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  1. Hello, I want to setup a NAS network between all my family members. Inside each home, I want to know if it's possible to install a NAS with backup between each other, daily and weekly basis. So if one NAS is offline during holidays at one home, the goal is to get the delta by its own and have the same amount of datas. 3 homes out of 4 have a fiber connection, so the network speed isn't an issue. My question is about the tyype of hardware I need to buy or to look for to have like for any companies a multi-site backup solution. I'm not
  2. Hello, This build is not about gaming, it's about learning IT knowledges because I'm a software developer and I want to learn SharePoint and Python. My idea is to build a micro server without high end graphic card. My shopping list for about 800 euros : BitFenix Pandora Gigabyte GA-B250M-GAMING 3 or GA-270M-DS3H Intel i5-7400 M.2 SSD 240gb 32 Gb of RAM Cooler is missing and I don't know which model I can use. I prefer a small case because I have a small desktop. Thanks for your help
  3. Hello, My pc is broken but I have backups. I have to switch disks between adapters to find the right document. It's promotion time in my country so I want to buy a NAS with : - 2 or 4 bays 3.5 -More than 10 To of storage -Wake up on lan -Wifi + ethernet -Possible to set auto power on/off time -Possible to store UEFI backups and I can restore it easily after if one of my pc crash. With time machine at the same time it's perfect ! -Raid 0,1,5 I don't need hdmi, external dongle for wifi. But plex is a plus. Thanks
  4. I don't have any motherboard (currently out of service and going to repair) or adapter that I can use and plug it by usb. That why I ask for an other solution. Regards
  5. Hello, My ssd need to be repaired and I want to erase it, not to destroy it physically. To destroy an hard drive, I use a magnet. Which solution to use for my case ? Regards
  6. Hello, I know that with a UPS I don't need it, BUT this is for my dad and he doesn't want to have a UPS powered 24/24 7/7. I understand that it's hide the aim of this device. I try to convinced him, but his mind isn't ready. This model isn't available in my country : France, but thanks for the tip. My budget is 170$, about 150€. Regards
  7. Hello, I got some power issues in my area, and my config isn't in a good health after these cuts. I want to buy a UPS to prevent issues. I have a 650W power supply with : Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gamaing 3,1 M.2 SSD, 3 HDD, 16Go of RAM, i5-4690K and a Palit GTX970. I want to buy a 800VA unit with USB link, so the computer power off alone. My pc is on a power strip, and I want to put the ups between these two elements. So the unit don't need a beeeeep at power on and off, just when the power is cut. I found these : Eato
  8. Hello, I try to remove the GC and plug monitor to the motherboard. I can't activate the igpu because I don't have any video signal. If it's a hardware change, explain me how I can do it. Regards
  9. Hello, After 1 year and half, my motherboard not produce any video. I have 1 M.2 SSD, 3 HDD, 16Go of RAM, i5-4690K and a Palit GTX970. I try to setup the min config with one HDD (which contains a backup), a little of RAM and video cable directly to my monitor (it's not the cable, because it's working with a laptop). I don't have any video, and the HDD is working and the motherboard can access to it. I'll try the graphic card on another computer today, but I think that the motherboard isn't working. My warranty is over, so I'll need to change
  10. Hello, Ok, is there any device with hdmi in to wifi out ? Regards
  11. Hello, I have an home theather with rca output. I want to have my music whenever I want in my house with wifi audio device like bose. Is there a device that take RCA as input and wireless as output, so I can connect my bose speaker with wifi ? Thanks for your help
  12. Hello, I prefer the g700s, because buttons are in top. mx Master is good, but some physical buttons are missing I'll only use at work, so no gaming I prefer to have both choices. I don't like wireless equipment. EDIT : I saw this one : AeroCool Strike-X BlastButtons are not so big and the quantity is enough for my use
  13. Hello, I'm a .NET developer. I always do a lot of copy/paste (because it's how it works). I'm looking for a gaming mouse with buttons on the left AND right side. I saw this mouse : Roccat Tyon But, the piece in the middle of the top is too much. I want to know if I use it, that the piece will not disturb my fingers and block a normal use. To have more attention to this and block the normal use, and I don't want ! I don't want a mega keyboard on the left side. Buttons on the side or top is good for me. Could you advise me some models to look at ? Regards
  14. I bought some isopropyl alcohol from ebay, I'll receive it on Wednesday
  15. Hello, I have these parts : Motherboard : GA-Z97X-Gaming 3 Case : NZXT Source 210 Elite I have some pin for the motherboard, about front led and power pins. Picture of these pins : http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/NZXT/Switch_810/images/innercablecase.jpg I manage to pin +P LED and -P LED, where I need to setup others cable. Thanks for your help