing because the heatsink is stuck on there and I can't find a way to get it off
  14. I have this very old pc that I found in my mother's closet that has a pentium 4 processor and I don't know what to do with it. I am seriously wondering if I should reuse it or just leave it to rot.
  15. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I give a fuck why? I literally could not give two shits about that card. 1 it isn't even out yet. 2 the person I am giving this to doesn't play super hardcore games. 3 the rx 480 is supposed to be prized on its vr performnce and the person I am giving this to doesn't play vr games.
  16. well sorry but I didn't plan on doing anything better besides it isn't for me I just built the minimum for a mid range pc so I could give it to a friend
  17. well I didn't actually spend anything on the OS I had it put on the SSD a long time ago some of the parts I already had
  18. So I just built my first ever computer from scratch I like the hardware choices and I love the way it turned out. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/mqx6hq So I have added a few other things like some spray paint and painted some logos and pictures on the side, I added two corsair af 120 fans red led, I added some rando fan that matched them well with red leds, an nzxt hue+, I also added a fan splitter to make a three way extension for the fans I bought. I will be adding a 500 gb WD blue in a couple of days but tell me what you guys think,
  19. It is the same person but different account, my reasoning was because I used the wrong account that I ws supposed to post it on
  20. This has been said before but Pascal can actually do 3 and 4 way sli but the thing is that 2 way sli has been recorded to show the most performance per card where as 3 and 4 way is still slightly flawed
  21. Which of these two setups would win in overall performance? The gtx 1080 in sli is said to out perform a 4 way Titan X setup due to its optimized sli compatibility. Yet the gtx 980 ti in 3 way sli are amazing and can do a lot in terms of performance. But I want opinions before any benchmarks start rolling out. Also if there already are benchmarks on the exact topic I would be so happy to get a link to that.
  22. So before I start the list I will be buying a caselabs' sma8 case. Now the list will make more sense. The list is going to include fans, thermal compound, coolant, cable extensions and replacements,thermal pads, mats, and other things. Also I am purposely buying extra parts for my system so i can be 100% sure I have all the parts I need and so I can use some extras for my waifu build. List: Cable mod E-series for a EVGA T2 1600 IC diamond 1.5g Cable Combs Modmytoys 4x4pin fan hub 4x Noctua NF-A14 LTT Edition fans for pure intake 8x NB E-Loop 120mm 1600
  23. There is an "off topic" sub-forum for this stuff. It literally says non tech related stuff. Also I am venting so sorry if you don't like it, just stop reading if you don't like it or are bothered by it